Right now in our system John Sickels says we have two ‘A’ Prospects. ‘A’ Prospects have a high likelihood of making significant contributions to the major league team. One of those prospects is Homer Bailey, who is making his major league debut tonight. The other guy on that exclusive list is Jay Bruce.

Sickels’ gives Jay Bruce an A- rating after he put up these numbers at Dayton as a 19 year-old outfielder:

AVG. .291, OBA .355, SLG .516 OPS .871

So that is what an A- prospect looks like as a 19 year old at Dayton.

Juan Francisco, a 6’2″ 180 lb, Dominican 3rd baseman is ALSO 19 years old and playing at Dayton this year. His numbers so far:

AVG. .279, OBA .331 SLG .491 OPS .822.

Juan’s numbers aren’t quite up to Jay’s lofty standards, but they are pretty close…a hot streak or two, and we might just have another ‘A’ prospect next year.

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6 Responses

  1. Ryan

    I know Fransisco can handle the bat but how does his defense look at third?

  2. Matt

    Not sure. All I know is that he has 17 errors. Sounds like a lot, but errors only tell you about 10% of what kind of fielder he is. I would have to see his RF numbers and his ZR to make an opinion on it. Frankly it doesn’t matter to me much. If he can play 3B well enough for a minor league manager to put him there everyday, I am assuming he could play OF or 1B, or be trade bait atleast as a DH.

  3. Chris

    Sickels’ grades are also influenced by scouting reports. And the first-round pedigree helped both Bailey & Bruce reach their rankings.

    Francisco’s numbers are nice, but he’s a long was from getting an “A,” IMO. He’s short 50 pts of OPS and the reputation. If I was a betting man, I’d say he’ll get a B or B-, depending on how the fielding scouting report shakes out.

  4. Chris

    Don’t know where else to put this, but Goldstein called the Cozart guy they drafted a Paul Janish clone (great hands, no bat).

  5. Phil Rizzuto Parmesan

    …Goldstein called the Cozart guy they drafted a Paul Janish clone (great hands, no bat)

    And Paul Janish is a clone of a guy we already have on the big league roster (and can have for two more seasons thanks to the keen foresight of our GM last fall).

    Sorry, I’ll get over it as soon as I stop seeing Fidel’s name in the lineup every damn day.

  6. Bill

    Francisco has, in the games I’ve attended, been very inconsistent in the field. He makes great plays, then blows easy ones. He made two errors in two plays at one game I attended, both on routine plays.

    This is probably to be expected from someone his age.