Matt Belisle vs. Jason Jennings, and I don’t know what to expect tonight. Frankly, I’m a bit surprised that Jerry Narron is still in charge of this team. We’ll see what happens over the next few days and weeks.

Over at Redlegs Rundown, Jeff has a pretty good preview of the upcoming series. It goes without saying that the Reds hopes of putting together any kind of season are slipping down the drain, so this road trip is important. Well, if it goes without saying, why did I just say it? I don’t know.

I’ll be watching the game because I’m a Reds fan. That’s what I do. I just hope that something has clicked and this team can be competitive, at the least, the rest of the way. The Little League-brand of bumbling nonsense that the Reds have been playing…well, I just can’t deal with it any longer.

Discuss it here.

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262 Responses

  1. Chris

    To be fair, yesterday was an exceptional performance by the Reds, in almost every facet of the game. That obviously should be the norm, not the exception. But it’s a start.

  2. Y-City Jim

    If Narron isn’t going to be replaced with a real solution then what is the use of firing him. I do not want Bucky Dent any more than I want Jerry Narron. Hire a different personality (or someone with a personality). Hire someone who is in charge.

  3. Tom

    Hamilton goes yard in first AAA AB, Johnny Cueto is on the hill in his AAA debut, and is not scored on yet in 2 IP.

  4. Chris

    Even if they were inclined to fire Narron, there’s no way they could do it after yesterday. Just too emotional a day.

  5. RagTag

    Okay, Hamilton is ready, get him up here! Get rid of Wise!

  6. Ben

    Norris Hopper is starting, by the way. And leading off.

  7. Chad

    Hopper cf
    Hatteberg 1b
    Griffey rf
    Phillips 2b
    Dunn lf
    Encarnacion 3b
    Gonzalez ss
    Moeller C
    Belisle P

  8. Chad


    Ensberg 3b
    Loretta 1b
    Berkman rf
    Lee lf
    Pence cf
    Biggio 2b
    Everett ss
    Ausmus c
    Jennings p

  9. Ben

    And Hopper leads off with a single, of course.

  10. RagTag

    Wow, Jason Jennings looks fat. He has those Greg Swindell hips.

  11. Chris

    Jennings has Swindell hips and a Brian Meadows arse.

  12. Chad

    Well, Belisle is doing alright through two.

  13. RagTag

    Gonzo gets a long single. Not sure how he didn’t get two bases out of that.

  14. RagTag

    Aaaahh…looks like he may have slipped rounding first.

  15. Ben

    It’s a disgrace that Chad Moeller is starting in the major leagues.

  16. The Mad Hatter

    2 double plays 2 innings you would think Sean Casey was back

  17. CeeKeR

    Everett almost circles the bases on Hoppers misplay… Phillips bails him by gunning Everett out at the plate.

  18. Chad

    Hopper’s actually having a good game today, at the plate anyway. We really need Hamilton back quickly, though.

  19. Chad

    Two on for Griffey. Fingers are crossed.

  20. Chris

    Poetic justice with Rick White there.

  21. Chad

    Rick White. A name I had successfully forgotten until now.

  22. Chad

    My wife keeps calling Ryan Freel “Keith Friel.” Ten points to anyone who knows the significance of that in my household.

  23. RagTag

    Bases loaded, no outs. Gotta score here.

  24. Chad

    Ooooh, Brad Lidge. Hope this turns out well.

  25. Chris

    They REALLY need to convert this into 2 or more runs. I hope Lidge gives up a triple here, then gets pulled (he’s on my roto team, and that seems like the best outcome for the Reds and me). ๐Ÿ˜›

  26. Chris

    C’mon Dunn – shut up the Dunn haters.

  27. Chad

    K for BP.

    I have a bad feeling about this.

  28. Chris

    Marty must be ecstatic.

    Kudos to Jr for going to 2nd on the flyout.

    Teams are really trying to pitch Dunn away lately.

  29. Chad

    Dunn got a sac fly! Marty is ecstatic!

  30. Chris

    I wish Belisle pronounced his name: “Buh-lissel.”

  31. Chad

    Anyone listening to Marty? What did he say about the sac fly?

    Very unselfish act by Dunn.

  32. Chris

    Have I said before that I really hate Houston’s ballpark and those idiotic “Crawford Boxes”?

  33. CeeKeR

    Belisle pitching well… That’s a good sign for the Reds …and it means I don’t have to watch our bullpen nearly as much!

  34. Chad

    I kinda like Houston’s field, but only if I can call it Enron Field.

  35. Chad

    Yeah, Belisle’s a solid #3 starter at this point.

  36. CeeKeR

    Belisle tied his career high in Ks… (also against the ‘stros before according to the Houston announcers)

  37. RagTag

    On to the seventh inning. How many pitches has Belisle thrown?

