Ryan Freel and Farney were placed on the 15-day DL today; OF Dewayne Wise was recalled from Louisville and added to the 40-man roster.  Freel’s head and neck tests were normal, and he was supposed to be released from the hospital today.  He’s reportedly scheduled to see a specialist tomorrow.

Wise, 29, was hitting .256/.291/.517/809 at L’Ville, and has stolen 8 bases against 2 CS.  He hit .184/.184/.237/421 in 38 AB with the Reds last year.  He’s supposed to be able to play all three OF positions, but didn’t look good afield for the Reds last year. 

10 Responses

  1. Y-City Jim

    I was afraid it was going to be some worthless bag of garbage like Wise.

  2. RagTag

    If we see Wise and Hopper in the outfield at the same time, I think I’ll have an aneurysm.

  3. Brandon

    Hamilton homered on the first pitch he saw tonight for Louisville which is of course a good sign and I expect him to be back before long, hopefully a short stay for Wise…now if Wise hits a game winning pinch hit homer or something tomorrow then I love him.

  4. Michael

    Narron’s Wed. lineup:

    Dewayne Wise – RF
    Norris Hopper – CF
    Jeff Conine – LF
    Scott Hatteberg – 1B
    Edwin Encarnacion – 3B
    Alex Gonzalez – SS
    Juan Castro – 2B
    Chad Moeller – C

    Sounds ridiculous, BUT you never know with Narron!

  5. Chad

    Michael, I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  6. GregD

    That’s not Narron’s optimal lineup. I see EdE in there. How about:

    Dewayne Wise – RF
    Norris Hopper – CF
    Brandon Phillips – 2B
    Jeff Conine – LF
    Alex Gonzalez – SS
    Javy Valentin – 1B
    Chad Moeller – C
    Juan Castro – 3B

  7. preach

    Milton would have to pitch that day just to have an offensive threat.

    Of course, I find Milton’s pitching pretty offensive…. Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

  8. GregD

    Actually, Michael’s lineup was closer. Castro is playing in place of Phillips tonight!