Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Roy Oswalt is coming back to town tonight:

No pitcher in baseball has been as dominant against an opponent as Houston right-hander Roy Oswalt has been against Cincinnati.
Oswalt, who makes his second start this season against the Reds on Monday night at Great American Ball Park, is 18-1 lifetime against them.

Oswalt began his career by going 15-0 against the Reds, the most victories without a loss for any pitcher against a single opponent.

On Wednesday, Oswalt allowed just one earned run on four hits in eight innings in Houston’s 3-1 victory over Cincinnati at Minute Maid Park.

Right-hander Kyle Lohse will oppose Oswalt for the second time this week. Lohse is 1-3 with a 4.05 ERA in four career appearances versus the Astros.

Is anyone else frightened?

I feel sorry for Lohse, who is pitching well, but now has to go up against Oswalt again. Talk about bad luck.

Discuss the game here. Despite our 1-4 record against the Astronomicals this season, I’m optimistic about this series. The Astros aren’t a good team. The Reds should have a fighting chance.

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82 Responses

  1. Brad

    What a catch! And Freel had to go into the stands, unlike Jeter who catches it in the field then jumps into the crowd.

  2. Mike

    Phillips batting that so as not to pressure Hamilton?

  3. Justin

    Loshe getting out of a bit of trouble there.

  4. Brad

    Yeah – It’s hard to tell on tv, but Hamilton seems to take good routes to flyballs.

  5. Brad

    Sweet! Now can Lohse pitch a shutout?

  6. The Mad Hatter

    come on Kyle, complete game shutout, no pressure

  7. Brad

    How many back-to-back-jacks have the Reds had this season? THe only other one I remember also involved Gonzalez.

  8. RagTag

    With this bullpen, it had better be a complete game shutout.

  9. RagTag

    Lohse is looking pretty good. Not as sharp as I’ve seen him at times, but pretty good.

  10. Chris

    I see Mr. Selfish hit another solo HR.

  11. Chris

    Anyone counting the “scrap iron” references by Grande?

  12. Chris

    Dunn’s defense definitely dimproved.

  13. Brad

    Terrible. Mr. Selfish should have gotten on base so that Gonzalez could have had an extra RBI. He just made that catch because he wanted a rest in the dugout. Shameful

  14. Justin

    Loshe looks sharp tonite. a bit of confidence. That is a nice sign

  15. RagTag

    Lohse just got TAGGED by Berkman. Ouch.

  16. Chris

    Berkman frustrates the crap out of me. Unlike Bill Hall, Craig Biggio, or basically any member of the Cardinals, I don’t actively dislike him. But 36 HR against the Reds??

  17. Brad

    That was odd. Thanks Scott for a baserunning error.

  18. Justin

    At least Hamilton gunned someone down, again

  19. Randy

    Well, this blowup by Lohse came out of nowhere.

  20. RagTag

    I don’t mind Berkman either, for what it’s worth. Seems like a good guy. He just kills the Reds.

    Heck, same for Oswalt, as far as that goes. He’s always been a guy I’d love to have on the Reds, and not just because he kills us.

  21. DevilsAdvocate

    Lohse has yet to retire a batter this inning – 6 straight have reached. Only outs have been on the bases, and there’s a chance to get out of the inning with the pitcher up…

  22. RagTag

    Well, Dunn just gave me a heart attack, but he caught it for the third out!

  23. Chris

    Lohse loses concentration sometimes, and things fall apart quickly.

  24. DevilsAdvocate

    Twice through the order, Oswalt has thrown 57 pitches. Just 15 of those outside the strikezone.

  25. Bill

    Looks like those that said that GAB would help Gonzalez power numbers were right.

  26. RagTag

    Yeah, what’s up with Gonzalez? He’s never played like this in his life.

  27. Brad

    Amzing stat, devil. That shows just how nasty he is, otherwise you would think the Reds would be all over a right-hander with that ratio.

  28. DevilsAdvocate

    Except…Gonzalez had 6 homers coming into tonight’s game. 4 of those were hit on the road. Tonight’s homer at GABP makes it closer to 50/50, though.

  29. Brett

    Baseball Tonight should be all over this game; Dunn HR, Berknman HR, Freel’s fielding, Scott and Lee coming home together.

  30. Bill

    Homer’s pitching for Louisville tonight…6innings, 1 run, 3 hits, still in.

  31. Brad

    A quality start for Lohse, still would be a shame to lose after tagging Oswalt with 2.

