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Game Thread: Reds at Pirates — 2007.04.27

Eric Milton vs. Ian Snell in the opener of a three-game weekend set in Pittsburgh. I’m sure the stands will be packed.

I’ll be watching, and I hope we can enjoy a good series here. This seems like a good opportunity for the Reds to get on track…if Milton will allow it.

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80 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Pirates — 2007.04.27

  1. The Reds are just not hitting well. Difficulty getting runners on base, and when they do get them they’re finding all sorts of new and interesting ways to avoid scoring.

    This time it was Hamilton getting doubled off first on a lineout to the third baseman. The third baseman! He’s 125 feet away!

  2. Yeah, I’,m sick of Dunn not hitting at all, too. I can’t believe it. What’s happened to him?

  3. Another K. Yep, I’m sick of Dunn’s act.

    He’s my favorite player, but I can ABSOLUTELY understand why Marty hammers him.

  4. Hey, Griffey! Let’s see one of his specialties, a big hit in his first at-bat after sitting out injured.

  5. I could see Marty’s criticism of Dunn, if it (1) had just started this week, and (2) was for the right reasons. But I’ve been listening to that dude bitch about sac flies for three seasons now – he has no credibility with me.

  6. Nicely done by Hamilton – going to left for the single. Now, just stay alert over there.

  7. SeaBass up there hacking. He’s seeing the ball well, so I’ll live with it for now.

  8. Adam Dunn is turning into a very good LF. He didn’t catch that ball, but got an excellent jump, made a good dive, and kept the ball in front of him.

  9. EE drills one, but caught.

    Now LLM rips a single.

    Solomon Torres not fooling anyone.

  10. 9 hits and scored only one run. This is frustratings as H–l. One game its the bullpen. The next its the defense. And then its the bats…or lack there of.

  11. The reds baseball game is beginning to strangely resemble my golf game… Got most of the right pieces, but when the short game is on, you can;t drive the ball for crap. When hitting the fairway 280 yds every tee shot, you can’t putt worth a damn. I would love to see this team start clicking for a little bit, because they certainly have the ability.

  12. Glad to see the Adam Dunn fan club failed to mention his lack of hustle in left that gave Wilson a double.

    Chris Denorfia was a zero. He isn’t even a fourth hitter. I would rather have Norris Hopper over Denorfia.

  13. Boy, sometimes this team can really look like a steaming pile of horsecrap.

    I gotta say, I’m sick of listening to Marty bitch. But if I broadcast the Big Red Machine and now had to sit through this crap, I’d be a little bitter, too.

  14. Reds”Fan”, what do you like, anyway? You hate Dunn, apparently Denorfia, and this blog, from all I can tell. Yet you keep coming back.

  15. I don’t hate Dunn, but I think he’s overrated by many on this board. Denorfia is a AAAA player AT BEST. I just don’t understand all the teeth gnashing. I don’t hate this blog, I just hate some of the people on this blog 😀

  16. Looking at some of the shots the Reds were hitting that didn’t fall in (especially EE) I think things will turn the right way soon.

  17. I agree, Shawn. EE hit the ball hard last night (twice, I thought he had gotten extra bases), but no luck.

    I concede that may be wishful thinking because I want EE to start hitting. The Reds NEED him to start hitting.

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