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Game Thread: Angels at Reds — 2007.06.12

Bronson Arroyo vs. Kelvim Escobar in the first of three against the Halos here at Great American Ballpark.

I’ll never get accustomed to this interleague play, and I don’t think I’ll ever care for it. It just felt strange typing “Angels at Reds” up there.

Oh well, it’s here to stay, and the Reds are off to a decent start to the interleague schedule. If Bronson Arroyo can get his act together, we should have a chance tonight. The Angels are a good club, one of the best in the Junior Circuit, so it will be an interesting series to watch, at the least.

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64 thoughts on “Game Thread: Angels at Reds — 2007.06.12

  1. Interleague play has shown what the Reds are capable of doing when the bullpen steps up and plays some bada** baseball.

  2. Wow can’t believe with all those strikeouts they win this game. Good win.

  3. What is surprising about the strikeouts was that Hatteberg even struck out twice.

  4. Paris Hilton news of the night

    Her talent agency has dropped her. Prospective agent may contact at the medical ward of the Twin Towers facility in downtown Los Angeles. She is there because her “condition” is ADD and claustrophobia.

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