  32. Chris

    He had shown flashes of power before (.443 SLG in Miami – a pitcher’s park – in 2003). I suspect that he’s SLGged .519 for a month before, at some point.

  33. Chris

    Indeed he has…

    In 2003, his monthly splits (they don’t look promising):

    APR: .337 .388 .642 1.030
    MAY: .310 .340 .563 .903
    JUN: .268 .324 .443 .767
    JUL: .220 .273 .293 .566
    AUG: .149 .211 .276 .487
    SEP: .238 .330 .413 .743

  34. Chris

    I’m not looking forward to that two-month stretch of sub-Castro production.

  35. DevilsAdvocate

    Yipe. That’s quite a slowdown for Gonzo in 2003.

  36. Brad

    I didn’t realize that, Christ, thanks.
    I would be very happy with .277/.308/.430 like his 1999 season.

  37. DevilsAdvocate

    Over the course of his career, Gonzalez doesn’t show quite that extreme in-season trend downward. Though he has been notably better before the All-Star break than afterward, and particularly down in August/September.

  38. DevilsAdvocate

    Oswalt only has 4 K’s. Lohse only has 1. And those are through 6 innings each.

  39. Chris

    True. I looked at 2003 first, since it was his best year. I was going to post his career splits, but it was a colossal mess, layout-wise.

    Two nice ABs from Hamilton and Dunn, though Oswalt won both encounters.

  40. Chris

    Those pitches to Dunn were sick.

    Oswalt looks like he’s from the 1940s – he should be wearing a fedora to and from the ballpark….which he reaches via streetcar.

  41. Chris

    While I’m handing out the praise: Chris Welsh is having his best year as an analyst. Chris has always been very prepared, but I think the different broadcast partners have spurred him to be more assertive.

  42. DevilsAdvocate

    That was pitch #100 for Lohse, with two out in the seventh. Despite the groove he’s in, get ready for the bullpen.

  43. Chris

    And Narron and I are both geniuses!!! 😛

  44. Brad

    Where are you getting pitch count info?

  45. DevilsAdvocate

    The MLB gameday has pitchcount data at the bottom of the in-progress boxscore. Gameday is so handy…I haven’t seen any of the extra data that it has room for, though (pitch speed, pitch type, etc.), since I guess the Reds haven’t played in a park equipped with the necessary sensors and all that yet.

  46. Brad

    Thanks, I don’t use it when I am watching a game, but I have never seen speeds either.

  47. DevilsAdvocate

    Dear lord – I hate when LOOGY’s issue a walk to the only batter they’re asked to face.

  48. Brad

    Lohse could have walked Berkman. Heck, the mayor (not Casey) could have walked him.

  49. DevilsAdvocate

    Todd Coffey on now…is this the good Coffey or the bad?

  50. RagTag

    Java Man can’t get the job done.

    Yet another bullpen meltdown.

    How long until Krivsky deals starters for middle relief? See ya, Edwin!

  51. DevilsAdvocate

    Todd Coffey gives it up. 👿

  52. Brad

    I imagine he would trade AAA starting pitchers before Edwin.

  53. RagTag

    You would think so…if you hadn’t seen what Krivsky did last year.

  54. RagTag

    That’s it for me tonight. I hope desperately that the Reds come back, but I just can’t watch it anymore. I’m turning the television off.

    It’s the same f’in story every single night, and I can’t deal with it any more.

  55. DevilsAdvocate

    One of these days the bullpen won’t turn a game into a complete catastrophe. It has to happen at some point, right? Right? 😥

    It’s a crying shame that Lohse is on the hook for the loss tonight, after completely lucking out in the fourth inning.

  56. ATX_reds_fan

    Coffey didn’t look confident when he came on and he looked positively shaken after that dinger.

  57. DevilsAdvocate

    Did I say that Gonzalez had 7 homers earlier? NOW he has seven homers. And with no outs here in the 9th still, he drives in the walkin’ Dunn to make it just a one-run deficit. Come on guys…

  58. Brad

    That was way to close to take. Is Bray about ready to join the team?

  59. DevilsAdvocate

    5-4 final. I’m going to turn the game off after seven innings tomorrow, I don’t care what the score is. The eighth inning is too painful.

  60. The Mad Hatter

    This team is absolutly crushing my hopes. Please do something with the bullpen. Bring up guys from AA, AAA, hell I’m willing to take a chance on a guy in A ball right now. He can’t do any worse than this nightmare. It’s heartwrenching to lose like this nearly everynight.

  61. Mike

    At this rate Salmon will never see a pressure situation, he can’t be kept for mopup forever. Bring in the heat!