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Game Thread: Rangers at Reds — 2007.06.15

The Texas Rangers come to town tonight, and they’ll be greeted by the smiling face of Matt Belisle on the pitching mound. After such a promising start to the interleague schedule, the Reds have dropped two in a row and things feel back to normal now.

Vicente Padilla will pitch for the Rangers. Feel free to discuss it here, and all “Walker, Texas Ranger” references are encouraged. References to the now-demoted Gary Majewski are discouraged, unless they are funny.

122 thoughts on “Game Thread: Rangers at Reds — 2007.06.15

  1. I’m shocked that Nicole Ritchey and Britney Spears haven’t made visits yet. That conversation might drop everyone’s IQ by a few points.

  2. Fangraphs gives the Reds approximately a 21% chance at winning this game, at this moment going into the bottom of the ninth down 7-6.

  3. For the love of nuts. The Reds now have a worse record than both the Royals and the Nationals. Terrible.

  4. Can’t blame the bullpen unless, of course, Jerry hesitated going to them because he has no faith in them. But then we can just blame Jerry.

  5. Speaking earlier of Blake, he extended his hitting streak to 24 games tonight. Just 33 more to break Dimaggio’s record. Be sure to do it the same day Bonds breaks Aaron’s mark.

  6. On the supposed Dunn trade proposal to the Angels – The Reds were asking for a starting pitcher and a starting 2B. Does this mean they aren’t happy with Phillips?

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