Griffey 1,000,000, Heckler 0


You may have heard how Vernon Wells handled a heckler the other day in Cleveland?  Junior blew that one out of the water Saturday night in L.A.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise – just click here.  I can’t vouch for the story, but the photographic evidence sure looks convincing. 


  1. GregD says:

    Griffey was also named NLPOW today!
    (apparently the award is now called the BOAPTNLPOTW)

    Congrats to the kid!!

  2. John says:

    I went to a AAA game here in Indy a few years ago. The 3B ump blew a call and the whole crowd was getting on him, calling him everything. My buddy and I decided to go the other way. We started yelling “Don’t listen to them, sir! You’re a good person and you’re doing the best you can under pressure! Keep your chin up, sir, and keep making those calls!”

    The ump looked over at us — we were behind the 3B dugout, front row — and gave us the thumbs up and nodded. Freakin’ hilarious. Never forget that.

    We need a thread of favorite heckler moments.

  3. Chad says:

    That is awesome.

    If Chris W, one of our contributors here, doesn’t chime in with his David Justice story, I’ll tell it later.

  4. intense_supernova says:

    Beautiful. I wonder if you guys would have thought this as funny if you had been sitting there with your wife and 6-11 year old daughter when his jock was pulled out of the bag. Very poor taste in front of a stadium full of kids in my opinion. Ok I suppose for a 13 year old boy, but how old is Griffey now?

  5. Endymion says:

    Oh no! The sight of underwear from a bag will corrupt a young mind!

  6. Chris says:

    Won’t somebody think of the children!!!???!!!?!!!

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