Bronson vs. Peavy.  Good times.

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  1. Line Ups

    Freel 3b
    Hamilton cf
    Griffey rf
    Phillips 2b
    Dunn lf
    Hatteberg 1b
    Gonzalez ss
    Ross c
    Arroyo p

    M. Giles 2b
    Cruz lf
    Giles rf
    Gonzalez 1b
    Greene ss
    Cameron cf
    Bard c
    Kouzmanoff 3b
    Peavy p

  2. What They are up Against
    League Leaders – 2007
    • Ranks 2nd in NL in W (5)
    • Ranks 1st in NL in SO (66)
    • Ranks 2nd in NL in ERA (1.52)
    • Ranks 3rd in NL in WHIP (0.94)
    • Ranks 2nd in NL in WPct (.833)

  3. Well, well, well . . . Cole “K’d 15 Reds” Hamels has a perfect game going into the seventh against the Brewers.

  4. Freel and Hamilton get the night off to a promising start – both on for Griffey with no out.

  5. Phillips bails out Narron after they ran into a strike ’em out, throw ’em out doubleplay and threatened to waste a 1st & 3rd no out scenario. 1-0 Reds.

  6. start a fast runner in hamilton and the nl player of the week at the plate? thats a good move

  7. Dunn breaks a bat and Peavy’s heart, driving in Phillips with a short pop that Cameron couldn’t quite reach. 2-0 Reds early.

  8. Dunn is 7 and 0 in stolen bases. Go Donkey!

  9. Not only did the Reds score a couple runs, they finally displayed some patience at the plate. Peavy threw 34 pitches just to get through the first.

  10. Freel seems strangely passive at 3rd. He doesn’t seem to have a good feel yet for playing grounders that aren’t 100mph reaction plays. He also threw a bit errantly to first, though Hatteberg looked downright spritely in making the spin and tag just in time.

  11. Arroyo pitching to Khalil Greene, looks like they could be twins.

  12. man i hate west coast games. night

  13. Watching Arroyo drop his arm angle and sling that wiffleball is just a great pleasure. Strikeout and two runners stranded, 2-0 Reds after one.

    And my is playing loud Dick’s Sporting Goods ads during the commercial breaks! I prefer the Pac-Man graphic.

  14. Petco is where fly balls go to die. Ross wishes that flyout had been hit anywhere but in San Diego.

  15. @ DA: I’m not sure I would be too sad if I NEVER saw that pac-man graphic again… Wayyyy too many nights have been wasted staring at that graphic…

  16. Rrrrrrr – Kouzmanoff again. Three straight singles to start the 2nd, nets the Padres a run.

  17. 🙂 Yeah, I rarely watch the, preferring radio instead. So I’m not sick to death of the pac-man, is what I’m saying. Tonight there is another graphic that comes up after the advertisement, but I don’t know what it is. It’s like a Milwaukee Bucks figurine (what?), and some other tchotchkes on a desk.

  18. Excellent job to get out of that jam. Kudos to Ross for pouncing on that Peavy bunt and gunning down the lead runner, and then to Freel for starting the 5-4-3 doubleplay.

  19. Yeah, i saw that too. I have the game “on” right now, but I’m working on a blog entry and so it’s basically glorified radio with padre announcers… 😳

  20. I figured out that the thing on the right of the new mlbtv commercialbreak graphic is a running electric pencil sharpener, and there’s a pencil sitting in it just being endlessly sharpened.

    This is vital stuff, here. Meanwhile Hamilton is 2-2 and the Reds have gotten a leadoff hit in each inning so far.

  21. Is that Sidney Moncrief between innings?

  22. Reds have 7 hits through 4 innings but still just the two first-inning runs.

  23. Arroyo has 50 pitches through 4 innings. Very nice.

  24. I don’t know about Moncrief, but I think the other figurine might be a Mace Windu bobblehead.

  25. I thought it might be from “Snakes on a Plane.”

  26. Could be, could be . . . I can’t tell what that purple thing is that he’s holding.

    Hey, look! It’s a baseball game! Dammit, Kouzmanoff. I think he was hovering around .100 entering this series, and now he’s 5-10 off Reds pitching.

  27. haha, yeah – it’s a pencil being sharpened endlessly…..just when you thought they couldn’t possibly come up with anything lamer than the endlessly looping (and cheating) pac-man…which replaced the most boring pong game ever…

    I might have too much time to analyze the screens…

  28. The next evolution of mlbtv commercialbreak: watching paint dry. 😛

  29. Don’t forget watching grass grow, they’ll save that one for after the all-star break…

    Meanwhile – 2-1 Reds, 5 double plays turned on the evening so far…

  30. You know, if you look carefully at the pencil sharpener (the clear glass/plastic part) you can see who I assume was the photographer and “set designer” in the reflection. Talk about riveting stuff!

