The Texas Rangers come to town tonight, and they’ll be greeted by the smiling face of Matt Belisle on the pitching mound. After such a promising start to the interleague schedule, the Reds have dropped two in a row and things feel back to normal now.

Vicente Padilla will pitch for the Rangers. Feel free to discuss it here, and all “Walker, Texas Ranger” references are encouraged. References to the now-demoted Gary Majewski are discouraged, unless they are funny.

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122 Responses

  1. Matt B.

    This means Sammy Sosa is in town. Gag me.

  2. DevilsAdvocate

    Slammin’ Sammy drives in the first run of the night with a soft single. 1-0 Rangers after a half.

  3. Matt B.

    Dunn should be on third after that play. He’s not exactly endearing himself to the fans.

  4. DevilsAdvocate

    I know – fans hate leadoff doubles from their own team. 😉

    There were none out, and cardinal rule is never make the first or last out at third.

    2-1 Reds after a follow-up double by EdE.

  5. Justin

    1 down up come Ross, 1st and 3rd. Ross gotta do some thing man!!!

  6. Justin

    Stupid play…..Caght stealling. stupid.

  7. Justin

    no idea why EE didnt take off either

  8. DevilsAdvocate

    Edwin picks it in the field. I don’t think he’s even made a single error since coming back to the team, has he? And add into the mix the probably-dozen sparkling gems he’s turned in.

  9. Justin

    I would be shocked if EE does not have an error. He has a few mental ones though.

  10. Justin

    I think I like SH in the lead off spot

  11. Justin

    EE up 2nd and 1st. 2 Down. Come on EE single just like before.

  12. Justin

    61 pitches through 4 innings for MB looks good so far.

  13. Randy

    David Ross hits a homer! I remember when he used to do that, last year!

  14. Randy

    Now, Belisle absolutely rips one into the corner for a double.

  15. DevilsAdvocate

    David Ross needs to get hot, badly. Homerun is the first step on the road back to a .200 average, hopefully.

  16. Justin

    Ross Homer…MB double. 2 out rally.

  17. RagTag

    I looked up just as Belisle swung the bat there, and I didn’t know who was batting. Such a good swing, I said to myself, “Nice hit, Conine.”

    I wouldn’t have guessed it was Belisle.

  18. Randy

    Now Hatteberg drives in Belisle with a single to center.

    Padilla is melting down all of a sudden.

  19. DevilsAdvocate

    Hatteberg in the leadoff spot is a good thing. He might be one of the slowest/most risk-averse baserunners ever, but that doesn’t matter too much in this current era. He sees a lot of pitches, which helps the batters following him. He gets onbase for the big bats in the order. And unlike some leadoff guys, he’s capable of RBI hits when the bottom of the order somehow manages to get on.

    Like right there! 4-2 Reds.

  20. DevilsAdvocate

    One might say that Padilla is simply staying the course, not melting down. He came in with a 2-8 record and a 6.29 ERA, after all.

  21. RagTag

    I love Hatteberg in the leadoff spot.

  22. Justin

    oh well inning over but Padillia looks shaken up now.

  23. Ben

    Yeah, maybe we can get to their pen early!

    Oh wait, that’s what other team’s fans say about our team.

  24. Justin

    I think I am starting to like SH in lead off. he hasnt any speed but that is ok.

  25. DevilsAdvocate

    That’s funny, RagTag (#24).

  26. RagTag

    I hate interleague play, but…

    I kinda like seeing some of these players we don’t usually get to see. Since I’m watching the Reds every night, I don’t get a chance to see the AL guys very often.

  27. RagTag

    Now Belisle is blowing up…

    WOWOWOWOWOW!!! Another good throw by Hamilton in center! Cuts down the runner at the plate.

  28. Justin

    I am surprized Washington let in VP as he is getting up there in pitch count and looked poor last inning.

  29. DevilsAdvocate

    Hamilton needs to make the All-Star team. I don’t care how, it has to happen.

    And Marty calls him “Roy Hobbs” on the air.

