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Denorfia deal complete

The Reds received Ben Jukich along with Marcus McBeth. He’s 24, a LHP and was pitching high A ball. He’s been a starter this season, reliever last season. Strikes out a fair amount of guys, but gives up a lot of hits and walks. He’s a non-prospect.

20 thoughts on “Denorfia deal complete

  1. He’ll be 25 in the fall and is pitching in A ball. Why even bother acquiring him?

  2. Sorry this is really off topic, but I thought this would be the best website to ask. Going to the Reds game for the first time on Friday and was looking for a good place close to GABP to grab a beer after the game. Any recommended establishments?

  3. He’ll be 25 in the fall and is pitching in A ball. Why even bother acquiring him?

    (1) He’s left-handed
    (2) Twenty-five is still young enough to have some use
    (3) He might be able to be turned into a LOOGY
    (4) Every organization needs minor league roster filler.

  4. Oh well, the Reds keep using Majewski so I guess anything is possible!

  5. And thanks, Phil. You just taught me the term “loogy” – just looked it up on wikipedia. The Reds bullpen is full of them!

  6. Well, I want to go on record that I’m not actually in favor of the concept of a LOOGY, just like I’m not in favor of the current concept of a closer, but thanks to Tony LaRussa I expect it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future.

    FWIW, he’s supposed to have had the best curve in the A’s organization. No word whether he could actually, you know, throw a strike with it.

  7. So is Majewski a ROOGY? He’s made 9 appearances but only pitched 5.2 innings.

  8. So is Majewski a ROOGY?

    Before the Majic Man can be a Right-handed One Out GuY, doesn’t he have to get somebody out?

  9. On the subject of the Denorfia trade, Krivsky again shows what the true value of competent relief help is: Denorfia, (who is out for the entire season) for McBeth. Not to try and turn this into another Adam Dunn thread, but trading Dunn for relief pitching would be ridiculous.

  10. I think the Majewk Man’s only hope would be as a POOGY Pitcher One Out Guy. He’d be brought in only to face the opposing pitcher. His ERA might go below 10 in that role!

  11. If you think LaRussa invented the closer then you believe basketball wasn’t born until Jordan.

  12. LaRussa perfected the use of a LOOGY. You did see the commas, no? Or has the Internet done that much damage to the language?

  13. But actually, until the ’80s, guys like Goose Gossage and his ilk were called firemen and often brought in as early as the 7th inning to finish the game. Firemen were used in the highest leverage situations, not just the 9th to protect a 3-run lead. Go to Retrosheet and check a few box scores from the ’60s and ’70s.

    The first modern closer (in terms of current usage), was Bruce Sutter. And TLR certainly contributed to the modern definition of the closer – a guy brought in in the 9th to “close out” the game regardless if it’s a high leverage situation or not. See Eckersley, Dennis.

    TLR isn’t responsible for the stupidity that is the modern save rule, but he’s certainly used his closers that way – and was one of the first.

  14. Phil, consider the source (rickNmd). See post 2. He seemingly enjoys making snide remarks.

  15. CRF, you do have a point, although I think Rick’s roommate, RedsFaninMD, has cornered the market in the snide department. I love this website, yet I get a little annoyed when somebody pulls a “Hansing”

  16. ChicagoRedsFan,

    I did. But sometimes it’s like beating your head against a wall. It feels so good when you stop.

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