  31. As far as I’m concerned, batting Khalil Greene as high as fifth in the order is just a big present to the opposing team. Hits into a doubleplay to end the 6th. 76 pitches for Arroyo.

  32. That’s funny – Padres announcers said “we haven’t seen much of the Reds’ bullpen – their weak spot – and the couple relievers we have seen have been two of their best, in Weathers and Stanton.”

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  33. Weathers has been fine (excellent last night) but Stanton, really?! C’mon, even someone who doesn’t pay attention to the Reds needs to realize just exactly how lousy Stanton is…

  34. ugh. Dunn kicks it. Padres tie it. It’s not even the 8th inning yet.

  35. There it goes…the lead, that is. And once again it’s freaking Kouzmanoff.


  36. Arroyo right back out there for the eighth. No one doing anything at all in the bullpen.

  37. Yikes, loooooooong fly out …on to the 9th after escaping the 8th inning 😀

  38. Gotta love Bronson…113 pitches in a tie game going back out for the 9th when he could have easily called it a night. He’s a gamer.

  39. Arroyo falling apart… 2 on, no outs bottom of the 9th.

  40. Heh. Kouzmanoff up, bases loaded, no one out.

    Triple play please?

  41. full count now…

    still looking for that triple play!

  42. or a walk – on what looked like it could be strike 3.

  43. That pitch was right down the middle. AWFUL call to end the game.

  44. Gameday shows it was in the strike zone…brutal

  45. Kouzmanoff knew it too. Boom mike caught him saying “Yeah, I thought that was strike 3.”

  46. I heard that too.
    It WAS strike 3 … I think the ump was still sore from taking that fould ball off the chin/neck and wanted to go home.

  47. Firstly, Freel should have caught that throw from Arroyo on the sac. bunt attempt. I’m mystified as to why that was charged as an error, and on Arroyo to boot.

    Secondly, Kouzmanoff was struck out. That last pitch wasn’t even borderline. Even Gameday, notorious for moving pitch locations around based on what they were called (not necessarily where they really were located) shows the last pitch, #7, as completely inside the strikezone.

    That’s an upsetting loss.

  48. I don’t have the stomach to post another game report. Quick hits:

    – Freel stinks at 3b. He made two errors that led to runs.

    – Dunn boofed that ball down the line, obviously. Cameron was running on the play, and Dunn just rushed it.

    – Bronson pitched a hell of a game, but just wasn’t able to put anyone away in the 9th. He had Greene 0-2, and lost him. He had Cameron 0-2, and lost it. He got Bard, but threw it sloppily and Freel boofed it up. Then he had Kouzmanoff 1-2, and lost him.

    – He got no help from his manager. I like that Narron rides his starters, but I was really surprised that Bronson stayed in there after allowing a baserunner, and definitely after allowing the second one. He started the inning with 110 pitches – I’d have been ready with the hook. (I couldn’t see who was down there warming up. MacBeth and another guy, I think).  Bronson wasn’t able to finish anyone in the 9th, but he was still probably the best strikeout option, which is what they needed, with guys on base.
    – This was how a bad team plays. Peavy was throwing meatballs, and the Reds were crushing them all night. Yet they didn’t score any freaking runs. Bronson pitched great, but his defense crapped the bed for him.

    – As a Padres follower (if not fan), I’m glad to see Kouzmanoff break out. That kid was under a lot of pressure, and has been struggling. If he was on the Reds, he’d have been tarred, feathered, burned in effigy, and run out of town on a rail by this point. Kevin Towers and Bud Black have shown a lot of sack in sticking with the rookie.

  49. I’m trying to figure out how the Bats rotation sets up for Columbus this weekend with Bailey on the DL, Dumatrait basically missing a turn because of the rainout, and Livingston back in the mix. Can anyone tell me where I can find that info?

  50. Chris, Devil-Give me a break. You can’t be charged with an error when the throw bounces in the dirt. Your man love for EdE has blinded you. Freel had ZERO errors. One was a rocket off his chest and the Arroyo throw was clearly an error by Arroyo. That isn’t even disputable.

  51. Thanks once again, RedsFan, for setting me straight. I was only siting 40 feet from the play(s). I have no idea what I’m talking about.

  52. RedsFanInMD needs to go the way of Hansing IMO.

  53. You obviously don’t. Arroyo threw the ball right in the ground. Maybe you didn’t get to see the replays because you were at the game.

  54. and you saw it once, at full speed, we saw it several times in slow motion. Sheesh dude, lose the attitude, we can all get along here

  55. Good point. They don’t have replays in major league ballparks. And I apologize for my attitude, talking about “man love” and whatnot.

  56. good. you should.

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