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Game Thread: Astros at Reds — 2007.05.10

Well, it’s get-away day in Cincinnati as the Reds and the Astros play an afternoon contest. And no, we can’t get away from this team. We’re stuck with the ol’ Redlegs for better or worse.

The Reds try to salvage something from this series and this disastrous homestand today before heading out west to face the Dodgers and Padres. At least we have Aaron Harang to depend upon, and he’s due to have another good start. Harang hasn’t been awful, but he hasn’t been particularly good of late, either. I’m hopeful today will be a good one for him…and for us.

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82 thoughts on “Game Thread: Astros at Reds — 2007.05.10

  1. I didn’t have a problem with the Stanton signing, but he can’t get anyone out.

  2. why does jerry narron have so much faith in stanton. the other night he said the answer to the bullpen’s problems was to use stanton more, and i checked the stats and AT THAT TIME stanton had the worst ERA of any reliever on the team.

    i mean, veteran guy or not, you’d think narron would understand that the guy who has given up the most runs might not be the answer to the problem.

    if stormy gives up a granny to tie it here, i may have trouble rooting for this team.

  3. Stick a fork in Stanton. His career is over.

    Good thing Krivsky gave him a two year contract.

  4. if stormy gives up a granny to tie it here, i may have trouble rooting for this team.
    Yep. But what you won’t do is be surprised. 🙁

  5. Oh man, the replay showed that that was ball four. Ensberg has a right to complain about that one.

  6. Weathers eked out of that one, but I’ll say it again…

    …this team is a joke. I’ve never seen such a ridiculous bullpen. Krivsky hasn’t improved it ONE SINGLE BIT.

  7. “Weathers just got away with a hangin’ breaking ball, bigtime,” say the Brennamen. And a called strike 3 later, he’s out of it. whooooo . . .

  8. Dunner would never hit a single with bases loaded. He’s too selfish….

    and a grand slam is, as everyone knows, a rally killer.

  9. damn, my wlw feed just crapped out and switched to that stupid endless ringing phone. What’s up with that?

    Now I have to listen to Houston’s guys.

  10. Ha, it’s true…and Dunn’s second triple of the year, even. Just missed a homer on it, and the ball bounced off the CF wall and away from the outfielders.

  11. Norris Hopper in the game for Dunn.

    Even with this lead…with this bullpen, and the chance you might need Dunn’s bat later, would you take him out of the game?

    I wouldn’t, especially since Dunn’s defense is so much improved this year.

  12. These are a bit more scary than they should be. Leads of 7-0 and 9-5 should be money in the bank, not the blood-pressure-affecting adventures that they’ve turned into. But good for them – no runs allowed by the bullpen in limited exposure!

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