Someone named Larry Dobrow writes for CBS Sportsline. Prior to the season, Dobrow evidently made some predictions, one of which was this: “Jerry Narron will instill the sense of discipline the Reds have lacked since the Piniella era.”

He’s now going back and taking a look at some of his predictions and admitting that he was off on some of them:

Total nonstarter, that. Brandon Phillips turns a potential inside-the-park homer into a triple by failing to run hard from the get-go and gets a nice pat on the head from his skipper. Edwin Encarnacion doesn’t bother to run out a ground ball and gets yanked from the game. Ken Griffey Jr. lollygags to first base after skying a pop-up to center and makes his usual trot out to the outfield the next inning. Selective discipline, in baseball as in parenting, can only breed massive discontent.

Probably a little unfair to Narron, but it’s something that many in our game threads have complained about, certainly.

3 Responses

  1. Matt B.

    Wasn’t it a foul popup that Encarnacion didn’t even run? Nonetheless, Narron seems like a hypocrite in my eyes. I don’t understand why Griffey is still getting preferential treatment. With his brilliant career aside, he has done nothing lately that merits his superstar treatment.

  2. RedsFanInMd

    I agree with the writer. It’s easy to pick on EE because he’s a kid, but if you are going to do that you need to do it with everybody including Griffey and Dunn(lazy play last night in the 5th that allowed Wilson to get a double).