Eric Milton vs. Ian Snell in the opener of a three-game weekend set in Pittsburgh. I’m sure the stands will be packed.

I’ll be watching, and I hope we can enjoy a good series here. This seems like a good opportunity for the Reds to get on track…if Milton will allow it.

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Blame Chad for creating this mess.

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  1. Today’s lineup, per CTR, has Dunn batting 6th BEHIND Gonzalez. Griffey still out.

    Freel cf
    Hatteberg 1b
    Phillips 2b
    Hamilton rf
    Gonzalez ss
    Dunn lf
    Encarnacion 3b
    Valentin c
    Milton p

  2. ctr also reporting denorfia traded to the A’s for to ptbnl and cash. i’m not savy enough to know how these things work, but might one of those ptbnl be burton?

    also, i didn’t know you could trade people on the DL.

  3. now fay reporting that burton is not involved in the deal, and that another move may be coming.

  4. REALLY??!?! Talk about a case of trading at the lowest value point possible.

  5. You know Billy Beane has been stalking Krivsky’s bleeding carcass for several days now, waiting for his chance to pounce.

  6. CTR says “Junior has been diagnosed with Pleurisy.” Good Lord, what’s next? Gout? Leprosy? Rickets?

  7. Lightning strike?
    Surfing accident?
    Wall-decoration fall on his head?
    Taken hostage by Vincent Price?

  8. Milton’s got baserunners all over the place.

  9. I hope that darned Vincent Price doesn’t abduct him. He’s a wily one.

  10. What did we do before the internet?

    Pleurisy: The pleura is a 2-layered sac that holds the lungs and separates them from the chest wall, diaphragm, and heart. Pleurisy is an inflammation of this sac.

    The inflammation that occurs with pleurisy can cause pain with breathing and may even cause a large amount of fluid to collect in the pleural sac.

    “Pleurisy can go away on its own or worsen so that fluid has to be drained from around the lungs. Some people develop scar tissue called adhesions after they have pleurisy. They then have chronic pain or shortness of breath.”

  11. Sounds like something one of Richard Simmons’ forklift buddies would have.

  12. Sounds like Milton is pitching with a tiki in his pocket.

  13. Marty and Jeff saying that Milton fails to get a first pitch strike “more often than not.”

    Truth-checking… so far this year, Milton has had balls put in play 10 times on the first pitch (3 for 10); has 39 PAs classified as “after 0-1” (.324 .359 .568 927 OPS); and 22 PAs classified as “after 1-0” (.136 .174 .273 447 OPS).

    That’s incredible. I certainly didn’t expect Milton to be twice as effective when he throws a ball on the first pitch. That’s stunning.

  14. Probably just small sample size – when you look at the past 3 seasons, Milton comes back to normal:

    After 0-1: .254 .289 .432 722
    After 1-0: .282 .378 .578 956

  15. Gonzalez is red-hot. His children should stay healthy.

  16. EE is the beneficiary of catcher’s interference for the 1000th time.

  17. Edwin gets catcher’s interference…AGAIN. I saw something that Edwin does that all the time.

  18. Does that mean he’s got a really long swing? Or his arms are freakishly long compared to his body?

  19. I vote we pinch hit for Milton! πŸ˜€

  20. Marty and Jeff say he’s a good hitter (for a pitcher, of course). Never noticed that, but it’s probably true.

  21. if that means he’s a better hitter than pitcher that isn’t saying much tonight.

  22. I’ve never seen anyone get catcher’s interference more than EE.

  23. Career line: .181 .220 .249

    Looks like Dave Ross.

  24. Not sure if any of you heard but Denorfia was traded to Oakland for cash and two players to be named later.

  25. Did they really give Denorfia away for nothing? Good Lord, Krivsky is an idiot. He’s no great player, but he will be an excellent 4th outfielder for the A’s.

    Someone needs to keep Krivsky from dealing with Billy Beane. It’s like taking candy from a baby. Who’s next?

  26. It depends who the list of players to be named is. It is probably based on Denorfia’s recovery.

  27. Kriv said that Beane wanted him in spring training, and called back, still interested, a week or two ago.

  28. thank the lord we locked up Coffey 😳

  29. Why trade him now, when he has no value? Especially to Billy Beane?

    Beane is too smart for this game. He knew Krivsky would bite.

    And has there ever been a good player who was a PTBNL?

  30. Freel goes down quietly. What a great leadoff hitter.

  31. That was a nice looking DP turned by the Bucs.

  32. maybe instead of starting out strong and fading this season, Narron has decided to pace the team and stink all season?

  33. Wow! Great play by Edwin!!!

  34. Sounds like a reasonable plan, Mike.

  35. I’m looking forward to Dunn’s strikeout this inning. Wonder if he’ll swing or not?

  36. I really don’t know where this organization is headed. Kriv’s touted pitching and defense, and he’s got it…and we’re still crappy. If this is a rebuidling year, I don’t see what’s going to change next year. If the plan is complete, it was a crappy plan.

