I will not be watching Homer Bailey’s big league debut tonight.

I will be attending my 5-year-old daughter’s dance recital.

I’d better get big points for this on Father’s Day.

8 Responses

  1. Matt B.

    You always have TiVo. 😀

    I have to work tonight, so I’m going to miss the first hour or so.

  2. Jeff

    I just bought a 3rd row ticket in section 113. I’m leaving Indianapols around 3. I am hoping to see a nice preformance out of Homer.

  3. GregD

    Todd Coffey won’t be watching it either.

  4. Y-City Jim

    Is Coffey off the 40 man roster?

  5. Y-City Jim

    Take it from a dad. You’ll remember your daughter’s recital more than Domer’s debut especially about 12 to 13 years from now.

  6. Chris W.

    TiVo is the greatest invention ever!

  7. Brandon

    Homer’s gonna pitch a perfect game and spark a 15 game win streak…too hopeful? 😆