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9 thoughts on “The next Bobby Cox

  1. He had to have planned that ahead of time. There’s no way he came up with the grenade idea on the spot.

  2. This is the sort of “baseball man” that some writers tell us we need to be listening to.

  3. Wow, that’s pretty awesome. At what point do they go ahead and call security to escort a guy off the field? 🙂 -j

  4. What a tool. After the initial ‘throw the hat down’ it wasn’t spontaneous at all (as mentioned) — painfully lame.

  5. Donnie Scott got off a good one in Dayton last night when Valaika was called out on strikes.

    When he finally felt he had his say he gave the ump the old “If you’re not going to use it I will just cover it up!” as he was kicking dirt over the plate.

    Exit was complete with Heater the Dragon doing the “we’re not worthy” bow on top of the dugout. And what do you know the boys broke their winless streak, classic.

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