In the Post, Lonnie Wheeler says the Reds should trade Adam Dunn, and keep Ken Griffey, Jr. Meanwhile, in the Enquirer, John Fay says that Junior does not want to be traded.

I think the Reds should keep them both, but I recognize that reasonable minds might disagree on this point.

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9 Responses

  1. Phil Rizzuto Parmesan

    I think that if we are going to trade Griffey, now is the time. His value will never be higher and if all we got was salary relief, that could be useful in the off-season and next year’s draft. If the Reds don’t trade him before the deadline, I think that makes it almost a certainty that he’ll finish the contract as a Red.

    I’d love to see Junior get a ring in a Reds’ uniform, but those odds are long since it would almost certainly have to happen next year. I think the Reds would be crazy to pick up the 2009 option, but I suppose they could do a buyout and bring Junior back at a much lower salary. What the point would be in that, since Junior will turn 39 in November, 2008, I don’t know.

    Oh, keep Dunner.

  2. Twill815

    I agree with Phil…Keep Dunn, trade Griffey if a good deal presents itself. If this was June, 2005 I’d be all about trading Dunn. Could have gotten some great prospects for him back then who could have been major league ready by now. Now it’s too late and if Dunn goes there is no one to replace his bat.

    Don’t make the same mistake with Griffey. He’s healthy and hitting the crap out of the ball. Now’s the time the Reds can take advantage of his value.

  3. Sultan of Swaff

    In attempting to trade Griff, he might hold the Reds hostage like he did in Seattle. With 10/5 status, he’ll pick the team and Kriv is left to beg for crumbs. The alternative is to hold onto him and ride out the contract, delaying the retooling process. Both unattractive options, indeed. But it would be nice to get out from under that salary while picking up a player or two. More than that, the main priorities should be to trade Lohse (as we have no chance, or desire, to resign him at market cost), Hatty (make room for Votto), trade or lock up Dunn, release Castro, promote Keppinger, and listen to offers for Conine (although Votto needs some protection from lefties until he gets his feet wet, like Hobbs). These moves open a spot in the rotation, infield and outfield for tryouts. The bullpen will still be a mess, however.

  4. RedsFanInMd

    Buster Olney on ESPN.Com today said that the Reds would get little to nothing for Dunn or Griffey.

  5. RedsFanInMd

    Here is exactly what he said:

    I think the Reds would talk about either Dunn or Griffey, but here’s the problem — neither would have much trade value, relative to what we think of when you mention the names Dunn and Griffey. Dunn is effectively eligible for free agency when the year is over — the Reds have an option on him for ’08, but he becomes a free agent if he’s traded to another team — so in a sense, he really isn’t any different than a Jermaine Dye; there would be only limited offers for him (and he’s got something like 90 strikeouts in 240 at-bats, too, along with the 19 homers and 30 walks). And teams might like Griffey, but maybe only as a salary dump, because of the injury risk. I think the Reds would love to get a group of young players for Dunn and Griffey, but they probably can’t, in the current market.

  6. Phil Rizzuto Parmesan

    Junior to the Yankees for salary relief and A-ball OF prospect Jose Tabata. Yanks are the only contender that need a left-handed power hitting DH with Giambi down and they are the only team that could take on Junior’s salary w/o blinking. The Yanks will contend for the WC this year and will likely be contenders for the AL East crown next year. Junior will go because he wants a ring. The Yanks are one of the few teams that won’t blink at Junior’s age.

    Sultan, I agree with your other moves, but I doubt Krivsky will DFA Castro since he guaranteed his ’08 contract. It’s under $1M, though, so maybe he will. Castro is also cheap enough to get traded to a contender looking for a late inning glove off the bench. We won’t get anything back but we will be rid of his suckitude and his salary.

    As for the pen, I still contend that the biggest problem is the way Narron uses the pen. There are some arms out there that ought to succeed if used optimally. Narron’s biggest failure is the unpardonable sin for a manager. He can’t seem to figure out how to put the players he has in the best position to succeed. It’s decision-making by dart board. You could give Jerry the ’76 Reds and he’d f**k it up.

  7. Sultan of Swaff

    Oh yeah, I’ve posted before on the to start the housecleaning with Narron. He’s a complacent baseball lifer who, like the Sweater, is always behind the curve with his moves—late to rest Dunn/Freel, burning up his bullpen flavor of the day, riding starters too hard only to pay for it their next few starts. On the personnel side, Kriv is late in moving players up, which prolongs the maturation process that this organization cannot afford to delay. I mean, what does Jay Bruce, or Keppinger, or half the Dayton roster have to prove at their respective levels? It’s a sad day when the blog community has more timely, well informed opinions than management. But then again, we’re not privy to all that ‘inside baseball stuff’, so we should probably just keep our stoopid opinions to ourselves.

  8. Bob

    Trade Griffey to Cubs! Chicago is moving up to be contenders, but lacks big time in the right field position. Even though we just spent big bucks on Soriano, I’m sure there’s still a few dollars left to cover Junior. Cubs need some major lefty power that he has and they got plenty of young prospects to throw into the trade. Imagine the power along with pretty good batting averages of Soriano, Griffey, Lee, & Ramirez on the same team. That’s what it would take to get the Cubs to the Series.