Will the real Kyle Lohse stand up?

Lohse takes the mound against Jason Simontacchi and the Washington Nationals tonight. I’m hoping Lohse returns to form, especially against the Nats, who had trouble scoring runs until they came to Cincinnati. Washington has scored more in the last two nights than they had scored in back-to-back games all year. Not a good thing….

Unfortunately, Lohse appears to have the flu, so I’m not sure what to expect tonight. I do expect, however, that tonight is Dmitri Young’s night to hit a big homer against the good guys.

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  1. Schrockstar

    Lohse has lost 5 consecutive starts, but Nats haven’t won consecutive road games (in a single series) all season. Me thinks this’ll be their first

  2. Chad

    I’m not home yet. Anyone have the lineups?

  3. DevilsAdvocate

    Washington Nationals

    Lopez, 2b (leadoff single)
    Guzman, SS
    Zimmerman, 3b
    Church, LF (2-out 2-run HR)
    Kearns, RF
    Young, 1b
    Schneider, C
    Logan, CF
    Simontacchi, P

  4. DevilsAdvocate

    Cincinnati Reds

    Freel, CF (leadoff HR)
    Hatteberg, 1b
    Griffey, RF
    Phillips, 2b
    Dunn, LF
    Encarnación, 3b
    Gonzalez, SS
    Ross, C
    Lohse, P

  5. DevilsAdvocate

    Marty is the only guy in the radio booth tonight (except C. Trent Rosecrans here in the 2nd). Says this is the first regular-season game in his Reds career that he’s flown solo.

  6. DevilsAdvocate

    Error (by Encarnación, except the scorer gave it to Gonzalez for the throw that supposedly hit the runner) creates a run. Followed by a spectacular catch by Freel out in CF.

  7. DevilsAdvocate

    So 3-1, mid-2nd. And Lohse is working for it – 42 pitches through 2 innings.

  8. Chris

    This team employs 437 broadcasters, and they can’t come up with a second man for the radio booth. Awesome.

  9. Chris

    Welsh thinks Gonzalez’ error caused him to hit that double. He’s ordinarily very smart, but sometimes he goes off on goofy tangents, usually when he’s talking about psychology of position players.

  10. Chad

    Are the Reds gonna fail to win a series against the Nats at home? Goodness…

  11. DevilsAdvocate

    Ah – Nuxhall was scheduled to work today, but was hospitalized as a precautionary measure with low blood pressure. Then Brantley is away with his new child (born a month ahead of schedule) and I guess Thom is on TV tonight.

  12. DevilsAdvocate

    More Kearns & Young. 4-1 DC.

  13. DevilsAdvocate

    Make it 6-1. Homer by Schneider.

  14. DevilsAdvocate

    I’m glad no one is around to see this.

    I’ll be back later, in time for Hopper to score the winning run in walk-off fashion.

  15. Jimmy James

    #What is going on? This is ridiculous.

  16. Jimmy James

    Jason Simontacchi is good, all of a sudden. And after that fantastic start, Kyle Lohse’s ERA is over 5. Super.

  17. Jimmy James

    Guzman triples to begin the fifth. Lohse is throwing meatballs up there.

  18. Jimmy James

    Wild pitch, 7-1 Nats.

    We’re getting destroyed by the worst team in the league. Well, the worst one that isn’t located in Cincinnati, anyway.

  19. Chad

    Looks like I’m blacked out on Extra Innings and MLB.tv. I don’t think I want to see this one anyway.

    I’ll just listen to Marty.

  20. Ben

    At least the bullpen isn’t to blame tonight!

  21. Chris

    Remember when people were talking about extending Lohse’s contract after 2-3 starts?

    Yeah, not so much. I’m sure he’ll put together a nice free agent run in August and September, though.

  22. Chad

    How long until Lohse winds up on the DL with some phantom injury? Like a strained ERA?

  23. RagTag

    😕 😥 🙄 😡 😐

    Kyle Lohse has made me go through a lot of emotions tonight….

  24. Chad

    Marty sounds like he’s given up on this team.

  25. RagTag

    Valentin has been double-switched into the game. I’m sure glad they brought up Chad Moeller! It would have been a disaster for Valentin to get injured, if we didn’t have Chad Moeller!

  26. Jimmy James

    Lohse’s ERA: 5.31.

    Yeah, he’s great. And yes, Chris, I remember the talk of signing him to an extension. I was thinking earlier that Lohse should have jumped all over that opportunity, were it there.

  27. Chad

    This team is just lousy. I love ’em, but there’s no other description.

    Glad the team came out firing in this homestand, ready to beat some bad teams and get the season back on track. Yep, I’m glad to see all the fire from these guys….

  28. Jimmy James

    Phillips doubles. That’s good.

  29. CeeKeR

    Coffey gives up two homeruns. This team is all sorts of lousy.
    Getting blown out two games (and barely winning the third)…against what should be the worst team in baseball. Pathetic doesn’t do this team justice. 👿

  30. CeeKeR

    Well, the Nationals pen sucks too… Reds score 4 – and still losing by 4. 🙄

  31. CeeKeR

    Empty place tonight…Guess everyone gave up (can’t imagine why!)…

  32. CeeKeR

    SHOCKER: Stanton gives up a bases loaded double.

    Nats lead by 7 again.

  33. GregD

    So was there just crowd noise during the inning the 2nd broadcaster normally does play-by-play or did Marty do all 9 innings? 😀