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Game Thread: Reds at Padres — 2007.05.15

Another West Coast game tonight, and Aaron Harang will take the mound in his hometown, trying to keep the Good Ship Cincinnati afloat. David Wells will go for San Diego.

There really isn’t much that we can say about this west coast swing at this point. Yes, it’s been horrific. Yes, this seems to happen every time the Reds go west.

Let’s just hope the Reds can pick up a win tonight and tomorrow. If the good guys can somehow win this series, it will take some of the sting out of this road trip.

As for me, I probably won’t be able to stay up for much of tonight’s titanic struggle. I have to get up early tomorrow to catch a flight to the Big Apple. Don’t ransack the place while I’m gone.

Enjoy the game….well, let’s hope we all enjoy it tonight.

UPDATE: A picture from Redleg Nation editor Chris, who wasn’t kidding when he said he had great seats for tonight’s game:

79 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Padres — 2007.05.15

  1. Dunn walks and is taken out for a pinch-runner. I sure hope that pays off.

  2. Well, as the Padres announcers said “if this game keeps going, we don’t have to worry about pitching to Dunn anymore tonight…and that’s…refreshing.”

  3. A. Gonzalez bunts again and pops it up again, though foul and just out of the reach of the other A. Gonzalez. Hopper had a huge jump and had the base stolen, for nothing. And K on the next pitch.

  4. Wow, Linebrink strikes ’em out… Hatteberg looked helpless up there.

    It’s late – I have to head to bed. Hope I wake up to some kind of good news…

  5. It’s David Weathers in a pressure situation. Let’s hope he maintains that good-looking stat line.

    Hey, Russ Branyan! I remember him.

  6. Weathers looking uncharacteristically dull in a 1-2-3 inning. Thank goodness. Castro-Freel-Phillips due up in the 11th.

  7. another effective inning by Weathers……20 pitches and 2 innings pitched.
    Come on Griffey lets get the rub and go up.

  8. See, that’s why Narron took Dunn out. He knew he’d need the bunt here. 🙄

  9. 2 quick outs end the threat. Lets see who Narron sends out. Old man Weathers for a 3rd inning and the win.

  10. Whoa. Stormy keeps it interesting with 2 deep flybal louts. but the skid comes to an end. Reds Win!

  11. Cameron up……high fly ball, Freel under it……And this one belongs to the Reds!!

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