Nice little blurb by Trent Rosencrans in today’s Post about Josh Hamilton’s return home to the Triangle area in North Carolina recently. I love this quote:

“We almost had a riot in Durham,” said Johnny Narron, the Reds’ video coordinator who accompanied Hamilton on the trip. “You would have thought the Beatles had come to town.”

That’s great. Glad to have Hamilton back with the Reds, though.

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3 Responses

  1. Chris

    Hatteberg is leading off tonight. Hamilton batting 6th.

    Interesting trivia:

    Hamilton in #1 spot (22 PA): .294 .455 .647 1.102

    Hamilton in #6 spot (18 PA):
    .000 .056 .000 .056

    Hatt leading off (13 PA):
    .111 .333 .111 .444

    Hatt batting 6th (53 PA):
    .356 .453 .511 .964

  2. Phil Rizzuto Parmesan

    Jerry’s line-up shuffling is getting on my nerves. Posnanski had column the other day about this subject in relation to Buddy Bell (I linked to it in one of the threads). Here ’tis:

    Quit shuffling lineups: Buddy Bell likes to shuffle things around to get players going — and he needs to stop doing that right now. Holy cow, the Royals used 51 different lineups in the first 54 games — and they have never used the same lineup more than twice. Yes, that’s the most lineups in the American League.

    Please. Pick a lineup. Stick with it for at least a little while. Really, it doesn’t matter whether you hit Ryan Shealy ahead of Alex Gordon or vice versa. Really. Don’t make us pull out the Buddy Barometer.

    I don’t know how many different lineups Jerry has used, but it’s got to be a bunch. You could replace Buddy Bell with Jerry Narron in Pos’ piece and everything else would pretty much hold.

    I’ve got to say, with the exception of Fidel (who is playing I assume because A-Gon is nursing his hammy), tonight’s line-up is the one that should be used the vast majority of the time even if that means not getting all the lefty/righty matchups.

  3. Y-City Jim

    Narron should have two line-ups, one for lefties and one for righties, and he had better have a statistical rationale for each one.