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Game Thread: Angels at Reds — 2007.06.13

Do these American League teams really think they can compete with the mighty Cincinnati Reds?

Kyle Lohse takes to the mound tonight in an attempt to make it 4 out of 5 on this inter-league homestand. World Series hero Jon Lackey will pitch for the Angels.

Again, and I know we say this often, we have to wonder which pitcher will show up tonight: Dr. Kyle or Mr. Lohse. Lohse is sometimes brilliant, sometimes terrible, occasionally in-between. I’m hoping for Good Kyle tonight.

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62 thoughts on “Game Thread: Angels at Reds — 2007.06.13

  1. Do you agree with this bullpen move, to face the dangerous 2-3-4 hitters?

    “I don’t know what caffeine does for you, but without it? Your head caves in.”

  2. Those were hit hard, but the “great” shortstop needs to make one of those plays.

    And i wouldn’t of put caffeine in to pitch. I like to see someone like McBeth in there. He’s young, but he hasn’t had strings of bad pitching like coffey.

  3. Tough luck for Coffey. Two groundballs towards short, two singles. And they don’t even let him continue. I don’t trust rookie Coutlangus that much.

  4. Nice.. the old guys aren’t doing well.. play the young guys.. 1 more out to go though

  5. Not quite. Nuxie knows what’s up – Thom asks him what he’d try and finish off the batter with, he replies “Good hard slider, down and in,” and that’s exactly what Shields threw to get him swinging.

  6. Three runs against Francisco Rodriguez is a tall order indeed. But that’s what the Reds need in the 9th, down 6-3.

    He’s go one blown save this year, and 2 in his last 44 opportunities dating back to last year.

  7. Can we take up a collection to have Jeff Brantley whacked? Surely Chris and Chad can make a case for justifiable homicide. Brantley redefines stupid.

  8. Phil, I think I could be indicted if I say put me down for $50. So I won’t say it . . . cough . . .

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