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Game Thread: Indians at Reds — 2007.06.10

Reds lose late lead? Really? That’s never happened before.

Oh well, the Reds take on the Indians again this afternoon, and it should be a good one. Aaron Harang will go for Cincinnati, while Cleveland will counter with C.C. Sabathia. Hopefully, Harang can pitch a complete game.

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90 thoughts on “Game Thread: Indians at Reds — 2007.06.10

  1. Wikipedia – anyone in the world can write about anything they want, so you know you’re getting the best possible information.

  2. whether or not the Porky story is true, it’s pretty funny…Porky Reese, lol

  3. Brantley sounded really excited when announcing Majewski was coming into the game…

  4. Another great contribution from Majewski – what would we do without him?!

    Are they actually paying the guy for this???

  5. Remember that time a Reds reliever came into a close game and just overpowered the opposing hitters?

  6. This is a game where the Reds have nothing to lose. But if they win, nice shot in the arm.

  7. McBeth is in!

    “Let every man be master of his time
    Till seven at night.”

  8. I would have done a double switch here. Brought in Junior for Hopper and had Junior bat ninth in the pitcher’s slot.

  9. Easy inning for the 2nd-newest Red, 1-2-3.

    Hopefully we see Griffey in the bottom of the 11th.

  10. It’s weird, Chicago – Narron seems to always do the doubleswitch early, but then doesn’t use the reliever for very long. But here in extras where it’s becoming more urgent to get multiple innings out of pitchers, it’s unused.

  11. After the single, Grande’s first comment is “Ross is a pretty good bunter.” It’s a bloody epidemic.

  12. Reds are down to Burton and Santos in the bullpen, and Santos pitched a couple innings last night. I hate to say it, but unless it’s a runner on third, it’s scary to have to pinch-hit for McBeth.

  13. The crowds reaction to Griffey was classic. For some reason i feel there is some fire in this team and fans really wanting a win streak.

  14. Time to bring in the human walk machine, Burton, to throw some pitches no one can hit.

  15. Whoa – I didn’t realize Hatteberg had been doubleswitched in. So McBeth still in the game. Narron’s OK in my book after all!

    “Screw your courage to the sticking-place,
    And we’ll not fail.”

  16. And that was a pinch-runner with decent speed that was thrown out, too. Wow wow wow.

  17. What are the odds now that Edwin or Hamilton gets a walk-off hit to end it?

  18. This game is aligning for a Reds win in heroic fashion. Moeller gets a double? Encarnación is walked to bring up Hamilton in a stage-setting situation? Come on.

  19. Ha, you’re right about that. Up to the ice-cold Gonzalez now with two out, though as cold as he is, Ross is colder. 1 for his last 27 is Ross, I heard Brantley say earlier.

  20. It’s a win! Gonzalez 1st-pitch walkoff single and Moeller flashes the speed to score.

    This one feels pretty good.

  21. Can’t wait to see a highlight reel clip of that throw from Hamilton.

    McBeth gets his first major-league win. Good for him.

  22. At least they showed some life today against tough pitching and a great hitting team.

  23. Huh. Sowers got sent back to AAA by the Indians after last night’s game.

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