Why, Felipe? Why?

It isn’t our fault that you were traded. Why are you taking it out on Reds fans?

I know we are accused of talking about “The Trade” too much, but after this week, I’m afraid we’re never going to hear the end of it. Glad I’m not in Wayne Krivsky’s shoes right now.

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10 Responses

  1. Sultan of Swaff

    This just proves he’s a punk. He can get juiced to face his former team, but forget about playing hard day in day out, as evidenced by his .240 average coming into the series. It’s why he was expendable. My most hated Red of all time. Who’s yours??

  2. Chris

    Wow. He’s a punk because he came through? What would he be if he whiffed 3 times?

    Anyway, Lopez doesn’t crack my Top 20 Most Hated Reds, headed by Dan Graves. Reggie Taylor, Jimmy Anderson, Jimmy Haynes, Rick Auerback (I have no idea why), Paul Householder, Roberto Kelly, Willie Greene (I blame Marty for that one)…

  3. GregD

    Do we have to stick with players on our list, or can we include anyone who wears a numbered uniform?

  4. RedsFanInMd

    Just a reminder, if he was playing for the Reds he wouldn’t be hitting against the Reds pitchers, therefore he would still be hitting .240 with 10 RBI.

  5. GregD

    But he would have spent half his games batting in GABP instead of RFK

  6. John

    I gotta ask: Why Reggie Taylor? He was just a blip on the Reds Radar of Suckitude.

  7. Chris

    I think b/c Bob Boone just kept playing him. In 2002, he played in 135 freakin’ games (w/ a .291 OBP).

  8. GregD

    Right, like last year. Last year Felipe was hitting .268 with 9 HR, 30 RBI, 55 R and 23 SB’s in half a season with the Reds.