So, who are these guys wearing red uniforms? They are playing well all of a sudden.

I don’t have any answers, but I’m enjoying it. Hope Kyle Lohse has some answers tonight.

Discuss it here.

UPDATE: Title fixed. Thanks, DA.

Blame Chad for creating this mess.

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  1. No thread title?

  2. Oops. That’s what I get for posting from a BlackBerry.

    I’ll fix it now.

  3. Lineups?

  4. Cincinnati Reds

    Hopper, CF
    Phillips, 2b
    Griffey, RF
    Conine, 1b
    Dunn, LF
    Gonzalez, SS
    Encarnación, 3b
    Ross, C
    Lohse, P

  5. Okay, I’ll get ’em. Reds:

    Hopper CF (tired of him)
    Phillips 2B
    Griffey RF (not tired of him)
    Conine 1B (indifferent)
    Dunn LF (the man)
    Gonzo SS (all hit, no field)
    Edwin 3B (another the man)
    Ross C (tired of him)
    Lohse P

  6. Colorado Rockies

    Taveras, CF
    Matsui, 2b
    Holliday, LF
    Helton, 1b
    Tulowitzki, SS
    Hawpe, RF
    Baker, 3b
    Iannetta, C
    Francis, P

  7. Okay, DA beat me. Let’s try the Rox:

    Taveras CF
    Matsui 2B
    Holliday LF
    Helton 1B
    Tulowitzki SS
    Hawpe RF
    Baker 3B
    Iannetta C
    Francis P

  8. I bow before you, DA. I can’t type as fast.

  9. Rockies announcers bring up the importance of getting ahead in the count when it comes to Lohse. When the count starts 1-0 batters bat .363 against him and when it’s 2-0 nearly .500. Never realized it but it makes a lot of sense.

  10. Kaz singles and steals second. Two outs, though.

  11. Ah, funny. I had a head start.

    The Reds say that they won’t bring Hamilton up until Tuesday. So Hopper will be in there tomorrow too.

  12. Two run homer by Superman Helton. Crap. Same old Lohse.

  13. I’m tired of Hopper, too. His OPS is 715. Haven’t we seen enough?

  14. Helton’s 14th career homer against the Reds with the unbalanced schedule that would compare really well with fellow Red killers Lance Berkman and Bill Hall

  15. If the alternative is Dewayne Wise, I’ll take Hopper every time.

  16. Helton’s been unusually low-profile lately – homer is only his 6th of the season.

    Also, Coors has played as exactly neutral in terms of homers this year. And of course last season it apparently played as a pitcher’s park.

  17. Are they still screwing with the balls at Coors? Last year, they kept them in a humidor, or froze them, or something.

  18. Have to believe that their humidor is a permanent installation, given the results.

  19. Does anyone else have a 41 year old cleanup hitter?

    And I like what Conine has brought to this team, but let’s be real: is there a worse cleanup hitter in the majors than Conine?

  20. Do they keep cigars in that humidor with the balls?

  21. And I agree about Conine. I like what he brings to the table (in small doses), but…cleanup?

  22. I missed it, but Rockies tv crew says that Livingston was demoted to AAA and replaced by Marcus McBeth.

  23. Conine is batting in the spot where you would have your best hitter. That tells me alot about Jerry Narron and lineup construction.

  24. Conine: playing against lefties and hitting 6th, I love him. Otherwise, not so much.

  25. I like the McBeth move. No reason to keep Livingston up here when we could get a potentially useful arm in the pen.

    Of course, Livingston made a pretty good case last night to be the permanent fifth starter for this team.

  26. These Rockie announcers are terrible.

  27. If you want terrible, try the D-Backs announcers. They were unbelievable homers who also made many stupid comments about the Reds. It was either a joke or they did NO research.

    In other news, I hope we get to see McBeth tonight.

  28. Just as the Rockies announcers were talking about how there was no way Conine would steal, he takes second easily…hilarious

  29. Have the Reds taken a pitch yet?

  30. Hadn’t seen the low-lights from Chicago today. Water bottle day + Pinella acting like a 2-year-old results in 5,000 bottles on the field. I was there one night about 18 years ago when the same thing happened on ice bucket night.

