DOTF – Bailey, Votto, Rosales, Fisher, Watson, Francisco, Valaika


Louisville 4, Ottawa 2

20 year-old (he turns 21 on Thursday) Homer Bailey (Reds #1 – 2004) pitched 6 innings, giving up 4 BB, 4 H, and 2 ER while striking out 5.  His ERA is a fantastic 1.98 in 27.1 IP, with 13 BB, 16 H, and 18 Ks.

23 year-old, first baseman, Joey Votto (Reds #2 – 2001) went 2 for 3 with a HR, BB, and 2 RBI.  He is hitting .210/.363/.395

Chattanooga DNP

Sarasota 5, Lakeland 3

23 year-old Adam Rosales (Reds #12 – 2005) went 2 for 3 with a R and an RBI.  Rosales still playing first base also added his 6 SB in as many attempts.

24 year-old Carlos Fisher (Reds #11 – 2005) pitched 6 solid innings giving up 4 H, 2 BB, and 2 ER.  Fisher from THE Lewis & Clark State College struck out 9.  He has 33 Ks, 7 BB, and 28 H in 35 IP.  He needs to be in Chattanooga.

Dayton 10, Wisconsin 4

21 year-old Sean Watson (Reds #2 – 2006)  notched his 5th good game in as many attempts going 6 innings giving up 4 H, 0 BB, and 0 ER, while striking out 10.  He has  2.08 ERA with 25 H, 3 BB, and 33 Ks in 26 IP.  Time for a promotion.

19 year-old Juan Francisco went 1 for 4 with 4 RBI, a BB, and his 5th HR of the year, he is hitting .292.323/.529.

21 year-old Chris Valaika (Reds #3 – 2006) 2 for 5 with an RBI and a R.  He is hitting .390/.422/.549

I pound on Wayne Krivsky quite a bit for his Major League moves, but you have to be thrilled with his first draft.  I am not in love with Stubbs, but Watson #2, and Valaika #3 appear to be major leaguers in the making.  That draft also got us Jordon Smith, Justin Turner, Travis Webb, Logan Parker, Derrik Lutz,  all of which have shown flashes.  Good job Wayne and staff.



  1. Bill says:

    And OB’s ’05 draft and signings look pretty good too.

  2. al says:

    looked at the final PECOTA rankings for prospects the other day, and they had Bailey way down, somewhere like 40th. They noted that one drawback of the system was that it didn’t account for raw velocity, which was usually a predictor of some success.

    however, they also noted that PECOTA was looking pretty smart right now with Bailey’s bb/k/ip. 13/18/27 doesn’t really thrill me. but he seems to be supressing hits really well, so who knows.

  3. Bill says:

    He’s also 21 and pitching in AAA. I’d bet he’s one of the 3-4 youngest players in AAA.

  4. Bill says:

    Stubbs is 1 for his last 24 and has 14 k’s …yikes.

  5. GregD says:

    Bill – I was thinking the same thing about OB’s draft. If Homer successfully transitions to the big leagues, I think you could call his 2004 draft a success, if for no other reason than he would be the Reds first 1st round pick in how long to be a successful major league contributor?

    His ’05 draft produced Bruce and Wood in the 1st two rounds, many other recognizeable names to us daily DOTF readers, and 5 players who have already been traded for AAA-ML players (Ward, Stevens, Roberts, Haltiwanger, and Woody for Lohse, Phillips, Castro, Keppinger, and Gil.)

  6. Bill says:

    I’m not as ready to call ’04 a huge success. Homer is one thing, but sooner or later they had to find a #1 that would play well. I think Tatum’s the best catching prospect in the system, Gonzalez is pitching well this year at Dayton and Janish might be a utility player at some point. But all these guys are behind schedule due to injuries or immaturity.

  7. Chris says:

    Homer needs to cut down on the walks.

  8. Chris says:

    Sean Watson, on the other hand, is pitching exceptionally well. Kudos to the Reds for converting him from a college closer. I thought the pick was bad, but the conversion, and his performance, are proving me wrong (again).

  9. GregD says:

    I wouldn’t qualify it as a huge success either.

  10. al says:

    i agree about homer’s age bill, and i certainly don’t think that there’s really anything to worry about. i mean, peripherals are important, but you won’t catch me complaining about a starter with a sub 2 ERA very frequently.

    i was mostly just noting the prospectus article here since it’s the first thing i’ve read about bailey that wasn’t saying he was one of the top 2 pitching prospects right now.

    they have bruce (24) and votto (28) ahead of bailey (35), with valaika (66) and dorn (76) the other reds farm hands making the top 100. i’d never even heard of dorn before.

  11. al says:

    for the record, dorn has a .605 OPS at sarasota right now, but he did jump from billings, so he might need some adjustment time. he is leading the team in RBI somehow with 16.

    checking the A+ stat sheet, jay bruce already has 4 triples but is 2/5 in stolen base attempts. weird.

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