Ottawa 3, Louisville 2 11 innings

26 year-old Aaron Herr (Braves #1 – 2000) went 2 for 4 with a HR and 2 RBI. He is hitting .284/.316/.523

24 year-old Bobby Livingston (Mariners #4 – 2001) pitched 7.2 innings giving up 8 H, 0 BB, and 2 ER while striking out 4. He has a 2.35 ERA with 44 H, 3 BB and 25 Ks. He has gone 26 IP without a Walk.

Huntsville 4, Chattanooga 2

22 year-old James Avery (Reds #5 – 2005) pitched 5 innings giving up 6 H, a BB and an ER. Avery has a 3.24 ERA with 31 H, 7 BB, 23 Ks in 33.1 IP.

Sarasota 4, Clearwater 3

23 year-old second baseman Michael DeJesus 2 for 4 with with a HR and 2 RBI. DeJesus is hitting just .205/.340/.321.

21 year-old Johnny Cueto, a star last year at Dayton, finally had a start reminiscent of last year. Cueto went 6 IP giving up 5 H, 2 BB, and 0 ER. The 5’10” 198 Dominican struck out 8. He has a 3.38 ERA with 33 H, 16 BB and 25 Ks in 32 IP.

Dayton 5, Wisconsin 2

21 year-old second baseman Chris Valaika (Reds #3 – 2006) went 2 for 5 with 2 RBI. He is hitting .382/.430/.528

19 year-old third baseman Juan Francisco went 2 for 4 with an RBI and a BB. He is hitting .296/.330/.551

21 year-old Daryl Thompson (Expos #8 – 2003) threw 5 innings giving up 5 H, a BB, and 2 ER. His ERA TRIPLED to 0.96. Thompson, who came over in the Kearns-Lopez deal, has 24 Ks, 16 H, 2 BB in 28 IP.


  1. Bill says:

    Jay Bruce and Adam Rosales keep on hittin’ at Sarasota…Bruce went 2-4 with a double (.339/.381/.615) and Rosales 2-3 with a double and walk (.312/.426/.538).

  2. GregD says:

    Jared Burton was ROCKED in the Chattanooga game – 1.1 innings, 7 hits and 4 ER.

  3. doug says:

    If Jay Bruce were to be promoted today, he would have posted both the highest batting average and the highest slugging percentage by a guy 20 or younger over the last 5 seasons (I only went back to 2002, so it could go back much further than that) in the FSL.

  4. doug says:

    Forgot to add that it is all with at least 100 at bats in the league.

  5. Bill says:

    I’m becoming less and less inclined to believe that Jay will still be there when we get to see the Reds in mid-June.

  6. GregD says:

    Baseball America says Travis Wood is on the DL (placed the week of 4/21-4/30.) Anyone know what for? If it’s already been posted here, I forget or missed it.

    Also, someone complained about Drew Stubbs vs Tim Lincecum yesterday. Today, BA is saying that he will be recalled on Sunday to pitch for the Giants on ESPN’s game of the week.

  7. doug says:

    Travis Wood is on the DL becuase he was having muscle issues in his arm. He is rehabbing right now and has pitched since then and felt fine afterwards.

    I also wish people would get over the fact that we drafted Stubbs and embrace him rather than say ‘what if’ and dog him every chance they get.

  8. Bill says:

    Doug, I don’t know if I’m ready to “embrace” Stubbs. He was a disappointment last year and right now his OPS is around 700, nothing to right home about in a league that, at his age, he should probably be putting up bigger numbers. I think the jury is still out on this #1 draft pick.

  9. GregD says:

    I’m neither dogging Stubbs or praising Lincecum. As we found out with Wagner, fastest to the majors doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

  10. Chris says:

    Should we be excited about Thompson or not? His career path looks very strange (and admittedly, I don’t know his injury history, which might explain it):

    2003 – drafted @ age 17 – rookie ball
    2004 – Sally League (presumably low-A)
    2005 – Sally again (apparent injury)
    2006 – Demoted to NYPenn (short season A); traded to Gulf Coast League (same).
    2007 – Dayton/MWL (low A)

    I see a guy who’s still young for his level, but at the same time, is in his 4th try at the same level.

  11. doug says:

    I am excited about Thompson. Injuries have him still at the level, not performance. He is throwing his FB in the 89-93 range, and sitting mostly at 91-92 with it. He throws a change up and a fastball that are both good pitches that he can locate where he wants and he changes speeds with them good. The biggest key to him is just staying healthy.

    Bill, he is in a slump right now, and what an early slump will to do your numbers is ugly. I would like to see what he is doing in July before I think of worrying about him…. of course all of this and he may require surgery after the season to fix his turf toe problem.

  12. Chris says:

    I just don’t understand what we’re supposed to like about Stubbs (offensively, of course). He’s making a little bit better contact , but as Bill notes, he’s still not hitting a ton. Even his numbers at UT don’t jump out at you. I’ve never heard anyone get specific about what his real upside is at the plate. %He’s not showing any power, or really, any speed. Are we looking at a guy who projects to .265/.320/.360, with 12 HR and 20 SB? I don’t know if that gets it done, no matter how well he can field. The days of Gary Pettis (or even Eddie Milner) are gone.

  13. Bill says:

    Just another note, Thompson had thrown 18 scoreless innings when he gave up runs last night.

    Doug, he was in a slump last year also then…he started the season hot, but has been HORRIBLE the last 2 weeks or so and was bad last year. I hope his numbers are up in July. He is impressive to watch in CF though, he seems to get to everything effortlessly.

  14. doug says:

    2-3 with a double and a walk tonight….

  15. brublejr says:

    I am excited to see so many pitching pospects looking so good so far (Dumrait, Bailey, Livingston, Thompson, etc..), however, it is alarming that the postion players do not raise much excitment (exception Jay Bruce). For a team that is struggling on offense such as the Reds, there is not many options for quality hitters to move up. Any body else agree?

  16. Bill says:

    There’s Votto at AAA and Bruce. There are some at Dayton that are exciting, and maybe Dorn at Sarasota (he jumped a level this year)…

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