Another chance tonight for our Redlegs to pick off a series on the road against a division rival. If Cincinnati can win tonight, frankly, I will feel a lot better about this club.

Feel free to discuss it here. I’m finally home after quite a bit of time on the road over the last two weeks, so I’m looking forward to sitting in my home and enjoying a Reds victory.

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  1. Matt Stiers

    How is no one talking about the fact Narron didnt bunt?! 1st and 2nd with nobody out and down two with your best bunter up and your hottest hitter on deck! A mentally challenged pelican could have made that decision. Phillips flys out which leaves freel on first and JR hits into the double play. I have never seen a situation handled so badly by any coach on any level. And this is supposed to be our manager? A major league manager? I dont want to take away the fact that the bullpen is to blame for the loss but Jesus atleast give us a chance Jerry!

  2. Glenn

    I don’t mean to sound like a reactionary, who just pops off everytime things don’t go his way, but I’m sick and tired of watching wins being turned into losses by high paid relief pitchers. I’m like you brublejr, if I’m going to pay someone to screw things up, I’d just as soon pay someone from AAA much less to do it. The Reds have been chasing this bullpen crisis now for a few years and seem to not be even close to solving it.

  3. GregD

    Cormier, Saarloos, Stanton and Weathers costs the team $8.2 million this year + 2 AAA pitchers (Germano and Shafer) + $5.5 million next year (for Stanton and Weathers.) Of course, I don’t need to stir up what it cost to get two guys who have spent more time on the DL and AAA than on the ML roster.

    There’s your “new and improved” bullpen overhaul: Cormier, Saarloos, Stanton, Weathers (re-signed), Bray, & Majewski. Let’s not forget a Rule V pick and AAAA pitcher Victor Santos. I know he had a great spring training, but it’s not ST anymore.

    I’m ready to see what Coutlangus and Salmon can do with leads in the 7th/8th inning.

  4. Glenn

    I’m thinking the same way Greg. Whatever happened to smarter and cheaper? Let’s give these new guys a chance. The worst they can do is blow leads in the late innings. The high priced veterans are doing that now. What have they got to lose?