  38. CeeKeR

    10 straight for Belisle… Can the Reds torch the ‘stros bullpen now?

  39. Chris W.

    I’ve called Belisle “Buh-lissel” around my house now for around a year. ๐Ÿ˜•

  40. Chad

    Never seen those, but I like how “Sparkey” Anderson’s name is misspelled and one of the “featured” players is Jason LaRue.

  41. Chris W.

    Keith Friel played basketball at UVA, you’re alma-mater!

    Any points?

  42. Chad

    10 points, Chris W, but you’re a Duke basketball fan, so it doesn’t count.

  43. RagTag

    When is DeWayne Wise going to pinch-hit?

  44. Chris

    LaRue’s not in your Top 52, Chad? Nor Johnny Temple?

  45. Ben

    If DeWayne Wise were to pinch-hit for Chad Moeller, would the world cave in from suckitude?

  46. Chris

    -50 points for being a fan of Coach Krazewski and his minions.

  47. Chris

    It’s a perfect storm of suckitude, Ben.

  48. Chad

    No, LaRue doesn’t quite make my list. He’s #54 on mine.

  49. RagTag

    Re: Johnny Temple….wow, what a way to go out.

  50. RagTag

    A perfect storm of suckitude…you have to expect that the Reds will reach that at some point in this season.

  51. Chris

    Nice grab, BP. Pleasepleaseplease don’t let Berkman heat up until the Reds leave town.

  52. Chad

    -1,000,000 points for being a fan of the Evil Empire. Coach Ferret is pure evil.

  53. Chris

    With Wise, Moeller and Castro on the roster, it’s certainly possible. Once Milton gets back…

  54. RagTag

    Oh, no…I forgot about how much Berkman killed this team.

  55. Chris

    Ripped single for C.Lee.

    The good news is that the Astros are out of good hitters once they get past Pence.

  56. Chad

    Pence is going to be something, isn’t he?

  57. RagTag

    Double play! Buh-lissle survives another inning!

  58. Chris

    Pence is another one of those choir-boy-looking guys who will irritate me for the next 15 years.

  59. Chad

    Unless he comes to Cincinnati in the Dunn trade. Then you’ll like him.

  60. Chris

    Maybe. I don’t like the squeaky-clean guys all that much, typically.

  61. Chad

    You prefer the Kevin Mitchell-types, huh?

  62. RagTag

    Mr. Hooper? Wasn’t he on Sesame Street?

  63. Chris

    Uh-oh, delayed running by Hopper. He better watch out.

  64. RagTag

    Sit him on the bench! Put in Wise!

    On second thought…no, don’t do that.

  65. Chris

    Chad, I would never condone the cutting off of any heads.

    Hopper with yet another hit. By the way, Everett (who is another of those parson-looking guys) is a doggone good SS.

    Hopper got -uh, a bad jump there.

  66. Chris

    Oh geez. Hatteberg’s HR would’ve made it a 2 run lead.

  67. Chris

    Another nail in the small ball coffin, as far as I’m concerned.

  68. CeeKeR

    Hopper sucks. Between him and Moeller, our 8-9-1 portion of the lineup isn’t too scary is it?

  69. Jeff Gentil

    Hell I’ll take ANY lead right now. Remember, it IS the 8th inning though. GLOOM AND DOOM!!

  70. RagTag

    Homer by SH. Wish Hopper hadn’t been trying to steal, inexplicably.

  71. CeeKeR

    heh, HR now…right after the failed stolen base attempt.

    Oh well, I’ll take it!

  72. Chris W.

    With that HR, it’s time to play everyone’s favorite Redlegnation game….

    “Which Reliever Blows it Tonight” (applause!)

  73. Jeff Gentil

    Bottom of the order. Leave Buh-lissle Fashizzle in there

  74. Chad

    Not our favorite game, but the one we play most often.

  75. Chris W.

    Going the distance was the favorite yesterday and prevailed! Let’s hope for it again tonight

  76. CeeKeR

    Re: Chris W… Stanton. I’ll take Stanton everytime for that game…until the Reds wise up and drop him.

  77. Chad

    I vote for Weathers, by the way. Or Majewski. Or Stanton. Or Graves.

  78. CeeKeR

    PS: I apologize for complaining about the PacMan ads a few games back… These “it’s about nevah evah giving up” Dicks ads are much much more annoying every half inning on

  79. RagTag

    What did they show on commercial breaks on last year? I can’t remember.

  80. Chris W.

    I went with Majewski yesterday so I’ll stick with him tonight!

  81. Jimmy James

    I just arrived. It’s the 8th inning and we’re still leading? What’s up with that.

    And I see that Belisle is still in. That’s a good sign.

  82. Jeff Gentil


  83. Mike

    Would back to back complete games be to much to ask?

  84. CeeKeR

    Majewski or Coutlangus… Those are the 2 warming up.

