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Game Thread: Nationals at Reds — 2007.05.24

Here’s your game thread.

As Bill told you, Gary Majewski is back, just in time for me to go see the team in person. Wonderful. The Java Man — Todd Coffey — was sent to Louisville; he had a bad night last night, but Marty spent part of an inning talking about how good Coffey had been in his last 15 appearances or so. I can’t really argue with the demotion, though others were much more deserving (Mr. Stanton, I’m looking at you)…but I absolutely dread seeing Majewski again.

This team is just lousy. I’ll probably watch the game tonight, but I’m not excited about it. These guys have just drained my enthusiasm. They play like a little league team much of the time, and they’ve been embarrassed this week by the team that had the worst record in the big leagues (the Reds are tied for that distinction now, by the way).

Maybe Matt Belisle can get the team back on track. Let’s hope.

75 thoughts on “Game Thread: Nationals at Reds — 2007.05.24

  1. Col. Angus is out.

    Christina Kahrl over at Baseball Prospectus gave him a fun nickname today: “The Tongue.”

    It’s Majewski!

  2. Yeah! Show Batista who’s boss.

    Though, that sets up Felipe! for more heroics.

  3. Majewski hits the first batter he faces.

    Welcome back to Cincinnati, you piece of trash. Go rent an apartment with Danny Graves and get out of my world.

    Sorry. I lost it there for a second.

  4. also, am I the only one of us who might enjoy seeing the red’s bullpen getting charged on the mound?

  5. Majewski in line for the win if the Reds can come up with some more last at-bat heroics.

  6. Phillips hacks at the first two pitches, then draws a walk. Don’t see that often.

  7. Leadoff walk for Phillips. Sets it up for Conine, Dunn, and Encarnación.

  8. Another (#&$%%$ bunt attempt. And it fails, but that’s beside the point.

  9. Dunn really looks like he’s much slimmer. More so than I have noticed before.

  10. I wish he had struck out.

    Hope Marty is happy that he made contact, and hit into that double play.

    We just lost three of four to the Nationals. This team is a complete joke.

  11. I was at the Padres game, but tell me if I’m reading this correctly:

    BP gets on w/ the tying run.
    Narron calls for a bunt from Conine.
    Despite the facts :that
    – Conine can’t bunt (7 sac bunts in his 6700+ ABs).
    – Dunn is up next.
    – Dunn is just as likely to score BP from Phillips from 1st as he is from 2nd (22 singles; 20 extra base hits).
    – They might just walk Dunn to get let Cordero face EE with the double-play in order.

  12. Daughtery’s talking about “blowing up” this team and starting over with the prospects the Reds get in return. I don’t know that I’d go with a total blowup, but a controlled explosion here and there may be of value.

  13. Ok, we’ve lost a million games.. But, somehow, the Brewers haven’t made any progress in the last couple weeks and we’re still only down 10.5. So any day now when the 30 game win streak starts, we’ll be, you know, only a few games behind.

  14. I know I’m joining this party late, but I just got my bile levels back to normal after viewing that….thing…they called a baseball game last night.

    Who in the world would ever, ever, ever ask Conine to bunt in the ninth in that situation? It was like he was trying to drag bunt it for a base hit, not even a decent sacrifice. If he was signaled to do that then whoever sent that sign needs to lose a finger so it can’t happen again. If Conine did it solo he needs to be treated like EE. With Dunn on deck. Pitiful. I would have rather seen a hit and run or straight steal in that situation. CONINE CAN’T BUNT!! That is not part of his ‘veteran presence’ resume’. And then I heard the announcers giving so much man love to him about ‘giving himself up for the team, blah, blah, blah’. He gave himself up for NOTHING. This is the type of playing you see by a team sponsored by some hardware store in Miamisburg, not major leaguers. Why do I keep watching? Lose 3 of four to the Nationals at home. Pitiful. But yet, I’ll probably watch this garbage again tonight. I should just copy and paste this post for tomorrow. Just do the game thread early, it’s all the same anyway.

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