Well, that was heartbreaking. You gotta think that the bullpen gets at least a share of the blame. Bronson Arroyo threw 129 pitches, and even though he was still fairly strong late, if Jerry Narron had a bullpen — or at least one good reliever — someone else would have been in there at that time.

But you can’t blame Narron for preferring to have Arroyo out there instead of one of the jokers that Krivsky has given him for the bullpen.

What a disastrous road trip this has been so far….

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14 Responses

  1. Justin

    There is one good reliever, David Weathers. But he had to have been tanked from the prior night. Arroyo was victimized by lack of run support and shabby Defence again. Long live the NL West away trips, only Frisco and Colorado to go there. Reds have only 2 wins against the West and have been performing well under expectations. Hopefully things will change starting with Cleveland. A day off should help. But on the over all, a remake of the bullpen is needed. Bray and Medjeski need to be on the big club. We must install a confidence that we can win when someone other then Harang and Arroyo pitch. We might have to be a 4 man rotation now just to rescue the season.

  2. RedsFanInMd

    The bullpen deserves a lot of blame, but not for last night. Arroyo has nobody to blame but himself. He had all day to make a good throw to third base.

  3. Bill

    The ball 4 call last night apparently brought very little response from Jerry Narron….wouldn’t you like to see something like this? At least it’d make it look like he cared whether they won or lost.

    Want to inspire this team, show them some fire, can’t hurt.

  4. Glenn

    After this terrible start, Narron’s got to be thinking that something’s got to change or the Reds are going to show him the door. I don’t blame him a bit for using Arroyo as long as he did. Even after throwing 129 pitches, Arroyo was probably still his best option given the bullpen results thusfar.

  5. al

    burton and macbeth need to see some innings, and stanton needs to not see some innings. i’m hoping that last nights loss will propel the bullpen to a hot streak, since in essence they all got 3 nights off.

    If any of the bullpen woes had to do with over use, we should see some improvement.

  6. RedsFanInMd

    Bill-I agree. I would have went absolutely ballistic on that call. I would have thrown everything in the dugout out on the field. Absolutely no emotion at all.

  7. GregD

    Even after throwing 129 pitches, Arroyo was probably still his best option given the bullpen results thusfar.

    After 129 pitches, you have to start thinking about Arroyo’s next start (and the rest of his season and the rest of his contract.) They’re skipping a 5th starter, so Arroyo will be going on regular rest next time around.

  8. Y-City Jim

    No, I don’t blame the bullpen. In fact, I blame Narron for blaming their psyche even more. Somebody from that bullpen needs to go to Narron and say something like, “give me the freakin’ ball and I’ll show you that I can get the job done.” These players needs to step up because their wussy manager won’t.

  9. Twill815

    Bill, i loved the link with Yost. You’re right…don’t you think the Reds players would love to see Narron get fired up. The Brewers believing in their Manager is one of the many reasons they are off to a hot start.

    Also, obviously the Reds bullpen is struggling, it still doesn’t justify leaving Arroyo in in that situation. Take him out, congratulate him on a helluva game, and pray the bullpen has his back. Let’s get Macbeth some innings or whoever else. You don’t motivate struggling players by taking them out of key situation and not giving them a chance, you give them the ball when they’re supposed to get the ball and tell them it rests on their shoulders.

  10. Brett

    It should be reiterated that the offense only scored twice. I think that is getting lost after the way last night’s game ended. We had chances to score on Peavy, and couldn’t. I’m just not ready to completely blame Arroyo or the bullpen or Narron for last night’s loss, the lack of offense played a role.

  11. Pete

    Redsfanmd needs to go the way of Hansing IMO

  12. Pete

    I don’t know how that comment ended up here. Sorry.

  13. GregD

    The lack of offense doesn’t excuse the handling of pitchers.