Pictures from Saturday night’s game against the Pirates. Most of the pics are under the fold, so be sure to click through. Let me know what you think of them.

Great American Ballpark at night
Great place to be on a Saturday evening.

Bronson Arroyo and the leg-kick
The Leg Kick.

Safe at first
Safe at first.

More photos below…

A contemplative Edwin Encarnacion
A contemplative Edwin Encarnacion.

Bronson Arroyo
Bronson Arroyo.

Ken Griffey, Jr.
Ken Griffey, Jr.

Bronson Arroyo
More Bronson.

Bronson Arroyo, waiting to pitch
Preparing to pitch.

Adam Dunn
Adam Dunn.

Edwin Encarnacion on base
Edwin Encarnacion on base.

Jason Bay scrambling back to third
Jason Bay, scrambling back to third after a great throw by Ryan Freel stopped him in his tracks.

Ryan Freel and Jack Wilson
Ryan Freel and Jack Wilson.

Junior Griffey fouls one off
Junior kicks up a cloud of dust with a foul ball.

Edwin Encarnacion
Hit it, Edwin!

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14 Responses

  1. Ethan Hahn

    Very nice – you either had killer seats, or killer gear! The shots are great – right on top of them!

  2. GregD

    I didn’t know they let fans take pictures from the on-deck circle. 😀

  3. Phil Rizzuto Parmesan

    OK, this may be moving into tin foil hat territory, but I look at the two pix of Bronson’s leg kick and realize that I am so accustomed to his “locked knee” kick being his signature move that I assumed he always used it.

    Was one of those pix from the windup and the other from the stretch? Is the bent knee kick a recent change or has it always been part of his repertoire? Could the different leg kicks be tipping his pitches?

    Just a (probably wacky) thought.

  4. Chad

    Ethan– the seats were pretty good; it wasn’t difficult to find good seats for a Pirates game, even on a Saturday. And I guess most Pirate fans were out watching that movie anyway.

    My camera isn’t bad, either — it’s a Canon EOS Digital Rebel — but it’s not a professional camera. And I am still learning how to use it, so there’s that problem. I’m strictly an amateur, but I enjoy taking pictures at sporting events.

  5. Chad


    You may have something there. I noticed the same thing when I was editing the pics. I’m 99% sure I didn’t take any pictures of Bronson when he was pitching from the stretch (which was most of the time, I guess). All the pics of him were taken at the beginning of the inning, before I had to put down the camera to help the kids with their hot dogs or whatever.

    Surely that’s something that would be so obvious that the Reds would have alerted to it, if it were a problem.

  6. Chad

    The picture with the bent-knee was taken at 7:37:44PM. Probably one of his first pitches of the 2nd inning.

    The one where he’s standing on the mound, preparing to go into his windup was taken at 7:39:24PM.

    For whatever that’s worth.

  7. Chris

    I think the leg-kick thing might just be an illusion…would have to stop-motion a video to know if he really does keep the leg perfectly straight the whole time.

    What kind of lens were you using, Chad? I’m wanting to start the lobbying effort to buy a SLR – do you have to buy an extra zoom lens to get these sort of pics?

  8. Phil Rizzuto Parmesan


    I doubt he keeps his leg straight on the follow through because that’s his landing leg. That would be a lot of repertive impact on his knee joint if he kept it locked all the way. In the first pic, the knee is clearly locked. Chad’s pix were both taken at approximately the same place in his delivery before he drove to the plate. So it appears to be a variance.

    As to Chad’s point about someone on the Reds’ staff picking it up, well, you’d think so. But humans are funny. We get an idea in our head that someone does a certain thing a certain way, and that’s the way we tend to see it all the time. Plus, bending the knee at that point in the delivery is what every other pitcher in the game does, so it might not register, particularly since it really doesn’t affect his mechanics like changing his arm slot or how he drives off the mound would.

    And it may ne nothing of course. It’s a slow Tuesday here and my mind takes flights of fancy when I’m bored.

  9. Chad

    What kind of lens were you using, Chad? I’m wanting to start the lobbying effort to buy a SLR – do you have to buy an extra zoom lens to get these sort of pics?

    You do have to buy another lens for any kind of zoom capability. The lens that comes with the camera is a very good lens, but it basically has no zoom at all.

    I bought a Sigma lens (the exact model escapes me, but I have that info at home) from a buddy of mine for less than $300 used, I think. The lens I REALLY want will run me $1000, but I haven’t received permission for that purchase, and I don’t anticipate my request being granted any time in the near future. The lens I want has more zoom, but the feature I like is that it allows more light in, so I could take crisper shots at night than what I’m currently able to do.

    The lens I have, however, is a good lens, and I’m pleased with the results above. I’m just an amateur trying to figure out how to use this equipment, so someone who knew what they were doing could do much better.

  10. GregD

    Your discounted lens costs more than my camera.

  11. Alex

    I think the thing with the leg kick is that although his leg is at the same height, he is actually at two different spots in his delivery. The first one is while he is on his way up and second one is on his way down. You can tell in the second one that his back leg is bent preparing to drive as he is closer to release. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  12. Alex

    bronson arroyo is the bestest uncle ever!! i love you uncle bronson!!!