    Personally, I’m rooting for the complete game by Belisle.

  85. Chris

    CeekeR – could you ever, in your wildest nightmares, have imagined that the Pac-Man ad would seem soothing?

    I don’t think ANY commercial can stand up to 18 viewings in 2 hours, but I’m actually terrified about what’s coming next. As long as they don’t come up with “Hip-Hopera” for TV…

    Bullpen time.

  86. Chris W.

    Chris W. loves Majewski.

    It’s the hair! ๐Ÿ˜†

  87. Chris

    I actually feel pretty good tonight, even before we tied it up.

  88. Chris

    What’s this Pride Fighting thing advertised on the Astros broadcast? They’re showing Chuck Liddell – is that a really old rerun?

  89. Chris

    I saw this pitcher referred to as “The Tongue” the other day. That’s just awesome.

  90. Chad

    Yay, Col Angus!!! Don’t let us down….

  91. CeeKeR

    I don’t think Chuck has anything to do with Pride now… Though he might after getting smacked around last weekend!

  92. RagTag

    Poor old Coutlangus. I bet he’s been battling these lewd references his entire life.

  93. Chad

    Awesome. Great move by Narron not to put in Majewski.

    It’s always a great move not to put in Majewski.

  94. Chris W.

    Col Angus? Did he kill someone with the lead pipe in the library?

  95. Mike

    A couple more on the board would make us all feel beeter

  96. Jimmy James

    It’s a lot more fun around here when we’re winning.

  97. Chris

    I’m thinking they’re promoting a 4-year-old fight, CeeKeR. Capitalizing on MMA Fever!

  98. Jeff Gentil

    I’d imagine the comments are higher when the Reds are winning. Let’s get a run or 5

  99. CeeKeR

    Did you know you can buy Yankees, Red Sox, and Mets team objects at the MLB shop? *end sarcasm*

  100. Chad

    I’d like to see Dunn get another sac fly here.

  101. Jeff Gentil

    Great catch by EdmondsFinleyPence

  102. CeeKeR

    Wheeler has 6 saves against the Reds this year. Not exactly a good sign we’ll score 5 off him…but we can hope.

  103. CeeKeR

    Dunn tried to hit another sac fly…forgot there was no one on third I guess.

  104. Mike

    Kid is gonna be good, not good news for us cause he is so young

  105. CeeKeR

    Yeah, Liddell got knocked out in 48 seconds (or close to it)… I watched it.

  106. Chris

    Dunn hit both those balls well, with not much to show for it. A GWRBI, hopefully, though.

  107. Chris

    Does Weathers start the 9th, or does the Tongue get to face Lamb (L) to start the inning?

  108. CeeKeR

    Who double switches in for Dunn? We know Narron can’t leave Dunn in for the 9th.

  109. Jimmy James

    George repeated a story? Imagine that.

  110. Jimmy James

    Off we go to the bottom of the ninth.

  111. Jeff Gentil

    I think we’ve seen the replay of the Hopper/Everett play a thousand times. Thanks for the jinx, Chris!!

  112. Mike

    Dunn out of the game, must be going to extra innings. Just about everytime Harron does that, we need Dunn AB later in the game

  113. Chad

    Not really. Valentin?

    That’s a defensive upgrade? Narron has completely lost his mind.

  114. Jimmy James

    With a bullpen as crappy as this, and a slim one run lead….IDIOT Narron puts in Castro and Wise.

    Like it’s not possible that we might need more runs.

  115. Ello

    I feel the throw-up building in my stomach….

  116. Chris

    They better hold this lead. Narron has created the WORST LINEUP IN THE HISTORY OF BASEBALL.

  117. RagTag

    If this lead is blown and we have a bunch of crappy hitters in there for extra innings, Jerry Narron deserves to be fired. Everyone in the world knows that one run is nothing for this bullpen to give up.

  118. Chris W.

    I still hold out that the 20K Big Unit game was the worst lineup ever created by a manager!

  119. Chris W.

    I’ll give back my 10 Keith Friel points for a save here!

  120. RagTag

    I am astounded at Jerry Narron’s idiocy. I just can’t get over the fact that he put a bunch of stiffs in there in this situation.

  121. Chris

    Career HR on the field for the Reds right now:

    Griffey: 574

    Hatte: 101
    AG: 100
    Castro: 33
    BP: 32
    EE: 27
    Moeller: 26
    Wise: 9
    Hop: 1

    More than I expected, actually.

  122. Chris

    Berkman’s up. I can’t watch this.

  123. Jeff Gentil

    Why do our announcers keep jinxing the team??? Stop talking about how poorly Berkman is hitting!!!

  124. RagTag

    I wish Buh-lissle were still pitching. Weathers loaded the bases for Lee.

    Again, Narron is an idiot.

  125. Chris

    My heart is racing 1000 miles an hour.

