Today is May 10.  The Reds are 14-20 (.412).  One year ago after May 10, they were  22-12 (.647).  In their last 162 games, the Reds have gone 72-90 (.444).  Not good.

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  1. al

    the reds just seem to be able to lose any game. i usually don’t go in for narron’s coach speak about guys knowing how to win and all that, but i’ve been a reds fan for a long time, and i always end up saying, “if we could only get it all together at the same time,” year after year.

    other teams seem to be able to, and we can’t even we get josh hamilton as a gift.

    here are the expected standings in the NL Central based on run differential:

    MIL 21-13
    CHC 19-12
    HOU 17-16
    CIN 17-17
    PIT 11-21
    STL 11-21

    It’s not like that would be great, but that looks a lot more like the talent the reds have on their team, but they just seem to know how to lose.

    Dare i say, fire narron?

  2. DevilsAdvocate

    Tough not to be down in the dumps over this bout of losing the Reds have suffered over the last week and a half. But…they’ve gone 2-7 in their last nine games, during which they have outscored the opposition 49-43. That’s a pretty strong indicator that their luck is going to turn.

  3. DevilsAdvocate

    BIG NEWS – Edwin Encarnación has been optioned to AAA. So sez C. Trent Rosecrans. Jeff Keppinger has been recalled to take his place on the roster.

  4. DevilsAdvocate

    EdE needs to work on not p/o’ing people, is what. He’s got a lot of voices piling on over a lot of different things.

  5. Justin

    That is true as well..he has drawn is own bed now he gets to lay in it.

  6. preach

    EE’s trade value would certainly take a hit after a demotion. The club has now made more of a committment to him than ever, or willing to take far less for him now than it could have gotten a couple of weeks ago (Scott Shields perhaps?). Coffey doesn’t need demoted unless its for some rest and to learn how to throw another pitch. These guys have different issues to work out.

  7. Justin

    trade value is down, but it wasnt very high since his lack of effort in Zona. should have dropped him then.

  8. Chris

    To be precise, what hurt his trade value was his manager making a bigger deal out of that than he needed to, and drawing a cheap batch of favorable national press for being “old school.”

  9. al

    agreed on that chris. even narron in his comments after the benching said that EdE has never done anything but work hard. i have no idea what gives people the idea that he had an attitude, or didn’t work hard, but all i’ve ever read says exactly the opposite.

    he made a costly error, made costly by belisle, at the wrong time. the reds had to do something and so he’s the scapegoat because they’re not willing to cut stanton’s weak ass and 7+ ERA.

  10. Chris

    Yeah, that’s the thing that gets me – the “lazy” and “bad attitude” comments. I think that’s the only way many Reds fans know how to criticize a player.

    Maybe it all goes back to the media’s portrayal of all sports stories as morality plays, with “character” equating to good performance (or vice versa). To borrow an obnoxious word, that’s the paradigm that sports fans have been raised on, so that’s how see everything: EE playing poorly must equal EE not trying, or being flawed as a person. And don’t get me started on David Eckstein…