Louisville 2 – Ottawa 1

Both Joey Votto and Edwin Encarnacion were 2 for 4 with and E.

Phil Dumatrait pitched another good game throwing 6 innings giving up 6 hits and just a walk. He only struck out one batter. Marcus McBeth pitched a perfect ninth for his second save.


Carolina 9 – Chattanooga 6

Enrique Cruz was 3 for 3, Drew Anderson and Marland Williams both had 2 hits, one of Anderson’s was a 2B. Cody Strait homered.

Sam Lecure had a rough outing giving up 8 hits in 3 innings. Ty Pelland also got hammered in a relief appearance giving up 4 hits a walk, all of them scoring. He also gave up 2 HRs.

High A

Sarasota 11 – Jupiter 10

Jay Bruce (HR), Dan Dorn (2 2B), and Chris Kroski (2B) all had 2 hits and Eric Eymann added a HR.

Ramon Ramirez gave up 6 H and a BB over 6 IP for the W, striking out 7. Tom Pauly, coming back from the DL, pitched two thirds an inning in relief giving up a hit and 2 BBs.


Peoria 2 – Dayton 1

Drew Stubbs and Chris Heisey were both 2 for 4 with 2 2Bs.

Travis Webb pitched 6 IP giving up 5 H and a BB, striking out 6 for the win.

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  1. Look for Bailey and MM(Marcus McBeth)to be called up by mid-June. Bailey as the fifth starter and McBeth as the closer.

  2. just a hunch tom? i feel like if i were krivsky, i’d want to see bailey start striking out more than 5.5 per 9 before i called him up. what’s his BABIP?

    now macbeth seems ready from what i’ve heard, but with guardado, majewski, and bray all slated to come back, and burton already up, where does he fit?

    santos probably goes for majewski or guardado, coutlangus probably goes for bray, salmon probably goes for guardado, and then who, coffey? now that’s overhauling a bullpen.

  3. I had a bunch of my players from the high school team go to the Bats game on Friday night. Machado was going after a ball and fell about five feet from him. One of my players yelled, “you gotta dive on that,” and my players got flipped off. Nice gesture by flipping off high school kids.

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