Josh Hamilton’s OPS in AAA is 1875.

That is all.

9 Responses

  1. preach

    Coincidentally, that is the same year Mike Stanton broke in at AAA.

  2. Justin

    Hamilton will be back on Sunday in the Reds starting line up and Wise will be sent back to Louisville. That with 4 wins in a row will help get rid of my churning stomach. I kind f have some confidence now that the team will win with someone other then Harang or Arroyo on the mound. Maybe.

  3. Matt B.

    If Hopper is still hot, would Narron dare play him over Dunn?

  4. Kevin

    so maybe hopper is doing ok, but I have trouble looking at the guy. is that bad? josh hamilton is my hero.

  5. Brandon

    I don’t think the reds have ever felt the loss of a player with 2 months of MLB experience so much before. If the reds could somehow find a way to win tonight and take the first 2 in colorado and then get Hamilton back I’d be overly thrilled.