  30. RagTag

    After the replay, I think Ross missed the tag.

  31. RagTag

    Hey, was that Dunn playing left field on that play?

    I thought he had been traded…to the Twins or someone.

  32. Justin

    I think teams still have not gotten the memp on Hamilton yet.

  33. DevilsAdvocate

    Especially AL teams, Justin. Though I think the word is out on Hamilton’s arm among the National League Central.

  34. Justin

    Dunn in left yes Not a Twin. He could be it is talked about. But Donkey i still a Red.

  35. Matt B.

    DA – if Dunn had been running out of the box on that play, I think he could’ve made it to third easily.

    But I digress…Sosa needs to go back in his hole.

  36. Justin

    bad inning kills off good performance.

  37. Randy

    Oh, was that Sosa? Looked like some skinny guy.

  38. DevilsAdvocate

    I defer to you on that one – I usually am listening and not watching.

    I can’t believe Sosa is having any success at all after a year off. I think he’s less an Eric Davis comeback, and more an Ameriquest Field mirage.

  39. DevilsAdvocate

    These are two teams that together, make an excellent candidate for an 13-11 slugfest.

  40. RagTag

    Dunn CRUSHED that one!!!!

    Could be his last homer as a Red! (That thought makes me sick.)

  41. DevilsAdvocate

    7-6 on Adam Dunn’s homer. He’s suddenly red-hot – and comment #15 is history. Thankfully. I hadn’t any idea it had been that long.

  42. Matt B.

    It’s interesting that Hamilton has the green light on a 3-0 count. It shows the kind of trust that Narron has already put in him.

  43. DevilsAdvocate

    Padilla still hasn’t walked anyone. The Reds have been swinging freely, despite Brantley’s 1st inning comment that if the Reds were patient with Padilla he’d walk everybody in the ballpark.

  44. DevilsAdvocate

    Here’s the “new” guy in his 2nd tour of duty – Salmon is on to pitch, so that Narron can use him for an inning and pinch-hit in the bottom of the sixth when he would lead off.

  45. Justin

    Salmon is up 1st not sure if e will get 2nd inning.

  46. DevilsAdvocate

    Brantley questioning Belisle’s pitch selection to Sosa last inning: “You don’t throw slow pitches for strikes to a guy who’s a hundred years old!”

  47. RagTag

    It makes me sick to my stomach that Narron uses Moeller and Castro, two of the worst hitters in the major leagues (and that’s no exaggeration) as pinch-hitters.

  48. DevilsAdvocate

    Especially when Moeller is supposed to be the catcher held in reserve for an emergency or a double-switch.

    So Moeller gets out, then Hatteberg singles and Phillips walks. Here comes Griffey to face a new pitcher.

  49. DevilsAdvocate

    Bears mention: Griffey is hitting better against lefties this season than against righties.

  50. DevilsAdvocate

    Not there though. Bad-lloking K by Griffey to bring up 3-3 Dunn with two outs.

  51. DevilsAdvocate

    Even Marty said that Dunn had something to argue about with that called third strike. But those arguments don’t get won.

    Still 7-6 after six.

  52. Y-City Jim

    I loved the story tonight about Charlie Hough riding an exercise bike while smoking a cigarette.

  53. Y-City Jim

    Can somebody translate the lyrics of that Absolut Vodka commercial?

  54. Y-City Jim

    Referring to message 65 – Why don’t pitchers go with their strength in tough situations?

  55. Y-City Jim

    John Hart certainly didn’t do much for this organization did he?

  56. Y-City Jim

    The Rangers have had their share of dink hits tonight.

  57. Y-City Jim

    What is it with Ross and catching the freakin’ ball?

  58. Justin

    Texas has a decent low level stsystem. He has had to build it from scratch.

  59. Y-City Jim

    You mean the new guy since Hart left two years ago.

  60. Y-City Jim

    Texas should have a Chuck Norris mascot.

  61. ChicagoRedsFan

    Jim, what about the Paris Hilton update???