  31. The Cubs are getting ready for an organization-wide meltdown. I can just feel it.

  32. Junior LACED that ball to RF, but right at the defender.

  33. Reds need to show some life here or the game will be over before they know it

  34. 2 on, no outs. Let’s get something going here!

  35. Phillip look ridiculous on that pitch

  36. A laser by Jr. But right at the RF.

  37. Oh well. So much for getting something going!

  38. Gonzo with a double. He is all hit, no field!

  39. Edwin hits one over the CF’s head for a double. We got one run back there!

  40. Gonzalez and Encarnacion…our sluggers.

  41. There’s the life I was looking for

  42. Whoops! I forgot I was behind on the TiVo. 🙄

  43. The OF played more shallow for Castro than they do for pitchers! What is he doing batting?

  44. Why in the world is Castro seemingly the number 1 pinch-hitter now?

  45. Juan friggin Castro is the right handed pinch hitter in a clutch situation. Maybe someone needs to look into the bench situation espicially from the right side

  46. Boy, we are hurting when Castro is the best we put up off the beanch with a runner in position!

  47. Game over, Stanton is on

  48. Great. Here comes Stanton.

  49. Lohse was a better option than Castro espcially if Stanton is the man out the pen. When is The Kriv gonna realize that Castro isn’t the player he thinks he is.

  50. WOW, What a play!!!!!

  51. Just wondering, after that play do we finally have no debate at 3B?

  52. WOW.

    Go Edwin! And Phillips!

  53. 1-2-3 for Stanton. Thanks to EE’s great play.

  54. I thought that had disaster written all over it when I saw that it was all up to Edwin’s arm. But after his great diving stop his throw was just good enough, and Phillips did a great job on the catch and the turn.

  55. Could it be cause EE didn’t think, just did?

  56. Tavaras had Hopper played perfectly

  57. I was wondering if you were behind on Tivo, or I was going crazy, Chris.

  58. Well, we only have three more outs. Not looking good, Reds fans.

  59. I was behind, but I wouldn’t discount the craziness.

    Wish I had known you were at the game last night. My son needed a friend to play with.

  60. Stanton sucks. This is not a recording.

  61. We’ll be there on Tuesday.

  62. Narron leaves a reliever out there for a second inning! I like the idea, but does it have to be Stanton?

  63. Thanks Stanton!

  64. I think that’s the second straight appearance that Stanton has sucked, but he’s made an error that caused his runs to be unearned.

    He’s even worse than his statistics suggest. I’m tired of this guy.

  65. Stanton sucks. This is not a recording.

    No, really.

  66. I plan on being there!

  67. boy you can’t overestimate veteran presence. On to other news I hate Mike Stanton, maybe Jesse Orosco is available

  68. The Reds front office should figue out how much a loss costs and then calculate the number of times Stanton will tank for us and then determine the break even point of Stanton’s salary and see when to DFA!!!!!!!!!!

  69. It’s annoying to see Stanton and Castro to be sucking up 2 roster spots that could go to Keppinger and/or similar player and any young reliever in the form of someone a heckuva lot younger and throws a heckuva lot harder

  70. 4 pitches, 4 balls, but Gonzo goes down on K’s.

  71. that was listless. I felt I was watching team who couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel bar

  72. Final, 4-1 loss. Quality start for Lohse. Yet another poor outing for Stanton but could have been much worse if not for some hard-hit balls that went for outs, and excellent defense (Stanton’s own defense notwithstanding). And because it’s worth mentioning again: EXCELLENT defense tonight from the infield.

    Just ran into a buzzsaw against Jeff Francis and a couple of awfully good-looking high-octane relievers.

  73. Another discouraging performance. Lifeless.

  74. Daniel Gibson is pulling a Timmy Smith in Cleveland tonight. This at least ensures that I’ll actually watch the NBA finals. I wouldn’t have been able to stay awake for Detroit vs. San Antonio.

    Though as a Cincinnati fan, I may have to root for yet another patented Cleveland face-plant – just to keep the universe in proper order.

  75. What sport are you talking about, Chris? Lacrosse?

  76. National Bowling Association, must be. 🙂

    Or, Bass fishing?

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