This is really frustrating.

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  1. Chris

    I’ll be Mr. Optimist.

    Today’s FOX game had a graphic showing all the teams that made the playoffs despite being under .500 on Memorial Day.

    The 2005 Astros were just as bad as the 2007 Reds are through 50 games (18-32), yet came back to play in the World Series. That was, admittedly, the most extreme example, and we don’t have Oswalt-Pettite-Clemens to win 39 games in June-September, but at least there’s some home for a turnaround.

  2. CeeKeR

    I miss the days where we could be down 4 runs I didn’t turn the TV off knowing there was no way the Reds could come back.

  3. RedsFanInMd

    How many times is E-5 E-5 going to hit the ball straight up in the air with runners in scoring position? But hey, he was hitting .435 in Louisville. That should tell you something about the numbers in Louisville.

  4. Chris W

    10 runners left on base over a 4 consecutive inning stretch. We scored 1 run and that came via a walk. That’s frustrating! 🙄