  62. DevilsAdvocate

    The secret is to let a guy suck for a little while, demote him to Louisville for a couple weeks, and then bring him back. Suddenly Coffey and Encarnación are playing well and earning lots of praise.

    Before you know it, Majewski will be a lights-out closer. 😛

  63. Y-City Jim

    Beautiful AB by Hatteberg. He should be the hitting instructor.

  64. DevilsAdvocate

    Brantley & Brennaman coming dangerously close to “In my day, we had to walk 10 miles to school. Through 8 feet of snow. And had to come home and pull the plow through the fields.”

  65. Y-City Jim

    DA, you think that strategy will work for Majewski?

  66. Y-City Jim

    Paris update – Her younger sister went hysterical at seeing sister in jail in the orange jumpsuit. Probably a fashion no-no.

  67. DevilsAdvocate

    Ha! Ummmmmmm, no. I’d have to be insane to really believe that; should have added more ‘razz”s at the end of that Majewski comment. 😛 😛 😛

  68. DevilsAdvocate

    It’s McBeth! I like this guy. No jitters for him at all in his first major-league exposure.

    “Present fears
    Are less than horrible imaginings.”

  69. Y-City Jim

    2nd Paris piece of news – Stan Lee is developing an animated series based on her for MTV. A lot like the “Stripperella” one that was based on Pamela Anderson.

  70. ChicagoRedsFan

    Paris said that she doesn’t look good in orange you know.

    Paris though has claimed that she is no longer going to act like she is stupid and is going to start to try to make a difference in the world. She said that she plans on opening the Paris Hilton Playhouse – kids will be able to come there and play.

  71. Y-City Jim

    Dayton Dragons question – I know all the games are sold out but can you get standing room the day of the game?

  72. ChicagoRedsFan

    Paris is also SHOCKED about all of the media coverage that she’s getting.

  73. Y-City Jim

    I can imagine there being a Paris Hilton Playhouse but not one for kids.

  74. ChicagoRedsFan

    OH – one last thing. She has now found God and Barbara Walters would like her to replace Rosie on The View.

  75. Y-City Jim

    I’m shocked that Nicole Ritchey and Britney Spears haven’t made visits yet. That conversation might drop everyone’s IQ by a few points.

  76. Justin

    bottom of the 9th….Donkey EE and Joey.

  77. ChicagoRedsFan

    So far so good for MacBeth! Things are looking promising for him…

  78. DevilsAdvocate

    Fangraphs gives the Reds approximately a 21% chance at winning this game, at this moment going into the bottom of the ninth down 7-6.

  79. Y-City Jim

    Gagne is almost as ugly as Casey Blake.

  80. Y-City Jim

    It would b e interesting to see a diagram of pitch location on Dunn hits.

  81. DevilsAdvocate

    For the love of nuts. The Reds now have a worse record than both the Royals and the Nationals. Terrible.

  82. Mike

    We just lost the the team with the worst record in baseball, which makes us…..?

  83. Y-City Jim

    Can’t blame the bullpen unless, of course, Jerry hesitated going to them because he has no faith in them. But then we can just blame Jerry.

  84. Justin

    Tasty. Worst record in baseball…booo

  85. Y-City Jim

    Speaking earlier of Blake, he extended his hitting streak to 24 games tonight. Just 33 more to break Dimaggio’s record. Be sure to do it the same day Bonds breaks Aaron’s mark.

  86. DevilsAdvocate

    Still ½ game ahead of the Rangers recordwise, by my count.

  87. Justin

    He is not the one throwing nor signing them.

  88. Y-City Jim

    A homestand that started so promising.

  89. Y-City Jim

    He’s the one not getting the best out of them.

  90. Justin

    at least former Ranger draft pick Aaron Harang goes tomorrow.

  91. Y-City Jim

    On the supposed Dunn trade proposal to the Angels – The Reds were asking for a starting pitcher and a starting 2B. Does this mean they aren’t happy with Phillips?