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Game Thread: Reds at Pirates — 2007.04.29

Don’t we all feel just a little bit better about the team today?

Aaron Harang vs. Pat Maholm today, so hopefully the Reds have a good chance to take two out of three in Pittsburgh. Yeah, it’s just the Pirates, but anytime you can win a series on the road, it’s a good thing.

After today, it’s a day off before the Redlegs head off to Houston for another Central Division tilt. Let’s get a win today to savor until Tuesday.

UPDATE: Some sad news about a former Red today.

49 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Pirates — 2007.04.29

  1. Please let it not be alcohol related. It is tragic enough as it is already.

    Life is so fragile. It can be taken from any of us and any time. May God be with the Hancock family and friends as well as the good fans of the St. Louis Cardinals, Boston, Philadelphia, and Cincinnati.

  2. Agree, Jim. Such a sad turn of events. Hancock had established himself as a big leaguer after the Reds dumped him so unceremoniously, and I was rooting for him to succeed.

    That’s two tragedies for the Cardinals in a few years. Sad.

  3. Just tuning in… very sad news about Hancock. I thought he got a raw deal from the Reds, and he was probably the only Cardinal I rooted for.

  4. What is going on w/ Harang? Six hits already, and he’s bouncing balls around…

  5. Dunn being selfish and taking a walk to load the bases. …for the suddenly red-hot EE.

  6. I’m on the road (well, I’m stopped for gas now), and I’m listening to the Pirates broadcast on XM. They are talking about OPS, specifically Dunn’s.

    They aren’t a bad crew, though Steve Blass isn’t great.

  7. Pirates guys said EE hit that one to the only place in the park where it wouldn’t have been a grand slam.

  8. Hopefully warmer weather and an improved Reds’ offense are directly proportional. So far, so good.

  9. Hahah.

    Dunn drills a bomb on a 3-0 count, approximately 2 seconds after Brantley says you don’t give him the green light there. Comical.

  10. At what point are we comfortable that this bullpen won’t blow it? Right now, it’s a 4-run lead. I know I don’t feel safe yet.

  11. Here’s another perspective on “The Trade”. Arguably, the Reds wouldn’t have acquired Josh Hamilton and definitely not Alex Gonzalez if Lopez and Kearns were still on the team. So far this season both Hamilton’s and Gonzalez’s offensive output is far superior to both Kearns and Lopez. Check out the comparison below:

    Felipe Lopez: 100 AB, 280 AVG, 634 OPS, 0 HR, 3 RBI – 4 errors


    Alex Gonzalez: 74 AB, 324 AVG, 849 OPS, 2 HR, 9 RBI – 3 errors

    Austin Kearns: 93 AB, 269 AVG, 787 OPS, 2 HR, 6 RBI


    Josh Hamilton: 59 AB, 274 AVG, 1004 OPS, 6 HR, 13 RBI

  12. well, you can update Gonzo’s number. 3HR of the year. He’s had a heckuva road trip

  13. Agreed, Michael, though the only chance of the trade coming out a plus is Bray.

    Great to see multi-hit games from Brandon, Eddie, and Alex (perhaps we can start calling him A-Gonz).

  14. Mentioning the road trip, I hope this team can figure out that playing at home is supposed to be an advantage when they return to Cincy.

  15. Yep – AG now has 3 HR and 10 RBI. Not saying he’ll keep up at this pace but I’ll take his D over Felipe Lopez’s any day.

    Sometimes trades that look horrific work out for the best in the big picture based on the subsequent moves they produce. Remember the Reds seemingly gave up nothing for Hamilton and Gonzalez (AG was a free agent and they gave a low level prospect I believe for Hamilton).

  16. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the prospect they gave up developed a substance abuse problem?

  17. LOL. The Devil Rays front office might develop a substance abuse problem caused by their anguish from giving up Hamilton for nothing.

  18. Ross still has a ways to go before even approaching the Mendoza line but at least he is staying out of the triple plays lately!


  19. They’d have taken the same flier on Hamilton whether Kearns was or was not on this roster – that’s a really attenuated way to make excuses for an abysmal trade. Hamilton, once he panned out, replaced Denorfia in this organization.

    And as I’ve said 450 times, the problem isn’t losing those guys, or whether they got someone decent (after 1 month) to replace them. The problem was what they got in return. If Krivsky was so smart that he knew he could obtain Gonzalez and Hamilton to produce more than Lopez and Kearns, he should’ve just cut those guys at the time (or traded them to Boston for Gonzalez and shipped Wagner to Tampa for Hamilton).

    I’m perfectly willing to (mostly) stop bashing that trade, so long as people stop trying to defend it.

  20. Krivsky was trying to win the pennant last year and the bullpen needed the most help. Obviously it didn’t work out. In my opinion they traded nothing for maybe something (Bray). I don’t miss Kearns and I definitely don’t miss Lopez. He couldn’t get the ball out of his glove last night with two outs in the ninth and it ended up costing the Nats a win last night.

  21. Chris, pointing out positive externalities of the trade isn’t necessarily defending it. Perhaps that is how it came across but it wasn’t the intent.

    Your claim that they’d have taken a flier on Hamilton regardless is conjecture at best. You have no way of knowing that.

  22. Regarding Lopez, his defense was a huge liability. He was Jose Offerman reincarnate (without as much offense). In my opinion, losing him was addition by subtraction.

  23. I still think The Trade was a bad deal of desperation, but in a win-now world, I can understand why Krivsky made it, though I did and still do disagree with it. I believe we could have gotten more for them and trading two MLB starters for middle relief will rarely be a good deal.

    Is there any bullpen activity?

  24. “Is there any bullpen activity?”

    New philosophy – we’re going to send the relievers in cold. Maybe they are leaving their best stuff in the pen.


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