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Game Thread: Reds at Pirates — 2007.04.28

Can Matt Belisle stem the bleeding tonight? I hope so. His ERA has risen to 4.43 since his outstanding start, so Belisle is due for another good outing, I would guess.

For the Pirates, Tom Gorzelanny will take the hill. He’s 3-0 with a 2.05 ERA, so maybe he’s due for a bad outing.

Yes, it’s all wishful thinking and speculation. I’ll take what I can get. But hey, it’s a day for celebration: Frenchy is gone!

Discuss tonight’s game, and everything else surrounding the Reds, here.

115 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Pirates — 2007.04.28

  1. 91 pitch complete game, Belisle’s ERA is 3.45. Didn’t strike anyone out after the fourth inning.

  2. Man, I needed a win like that. Yeah, it was just the Pirates, but still…

    Now a win tomorrow means a series win for the good guys.

  3. Just the Pirates, but a Pirates team that has had terrific starting pitching – which the Reds beat up on tonight – and a team that still has a record better than Cincinnati’s, good enough for 2nd place.

  4. *I want to go back to the Belisle bunt. I was watching on TV and the umpire clearly called Belisle out because the ball hit his foot and not because Paulino tagged him. My question is why wasn’t the ball then declared dead? Once it hit his foot the ball is dead and Dunn should not have been able to score and the runner should have had to go back to 1st. I taped the game and watched it again and the umpire immediately called him out because it hit his foot. The Pirate broadcasters were saying the same thing.

  5. Are you sure, RedsFan? I need to check the replay on Tivo.

    The Pirate radio guys were all confused, but said Paulino tagged Belisle. They stayed w/ that story all night – the one guy actually said he could placed all the blame for the loss on Paulino. The color man was like, “uh, no share of the blame for Jack Wilson? He could’ve just tagged the runner to complete the double play, right?”

    ESPN has it as a successful sac bunt (2U).

  6. To follow up on the Conine thread: I really ripped that signing, and have been completely wrong through 1/8 of the season. The power numbers, obviously, are what are surprising. If he slugs SLG .581 all season, I’ll buy Wayne Krivsky a dozen cheese coneys.

  7. Just re-watched the play. There doesn’t appear to be any doubt that Paulino tagged him. Grande just made up that stuff about the ball hitting Belisle (“it hit his toe”) outside the box. I saw nothing like that on the video myself. More importantly, you’re absolutely right about the rule: Rule 7.08(f) says that when a runner is hit by a fair ball, he’s out and the ball is dead (“The ball is dead and no runner may score, nor runners advance, except runners forced to advance.”).

    The ump must’ve called Belisle out by tag. If he’d called him out by contact, Dunn and Ross would have been sent back to their original bases.

  8. The ump definitely called Belisle out by tag. On the Reds television broadcast, they kept showing a replay where the ump pointed and mouthed “he tagged him” (or something to that effect) a couple of times.

    George Grande seemed confused, and just made up a story, but the slo mo replay showed what the ump called; it was very clear.

  9. I went back and watched it and you guys are right. The ump immediately pointed down and I (and the Pirate TV announcers) thought he meant the ball hit his foot (it didn’t), but I think he was saying fair ball and then he was tagged. At least I can admit when I’m wrong 😀

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