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5 thoughts on “Farney’s Frustration

  1. I’m not as upset with this post as much as I am this guy ripping Hal McCoy in his post a day earlier.

    If ‘kingseyeland’ covered sports for one day, he might realize just how hard baseball beat writing is.

    If you had to watch the Reds IN PERSON everyday, and also find interesting ways to write about this horrible, horrible team, you would hate your life.

    Hal does a great job with what he has to work with.

    Why do people feel the need to blast Hal? Yeah, he might make a few mistakes, but he’s also one of the best reporters you’ll ever see. He gets scoops other reporters don’t because of his relationships with the players and the manner in which he works the clubhouse.

    He’s in the hall of fame for a reason. Saying he should be held to Hall of Fame standards is ridiculous. Ken Griffey, Jr. is a future Hall of Famer, but if he hits 30 homers, we’ll all be ecstatic.

    Sorry for the rant, but I’ve met Hal. He’s an unbelievable journalist. We should all feel lucky to have someone like this covering our team. John Fay and C. Trent do a great job as well.

    Could you imagine having Jay Mariotti covering our team?

  2. Funny, Hal writes about the same team that Fay and Rosecrans cover. The difference between Hal’s writing and Fay’s or Rosecrans’ is that Hal makes a lot of badly written jokes and basic, journalism school errors that distract from the overall content of his reporting.

    Just because he’s in the hall doesn’t make him exempt from decent writing. If he’s going to be a journalist, he needs to write like one — basic things like putting quotes in quotation marks (and not rewriting them to make players sound like they speak in run-on sentences). Good reporters get quotes right — not something different from the other beat reporters, who got the grammar right.

    The whole post had nothing to do with Hal the person. Comparing Hal to Junior is silly, and so is suggesting the alternative is Jay Mariotti.

    The real alternative is just better writing from Hal.

  3. Hal is not in the hall. Marty is not in the Hall. There are no sportswriters nor broadcasters in the Hall. Sportswriters receive the JG Taylor Spink Award (named after the founder of The Sporting News. Broadcasters receive the Ford Frick award (named after the Babe Ruth apoligist). Neither award confers Hall membership on the recipient.

    From this lurker’s POV, it appears Mr Redlegs has a new handle.

  4. Not to sound like Dwight Schrute, but I’ve seen and held his Hall of Fame ring. It’s pretty huge.

  5. This is a quote from the JG Taylor Spink Award page at the official HoF site (tried linking but the message gets lost):

    Each award recipient (not to be confused with an inductee) is presented with a certificate during the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and is recognized in the “Scribes & Mikemen” exhibit in the Library of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

    So Hal is an honoree, but not an inducted member. Therefore, he is not in the hall in the same way Joe Morgan or Johnny bench are “in the Hall”.

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