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  1. Brandon

    1. Harang needs to pitch brilliantly tonight
    2. Griffey and Ross need to keep it going
    3. I can’t wait to see if the bullpen can handle like..2 innings of work

  2. The Mad Hatter

    Watching the Yankees-Mariners game Wang is perfect through 6.2 and McCarver and Buck and trying everything they know to curse it. Every other word out of their mouth is perfect this or perfect that. They keep talking about the last time this happened or that happened in relation to perfect games. I just think it’s kind of funny

  3. Jimmy James

    Very funny, Chad.

    But you’re right…if Harang doesn’t pitch a complete game, the pen will probably blow it.

  4. Randy

    Our old buddy Ben Broussard broke up the perfect game with a homer in the 8th.

  5. Jimmy James


    Freel – 3b
    Hatteberg 1b
    Griffey rf
    Phillips 2b
    Dunn f
    Gonzo ss
    Hamilton cf
    Ross c
    Harang p

  6. Jimmy James


    Taveras CF
    Tulowitzki SS
    Holliday LF
    Helton 1b
    Atkins 3b
    Hawpe RF
    Iannetta C
    Carroll 2b
    Cook p

  7. RagTag

    Anyone know why tomorrow’s game is starting at 3:15? That’s a strange start time.

  8. Jimmy James

    Looks like the start is going to be delayed because of rain. We’re in for another late night, it appears.

  9. Matt B.

    It’s because of the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati.

  10. Chris

    I thought the “rule” is that announcers can talk about perfect games and no-hitters all they want. They’re immune from jinx rules.

  11. Brett

    In the Felix Hernandez vs. Dice-K game earlier this year, Felix carried a no-hitter into the eigth and it was not talked about/jinxed by the annnouncers

  12. RagTag

    Well, the game has started and Junior has already mis-played one out there. To be fair, it was a weird hop on wet grass, but still…

  13. RagTag

    Harang is throwing heat, but he doesn’t seem very sharp to me.

  14. Jimmy James

    Ummm…I think we may have gotten a break there. I think that ball hit the ground before Hamilton caught it. I’ll take it, though!

  15. Chad

    I agree with JJ…I thought Hamilton caught it on the bounce. But it was close enough that I can’t be sure, so the Rockies probably can’t complain much.

  16. Matt B.

    My subscription ran out, and I still have a week before I get home from Gonzaga. I guess I’ll have to use ESPN Gamecast. ๐Ÿ™

  17. RagTag

    Ryan Freel in the lineup and back at the top of the order. And still hacking away.

  18. Jimmy James

    You aren’t missing much, Matt B.

    And just as I type that, Hatty gets a hit up the middle.

  19. Chad

    I’d like to see Junior make up for the miscue by continuing his hot hitting. Some early runs tonight would be nice.

  20. RagTag

    Aaron Cook’s a local kid. I wouldn’t mind having him on the Reds.

  21. Chad

    There is a good chance that Dunn will come up with runners on. A chance for him to reverse the curse.

  22. RagTag

    Why hasn’t Brook Jacoby gotten BP to make that swing a little more compact? It’s so long and loopy, it’s a wonder he ever catches up with a pitch.

  23. Chad

    Phillips walks??? Loaded ’em up for Dunn.

    I expect a K or a double play, just so Marty will have something to complain about.

  24. Jimmy James

    Come on, Dunn…hit one a mile!!!

  25. Jimmy James

    I thought that was a grand slam!!! But foul….

  26. RagTag

    Has everyone disappeared? We’re winning (for now).

  27. RagTag

    Well, the lead was just cut in half…with Helton coming up and a run on third.

  28. Michael

    “for now”, indeed…was nice when it lasted

  29. RagTag

    Maybe Dunn can get sometbhing going here.

  30. Chris

    re: 26; I don’t think hitting coaches would make a big change like that to a guy’s swing, especially not mid-season. As I understand it, their role is more on the mental/confidence side, and making small mechanical adjustments to get guys back to their normal swing.

    BP definitely has a long swing, and it hurts him, but it’s gotten him this far, and Jacoby (and probably BP) are likely (and understandably) reluctant to have a major overhaul.

  31. Jimmy James

    We’re in big, big trouble now.

  32. RagTag

    Goodness, for all the talk from Krivsky and Narron about defense, this team looks like a bunch of little leaguers in the field sometimes.

  33. RagTag

    That Josh Hamilton may be pretty good one of these days.

  34. GregD

    Re: Lonnie Wheeler’s closing argument, the prosecution will just show the bullpen performances the past week. (past month?)

  35. Jimmy James

    Edwin goes deep! That’s good to see.

  36. Jimmy James

    If Dunn, Junior, and EE are all getting hot at the same time, this team would be good….except the bullpen still gives up three to seven runs every night.

  37. RagTag

    This stupid f’in bullpen is going to be the death of me.

  38. GregD

    Santos: how a good spring training can mess up a team’s April/May

  39. Jimmy James

    9-5 now.

    I’m sick to my stomach. I don’t know why I force myself to watch this every night.

  40. hammer1

    I asked this a while ago. Can Josh Hamilton pitch?

  41. Michael

    Santos had meltdown written all over him. He has never been any good.

  42. hammer1

    This Salmon guy doesn’t look like a fish. Yeah I know, lame. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. RagTag

    Not as lame as this excuse for a bullpen.

  44. hammer1

    Salmon doesn’t get hooked again that inning. …. painfully lame, I know, but I’ve had a few beers, so please excuse . ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. hammer1

    If anyone can hit a grand slam with no one on, I have to believe it’s Hamilton.

  46. RagTag

    I don’t know if Hamilton can still pitch, but he sure can hit.

  47. RagTag

    How great would it be for the Reds to get a grand slam here to tie the game up…only to see the bullpen blow it in the 9th?

    I think I’d take a hostage if that were to happen.

  48. hammer1

    If the Reds score two in the 9th, I hope they add the third while their at it.

  49. hammer1

    their = they’re (told ya I had a few beers)

  50. RagTag

    Phillips leads off the 9th iwth a single.

    C’mon Dunner!

  51. Jimmy James

    Dunn can tie the game with one swing of the bat here.

    And with this bullpen, we might need a few beers like hammer.

  52. RagTag

    Struck out on three pithces. I’m sick of stuff like that.

  53. RagTag

    At least The Natural is on deck, if we can avoid a double play here.

  54. hammer1

    The Mighty Josh has made out (although he hit it hard).