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18 thoughts on “Where have you gone?

  1. God, I miss the Nasty Boys!

    But what’s up with the Seagram’s Coolers ad right next to the ‘Nasty Boys’ sign? Come on, Nasty Boys don’t drink Seagram’s Coolers.

  2. Isn’t that Stanton and Coffey leaning on the shoulders of David Weathers? No? Oh, Stanton, Coffey, and Weathers wouldn’t fit in the same picture unless it was taken from the air.

    I think the Nasty Boys are about the right age and shape to bring back.

    Here’s hoping that Eddie can make some sort of comeback before it’s too late.

  3. That’s what I was wondering. We’ve gone from one of the bullpen most feared by opponents to … the most feared bullpens by its own team and fans.

  4. Bray, Majewski, and Bailey would help the bullpen a lot.

    Bailey needs to be called up by June. Service time shmervice time. The bullpen needs help!!!

    Everday Eddie will not fix the problem.

  5. Wow. Dibble looks psycho in that photo. But, I guess that’s about right.


  6. I remember being young and thinking those guys were completely untouchable. Unless of course you were leading of first base and Norm Charlton was trying to pick you off. Was it just me or did that guy have the slowest move to first ever?

  7. Forget about the Nasty Boys from 1990 – I’d even take Tim Birtsas from that year…

    hell, he’d probably by our closer!

  8. Here’s the good news. Saarloos and Santos have been fairly effective, Santos, suprisingly so. Weathers has been adequate with the exception of a game or two.

    When I see those guys coming in, I don’t cringe. Frankly, I’m indifferent about Coutlangus. It’s Stanton, Coffey and Cormier that put the fear of God into you.

    Bray and Guardado mean goodbye Cormier and goodbye Stanton. I think Coffey works himself out of the funk. The problem is that I’m not sure anybody knows when exactly these few things will happen.

  9. David…Cormier was designated for assignment over a week ago when they brought Salmon up…

  10. Cormier only gave up runs in 1 game. I was no fan, but he hardly caused all the problems.

    Weathers has given up runs in 5 of his 14 appearances.

    Salmon 1/3
    Coffey 6/20
    Saar 4/18
    Santos 4/15 (we’re 2-13 when he pitches)
    Count: 6/13

    Dibble in 1990: 68 games, allowed runs in 16.
    Myers 14/66

  11. maybe Coffey should stop running in from the bullpen like a goofball and focus more on his pitch selection

  12. It just doesn’t seem to me that Krivsky is aware that there is a huge problem with the bullpen. All the interviews I’m hearing, have him saying things about how he believes that the bullpen will come around or he’s got confidence in them.
    I’m praying that in the background, he’s secretly plotting their departures from major league baseball!

  13. Narron’s saying the same thing…reminds me of Kevin Bacon at the end of Animal House screaming “All is well! All is well!” as the riot goes on around him.

  14. Santos might go to the rotation for a start or two. I would not mind seeing him get a shot there before Homer is brought up on a full time basis. It might be for the best if that is the case. Worry time is almost in for me, but It is the NL central and we will all settle in soon.

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