You may have heard how Vernon Wells handled a heckler the other day in Cleveland?  Junior blew that one out of the water Saturday night in L.A.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise – just click here.  I can’t vouch for the story, but the photographic evidence sure looks convincing. 

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  1. GregD

    Griffey was also named NLPOW today!
    (apparently the award is now called the BOAPTNLPOTW)

    Congrats to the kid!!

  2. John

    I went to a AAA game here in Indy a few years ago. The 3B ump blew a call and the whole crowd was getting on him, calling him everything. My buddy and I decided to go the other way. We started yelling “Don’t listen to them, sir! You’re a good person and you’re doing the best you can under pressure! Keep your chin up, sir, and keep making those calls!”

    The ump looked over at us — we were behind the 3B dugout, front row — and gave us the thumbs up and nodded. Freakin’ hilarious. Never forget that.

    We need a thread of favorite heckler moments.

  3. Chad

    That is awesome.

    If Chris W, one of our contributors here, doesn’t chime in with his David Justice story, I’ll tell it later.

  4. intense_supernova

    Beautiful. I wonder if you guys would have thought this as funny if you had been sitting there with your wife and 6-11 year old daughter when his jock was pulled out of the bag. Very poor taste in front of a stadium full of kids in my opinion. Ok I suppose for a 13 year old boy, but how old is Griffey now?

  5. Endymion

    Oh no! The sight of underwear from a bag will corrupt a young mind!

  6. Chris

    Won’t somebody think of the children!!!???!!!?!!!