The Dodgers DFA’ed former Red Brady Clark.  They had signed Clark to a one-year, $3.9M deal this past off-season.  Clark, 34, was hitting .224, .308, .293 in 58 AB this season. 

Some people bring up Clark in support of giving a full-time job to Ryan Freel or Norris Hopper, but I’ve always seen a danger in these late-bloomer guys (Clark was 28 in his first full season in the bigs; Freel was 27; Hopper is 28).  They can be very useful for a while, but they’re always overachieving, so as soon as their talent drops off a little, they have a really hard time keeping up.  The trick, as always, is getting them for their good years, and getting out in time. 

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10 Responses

  1. Daedalus

    hope krivsky doesn’t pick him up to replace dunner when he’s traded for mediocre pitching… 😕

  2. GodlyCynic

    If he gets released, he wouldn’t be a bad minimal salary pick-up as long as health is an issue with the Reds’ outfielders.

  3. Y-City Jim

    Wouldn’t it be odd if Bowden picked him up despite the fact he isn’t a “five tool player?”

  4. John

    I take a flyer on him. I’d rather have more outfielders than catchers.

  5. Glenn

    Let’s take a flyer on Clark and hope someone DFA’s a catcher who can hit his own weight.

  6. Justin

    Clark would be a nice pick up. He c. He would be our true 4th OF

  7. KyKid

    They traded for Clark in the offseason, who was already under contract by the Brewers. They got a bunch of cash to cover the 3.9 mil figure…otherwise I doubt they’d have cut bait on a 4 million FA two months in the season after giving him 58 ABs.

  8. Justin

    Bailey a little shakey. but a good pick off of Mr HGH was exciting.

  9. Andy

    The need him back! He had absolutely the coolest theme song when he came to bat: “Shakedown Street” by the Grateful Dead.