From Lance McAlister’s blog:

The Reds could announce a DL move involving Josh Hamilton this afternoon.

I really hope this is just a minor stomach problem and nothing more serious….no type of relapse or anything along those lines.

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  1. Tyler

    He’s getting tested up to 3 times a week. If it were a relapse he’d be suspended and out of baseball probably forever.

  2. Matt W

    Is this the return of Double “E”?

  3. GregD

    Yep, Rosecrans says EdE has been recalled.

  4. Glenn

    Good info Tyler. That should relieve some fears.

  5. Bill

    I’m confused…what does how often he’s being tested or the probable consequences of a relapse have to do with the possibility that he could relapse?

  6. DevilsAdvocate

    I believe Tyler’s point, Bill, was that the frequency of testing implies that in the event of a relapse the Reds (and presumably, us) would be aware of it in short order. It would be quite unlikely that a relapse would or could be hidden, or disguised as anything else – like, say, a DL move or some other procedure.

  7. Bill

    Ok, I can see that. Could medical confidentiality laws come into play anywhere on a situation like this?

  8. DevilsAdvocate

    Possibly medical confidentiality could play a role, though I think the involvement of MLB & the Commissioner in the drug policy (as opposed to just the club) would mitigate any privacy obligation that individual teams have. They haven’t been coy about the drug policy suspensions they’ve enforced to this point.

  9. Bill

    True….I hope that all this is is a bad stomach problem. It’s odd, he was in uniform yesterday and could have PH according to Narron, today he’s on the DL.

    ‘Course this is the Reds medical staff….

  10. GregD

    Sure, there’s medical privacy issues, but I doubt the team could mask a suspension with a trip to the DL.

  11. DevilsAdvocate

    Yeah, Hamilton was really pushing to start yesterday, even – it was his birthday and he wanted to get out there and celebrate. But Marty said last night something like “Narron took a look at him and he still looked a little ‘shaky’ after the stomach ailment, so he didn’t get the start.”