Rochester 3, Louisville 1, 11 innings

24 year-old (Is that it?!) Elizardo Ramirez pitched 4 innings in his rehab debut.  He allowed 3 H, 3 BB and 0 ER, with a K.  Ramirez threw 60 pitches, 34 strikes.

Chattanooga DNP

Lakeland 10, Sarasota 8

23 year-old Michael Griffin went 2 for 5. He is hitting .305/.339/.429

22 year-old Danny Dorn went 1 for 4 with a solo-HR. He is hitting .261/.344/.450

20 year-old Jay Bruce went 2 for 5 with an RBI. He is hitting .320/.372/.572

Dayton 10, Lansing 6

21 year-old, first baseman, Logan Parker went 3 for 3 with a 2B, and 2 BB. He is hitting .259/.348/.329

22 year-old, second baseman,  Justin Turner went  went 2 for 5 with a 2B, and 2 RBI. He is hitting .307/.377/.459

21 year-old, catcher, Eddy Rodriguez went 3 for 5 with 2 R, a 2B, and 2 RBI. He is hitting .256/.298/.413

21 year-old Sean Watson tossed 6 innings giving up just 3 H, a BB, and 0 ER with 9 Ks.  His ERA is down to 1.88 ERA with 85 Ks, 12 BB, and 58 H in 71.2 IP.  Wow…I love this guy.


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12 Responses

  1. Y-City Jim

    Was he tipping any pitches?


  2. Matt W

    Dragons clinch a playoff spot with the win last night and will take a division title with either one more win or one more West Michigan loss in the last five games of the first half.

    This is the first playoff spot for the Dragons in five years and they have matched their highest win total for a half with 41.

  3. Matt

    I know there are tons of Dayton fans that read this, but frankly, the fact that Dayton is winning with a bunch of guys that should be in Sarasota doesn’t excite me. If they do it NEXT half with a bunch of college players from the 2007 draft THEN I will be excited. But it won’t happen, because this years College draftees will be in Montana 🙁

  4. Matt W

    I take it a sign that maybe the minor league system for the Reds is improving. Good MLB teams are strong from the top to bottom and the fact that low A is returning to the playoffs is a good start.

  5. Matt

    actually that isn’t totally true. What it means is other teams have their GOOD college draftees at High A, and the Reds left them in Low A to win a meaningless division. I want them to DEVELOP prospects….

  6. Bill

    Matt…I’m curious, who exactly should be playing at each level?

  7. Matt

    I don’t have all there ages in front of me and I can’t take the time right now, but:

    Anybody that is almost 22 or is 22 years old and is considered a prospect needs to be in ATLEAST high A.

    If they are 23 and considered a prospect they should be in ATLEAST Chattanooga.

    When they were drafted should be meaningless….they need to look at age.

    Please see my Kickin’ a dead horse post, other teams are doing this.

  8. GregD

    The Sarasota roster seems to have a lot of 24 year olds (judging by the daily DOTF highlights here.) The PTBNL the Reds just got for Denorfia 24-yr old high A-ball. That’s too old.

    I’m not as familiar with the Dayton roster, but I would think we want to see the best prospects breaking onto the major league roster by the time they turn 24 years old. Perhaps that age is 25. The star players seem to enter the scene at age 21-22. So, if Dayton players are already 22 years old, they are going to need to make a significant case for themselves for a promotion at each level to make it to the bigs by 24-25.

  9. Matt W

    Dayton ages:
    Pitchers:1-24,4-23,3-22, and 1-21
    The best in this group:Webb (22) and Watson (21)
    Catchers: 1-21,1-22, and 1-23
    Inf:1-24, 1-23, 2-22, 1-21, and 1-19
    The best in this group: Turner (22), Valaika (21), and Francisco (19)
    Out:1-23,2-22, and 1-21
    The best in the outfield is probably Stubbs at 22

    I don’t see Turner, Valaika, Webb, Watson or Parker in Dayton when the playoffs come around in September so they are pretty much in line with what you guys posted above

    For what it’s worth

  10. Bill

    And that is when the Reds drafted a lot of college seniors last year, this year, their draft is heavier in HS players..