From Hal McCoy:

Reds players were asked if any of them had Web blogs (none do), and when Adam Dunn was asked, he said with a serious look, “What’s a blog?”

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  1. Chris

    This quote kills me:

    Efforts by manager Jerry Narron, Griffey and Adam Dunn to reach Freel by telephone Tuesday were not successful, “Probably because he lost another cell phone,” said Griffey. “He lost three of his own last month and one of Hopper’s.”

  2. Chris

    Narron also says that Hopper or Wise will be his leadoff men. Dewayne Wise, with a .291 OBP at AAA. Seems reasonable.

  3. Chad

    Yeah, that quote about the cell phones was hilarious, and typical of what we know about Freel. He lives his life exactly like he plays baseball. Wild.

    Re: Dewayne Wise. Please post items like that before lunch, so I will lose my appetite. Maybe Narron can help me lose a few pounds. (Trying to make a positive out of this insanity.)

  4. Chris

    Freel seems more like a cartoon character than an actual person. 😀

  5. preach

    From C Trent:
    Another interesting note — Dewayne Wise’s luggage was lost in his flight from Charlotte. He went in the game in the ninth and had borrowed shoes and a borrowed glove, both from Ken Griffey Jr.

    But who will he borrow the talent from?

  6. Phil Rizzuto Parmesan

    But who will he borrow the talent from?

    Mephistopheles, perhaps?