    I guess they could be making a move for Rolen, Beltran, and Andruw Jones, but I doubt it.

  37. I’m looking forward to hearing Marty bitch about Dunn’s strikeout. 😯

  38. Did you hear Marty’s shoutout to us earlier? He said something about “…and some people complain that I say Dunn’s not a run producer.”


  40. Good lord. Another whiff.

  41. Marty and Jeff, batting experts.

  42. Just out of curiousity, how are Lopez and Kearns doing this season over in Cincinnati EAST? I haven’t had a chance to follow the ex. reds club this season.

  43. I walked out of the room. Am I to assume that Dunn struck out again?

    Stop the presses!!

  44. Ya know, I love Dunner, but I’m getting really frustrated with him. I know a K isn’t worse than any other out, in the long run, but I’m sick of seeing it.

  45. I’m starting to sense that we aren’t going to win this game.

    But then, the Pirates are awfully good.

  46. πŸ‘Ώ

  47. Was Narron caught with his pants down there? Wilson doubles, and he leaves Milton in to face Sanchez (RH). Sanchez gets out, then he puts in Saarloos in to face Bay (also RH). Like yesterday, Narron didn’t have anyone up in the pen when his starter lost it.

  48. RagTag, I’m with out. I’m not even sure I’m sick of the Ks, per se. I’m just sick of Dunn not hitting. At all.

  49. Brad Eldred ate Bill Braskey.

  50. The Reds are just not hitting well. Difficulty getting runners on base, and when they do get them they’re finding all sorts of new and interesting ways to avoid scoring.

    This time it was Hamilton getting doubled off first on a lineout to the third baseman. The third baseman! He’s 125 feet away!

  51. Austin Kearns hit a three run homer tonight.

  52. Yeah, I’,m sick of Dunn not hitting at all, too. I can’t believe it. What’s happened to him?

  53. Another K. Yep, I’m sick of Dunn’s act.

    He’s my favorite player, but I can ABSOLUTELY understand why Marty hammers him.

  54. Hey, Griffey! Let’s see one of his specialties, a big hit in his first at-bat after sitting out injured.

  55. Who is this #3 that is batting?

  56. Lohse pinch-runs for Griffey after the walk. Huh.

  57. #3 is Vincent Price in disguise.

  58. This team gives me pleurisy.

  59. I could see Marty’s criticism of Dunn, if it (1) had just started this week, and (2) was for the right reasons. But I’ve been listening to that dude bitch about sac flies for three seasons now – he has no credibility with me.

  60. Nicely done by Hamilton – going to left for the single. Now, just stay alert over there.

  61. SeaBass up there hacking. He’s seeing the ball well, so I’ll live with it for now.

  62. Adam Dunn is turning into a very good LF. He didn’t catch that ball, but got an excellent jump, made a good dive, and kept the ball in front of him.

  63. That was a heck of a double-play, there. Pitching and defense!!!

  64. Bad throw by the LLM, BP tanks the scoop, but C-Bass behind him backing up.

  65. Hopefully that’s a sign of Adam getting healthy.

  66. EE drills one, but caught.

    Now LLM rips a single.

    Solomon Torres not fooling anyone.

  67. Matt Capps warming up.

  68. Conine the tying run….

  69. …pops out to RF.

  70. It’s all up to Freel.

  71. Freel flicks a fly to left, fails.

    Final score Pirates 3, Reds 1.

  72. 9 hits and scored only one run. This is frustratings as H–l. One game its the bullpen. The next its the defense. And then its the bats…or lack there of.

  73. The reds baseball game is beginning to strangely resemble my golf game… Got most of the right pieces, but when the short game is on, you can;t drive the ball for crap. When hitting the fairway 280 yds every tee shot, you can’t putt worth a damn. I would love to see this team start clicking for a little bit, because they certainly have the ability.

  74. Glad to see the Adam Dunn fan club failed to mention his lack of hustle in left that gave Wilson a double.

    Chris Denorfia was a zero. He isn’t even a fourth hitter. I would rather have Norris Hopper over Denorfia.

  75. Boy, sometimes this team can really look like a steaming pile of horsecrap.

    I gotta say, I’m sick of listening to Marty bitch. But if I broadcast the Big Red Machine and now had to sit through this crap, I’d be a little bitter, too.

  76. Reds”Fan”, what do you like, anyway? You hate Dunn, apparently Denorfia, and this blog, from all I can tell. Yet you keep coming back.

  77. I don’t hate Dunn, but I think he’s overrated by many on this board. Denorfia is a AAAA player AT BEST. I just don’t understand all the teeth gnashing. I don’t hate this blog, I just hate some of the people on this blog πŸ˜€

  78. Looking at some of the shots the Reds were hitting that didn’t fall in (especially EE) I think things will turn the right way soon.

  79. I agree, Shawn. EE hit the ball hard last night (twice, I thought he had gotten extra bases), but no luck.

    I concede that may be wishful thinking because I want EE to start hitting. The Reds NEED him to start hitting.

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