From the Enquirer:

The Reds traded the outfielder to the Oakland A’s for two players to be named and cash Friday.


The deal basically was agreed to in spring training, but then Denorfia injured his elbow making a throw March 23.


The emergence of Josh Hamilton, coupled with prospects like Jay Bruce and Drew Stubbs, made Denorfia expendable.

“We hate to give up Deno,” Krivsky said. “He’s a tremendous individual. He plays the game the right way. He has tremendous makeup. He’s a real credit to the organization.”

One player the Reds receive from the A’s might be announced in a day or two. The other will be announced in a few months.

Krivsky said Jared Burton, the Reds’ Rule 5 pick from Oakland, is not involved in the deal.

The deal makes sense and most of us  (the editors) believe Denorfia was never going to be any more than a 4th outfielder / part time player. Let’s hope that Krivsky gets someone that can help the team in the future.

I am kind of surprised that Burton isn’t part of this deal…seems logical to me.

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  1. RedsFanInMd

    A rumor on ESPN.Com is that Brad Halsey could be one of the players coming to Cincinnati.

  2. DevilsAdvocate

    Apparently, with his current status as a rule 5 pick Burton would have to pass through waivers before he could be traded.

  3. Mr. Redlegs

    Wow, I’m surprised there isn’t about 50 messages of indignation about this move. Some you guys love Deno more than his momma.

  4. Bill

    DA, you sure about this? I thought Rule 5 picks were traded all the time, so the team wouldn’t have to send them back and could send them to the minors?

  5. DevilsAdvocate

    I am not sure about the waivers thing – I saw that angle reported by John Fay, I believe. I’ll check.

  6. DevilsAdvocate

    It was actually Rosecrans, who spoke with Krivsky and reported the following:

    Talked to Wayne — who is in Chattanooga — and he said one of the players to be named could be named tonight and then the other will come later this season. Neither involved is Burton, he said. To make a deal for Burton, he would first have to clear wavers [sic] and then a trade could be made.

  7. Chad

    Not sure about the Rule 5 thing.

    As for Denorfia being traded, I’m disappointed with the way things worked out for him. I think he could have been a good option as a Brady Clark-type guy with on-base skills and good defense. Those guys have some value.

    And although I think Wayne Krivsky should NEVER deal with Billy Beane, because it just isn’t fair, I can’t really get too worked up about this trade. I don’t understand the thinking behind it, but I just can’t get worked up. He should have been the Opening Day starter in CF, but he got injured and it was always clear that the Reds didn’t perceive that he had much value to them.

    He wasn’t going to get a chance here. I hope he gets a chance elsewhere. I could really see him having a nice 3-5 year run as a starter somewhere, then a good run as a 4th OF/pinch hitter.

    Good luck to the kid.

  8. Bill

    As usual, MRL makes huge general statements w/o a shed of proof…the only person on this blog that I know of that thinks a lot of Denorfia is Chad..and he’s explained many times that he’s the only one of the editors that feels that way and I don’t remember many posters being HUGE Denorfia fans…

    Don’t you ever get tired of being irrelevant and just stirring the pot?

  9. Chad

    By the way, notice how Beane is acquiring Denorfia at the point his value is lowest, and when he should be entering the most productive 3-5 years of his career. Smart.

    If he doesn’t work out, they’ve given up very little, but his minor league numbers indicate that he could be a slightly above-average CF in the majors, if healthy. It’s a good risk. If he does work out, they get a cheap player for the best years of his career.

    (Sure, those years likely won’t be all-star level years, but how many starters does any team have that are all-stars? Gotta have above-average players in addition to the stars.)

  10. Chad

    You’re beating your head against a wall, Bill.

    True, the editors have discussed it among ourselves, because we disagreed on Denorfia (we disagree about a ton of things). And I never thought he was going to be a star, I just thought he was a good option for CF (better than Freel, letting him be a super-sub).

    Of course, that was before Hamilton’s emergence, too.

  11. GregD

    The Red’s losing doesn’t bode well for this blog’s chemistry.

  12. Chad

    Well, we all agree that we hate the losing. 🙂

  13. DevilsAdvocate

    Hate to see anyone disappointed, so…

    I am INDIGNANT about the Denorfia trade! My goodness, a 27-year-old outfielder with no sustained track record of major-league success, who was on the bubble for even making the 2007 roster, who is out for a year and may not have a throwing arm when he returns from injury, who will be 28 by the time he gets a chance to play regularly again, who hadn’t hit for any power in the majors even in GABP . . . and he’s traded for cash and two minor-leaguers from Oakland’s deep farm system? I am outraged!

    …Count me in among the Chris Denorfia proponents. Heck, I wanted to see him given the starting CF job during spring training. He’s a strangely (to me) underrated patient hitter with good speed who hits for good average and had decent power numbers in AAA, and seems likely to have developed that facet of his game in the majors if he’d had the opportunity with the Reds. But the injury he sustained pretty much killed his chances with Cincinnati. It’s clear that with the emergence of Hamilton (assuming it sticks – his baseball intelligence is rusty), the presence of two fixtures like Dunn and Griffey, and some good-looking top prospect outfielders rising in the minors, there wasn’t much room for Denorfia. It’s a shame.

    And of course, we still know virtually nothing about the trade, and despite Beane’s mixed track record on trades (after all, the Reds got A’s prospect Aaron Harang for a half-season rental of malcontent Jose Guillen), I’d still like to know exactly who these two PTBNL are. I’m wary of a trade that seems to have been made at the absolute nadir of value for the commodity being sent away.

  14. Chris

    JinAZ just did a neat study that, among other things, showed that Denorfia was extremely lucky last year (.283 .356 .368 in 106 ABs). His .345 BABIP really pumped up those numbers.

  15. RedsFanInMd

    Chad-You can’t be serious. Denorfia should have been the Opening Day centefielder? For Louisville maybe.

  16. RedsFanInMd

    This trade was a steal for the Reds.

  17. DevilsAdvocate

    I saw that J-in-AZ study and came away from it with the idea that Denorfia was the only Reds hitter of any import who overachieved in 2006, but certainly not to any extreme. The key idea/finding that has driven so much analysis over the past ten years is that pitchers have basically no influence on BABIP, but that hitters do, which J mentioned. Denorfia’s actual OPS was only 32 points higher than his PrOPS. By contrast, Ryan Freel had a .331 BABIP and his PrOPS was just about dead-on with his actual. Hatteberg had a PrOPS of 45 points higher than actual, and freakish Adam Dunn’s PrOPS was 145 points above actual.

    Adam Dunn makes sabermetrics look bad.

  18. JinAZ

    I’m among those disappointed by the trade, though I’ll wait to see who else comes along in the deal before getting indignant. While he may have overachieved a bit last season, Denorfia is a good, patient hitter who has a chance to be an acceptable CF…though his bat is probably not a good enough for a starting LF or RF job. Trading him for (so far) a borderline relief pitching prospect seems like a poor return to me.

    As far as Dunn goes…his PrOPS was much higher than his OPS last season, but the same doesn’t hold true in other seasons. I honestly think that he was really unlucky last year. -j