    Please tell me the infield’s not pulled in.

  126. Chad

    Have I mentioned that Weathers is at the top of my least-favorite Reds list?

  127. Chris W.

    …And This One Belongs to the Reds!

  128. Chris


    Gonzalez crapped his pants out there, but Carlos Lee is slower than my mom.

  129. renbutler

    I just almost had a heart attack.

  130. RagTag

    Weather’s a lucky SOB.

    But Narron is still an idiot.

  131. Mike

    Awesome 2 game winning streak ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  132. Chris

    I just switched over to what I thought was an NBA playoff game – ESPN2 says “basketball…San Antonio…”

    Yeah, tricked into the WNBA once again.

  133. Chris

    Chad, that was horrible, btw (#212). Are the Reds “champions of baseball”?

  134. Chris

    Who are the announcers on this Mets game?

  135. Chris

    Haha (Nelson Muntz voice). Benitez just balked the tying run over, and in.

  136. Jeff Gentil

    Back to back nice outings by Lohse and Belisle. How about our two aces continue the trend over the next two games?

  137. Chad

    Enjoyed the Jack Buck impersonation, huh?

    I’m having flashbacks of Todd Benzinger.

  138. Chris

    I hear Gary Thorne the sock man and Sutcliffe (“Clooney’s over there…”). Is that Dusty Baker yammering on in the background?

  139. RagTag

    YOu mean Buhlissle and Lowshhhhh aren’t our two aces?

  140. Chris

    Delgado just ruins one.

    I would really hate it if my team was paying Benitez a lot of money to close games. Every time I turn around that dude is melting down.

  141. Chris W.

    We have a 2 game winning streak on a combined score of 5-1. Go figure

  142. Chad

    I’d rather have Rick Sutcliffe as my closer than David Weathers.

  143. Chris

    First time all month the Reds have won back to back games. On the friggin 29th.

  144. RagTag

    These Astros…they aren’t as good as the Nationals or Pirates.

  145. Chris W.

    Cordero in in the 9th, Brewers up 1.

  146. Mike

    Hat at 2 and Griffey at 3 is a nice combo

  147. Chris

    This is a lot more fun when they win, isn’t it?

    Winning – it’s like, better than losing. You know what I mean?

  148. Jimmy James

    Great thread tonight. Much more fun when we’re winning.

  149. Chris

    Tying run on 2nd in Milwaukee. Frenchy Francoeur up to bat.

  150. Chris

    So Cordero gets ahead 0-2 and throws a slider right down the chute.

  151. Chris

    Hits it so hard that McCann can’t score from 2nd.

    Now Scott Thorman swinging from his heels…w/ a runner on 3rd and 1 out. I’ll bitch about someone else’s situational hitting.

  152. Jimmy James

    Yeah, Francoeouroeour is a hacker. If he had any plate discipline, he’d be great.

  153. Chris

    Damn – 97 on the gun to whiff Thorman (who was still trying to hit a 6 run HR w/ the tying run on 3rd).

  154. Chris

    Cordero is wild as all hell…and the Braves dudes (Francoeur, Thorman, and Diaz) are swinging at everything. That would be annoying as hell.

  155. RagTag

    I didn’t mention it on the photoblogging threads, but those are some great pictures that Chad posted. Makes me wish I’d been there.

    I’m going to catch at least one game one the next homestand, maybe two if I’m lucky.

  156. Chris W.

    Strike 3 in the dirt. Diaz Swung at 2 balls

  157. Chris

    Diaz swings at one in the dirt to end it.

  158. Chris

    Cubs down 9-4 in the 9th…but bases loaded for Floyd w/ 1 out.

  159. Chris

    It’s all up to Derrick Lee.

    Actually, it’s up to the Lee AND the guy up next.

  160. RagTag

    “I don’t want to embarrass any other catcher by comparing him to Chad Moeller.” — Sparky Anderson

  161. Chris

    Nice. I don’t want to be Tony Kornheiser, but my roto team just got a win (Sheets) and a save (Gregg) in the last 5 minutes.

  162. Tom

    Great pitching by Belisle. But you bring in Weathers after Coutlangus zips them in the 8th.? Let Coutlangus pitch the 9th., for God’s sake! Narron is an idiot!

  163. Chris

    I really can’t believe Narron was going to head into extra innings with Moeller, Castro, Wise, Hopper, and Gonzalez in the lineup together. That’s just remarkable. I think they’d have to issue a refund if they threw that lineup out in a spring training game.

  164. RagTag

    Sorry. I saw that quote from Anderson up at the top, and I couldn’t help myself.

  165. CeeKeR

    Heckuva pitching performance for the Reds the last two days..even if Stormy made it a bit too interesting for my blood!

  166. Glenn

    two in a row. I can hardly believe it! They need to rip off about 9 or 10 in a row and bring this season back from the abyss.