Afternoon affair today: Kyle Lohse and Randy Keisler at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. With an outstanding 1.91 ERA, what is Kyle Lohse doing? Why, he’s talking about signing an extension with the Reds! Good for him; there’s nothing like dealing from a position of strength.

While I’m ecstatic over Lohse’s start, I would hope the Reds wouldn’t dive head first into a commitment to Lohse just yet. It has only been a few starts. If the Reds really believe he’s overcome his inconsistency problems, they may decide to start talking. Don’t forget, however, that Lohse’s agent is Scott Boras, so he won’t come cheaply.

Anyway, the Reds need to win today to take the series vs. the Cards, and that would be a nice start to the road trip. Avoid your work and discuss it here.

Blame Chad for creating this mess.

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  1. Reds face another lefty today! Hopefully the Bats come alive and establish a sense of confidence

  2. I was thinking the same thing. There’s no way Boras will let him resign w/o testing the market, unless the talks start at a 4 year deal. If he has even a decent year, 13-15 wins, sub 4 ERA, he’ll be getting a bigger contract than Harang or Arroyo, no doubt. I don’t think we have much choice but to milk him for all he’s worth before he walks. On another note, we gotta get Saarloos as far away from a game changing situation as possible. He simply doesn’t have the velocity to get outs quickly or to strike people out. His strength is setting guys up, and there’s just no time for it in the late innings. The lack of power bullpen arms is a glaring organizational weakness.

  3. Have you seen the lineup? No Hamilton, no Dunn, no EE. Bottom three: Castro, Ross, Hopper. I don’t know, maybe it is time to try something different, but I sure want my big bats in the lineup if I can’t score runs.

  4. Yeah, with Boras as his agent we might as well just use Lohse up now because we won’t have the opportunity next year. He has done well, but he did well in Minnesota for a few starts before the bottom dropped out. Consistency means months and months of decent pitching, not days and days.

  5. True, True, but Loshe looks to have regained his form that he had with the Twins. Perhaps He will re-sign like Westbrook has done with Cleveland. But I take the line of wait till after the All Star break to offer him a long term deal.

  6. Line up could use a tweak. Got to try something. Consistency is key and we must get back on track. Thankfully we reside in the NL Central where 83 or so wins will win it, again.

  7. The only problem I have with the lineup is I wish Hamilton was in it instead of Hopper or if you want to give EE a rest put Freel at 3B and play Hamilton and Dunn.

  8. Can someone post the lineup if you have it handy?

  9. Justin, are you serious? Playing Castro & Hopper and sitting Hamilton in the same day is a good idea?

  10. Hamilton is in the line up.

  11. if this is the real lohse, i’d love to have him sign an extension in say, september, regardless of $$. we get rid of milton next year, and we pay bailey minimum, so there’s some extra cash to give him.

    that’s IF this is the real lohse, the one who is pitching to his potential.

    i hope i just didn’t jinx him today.

  12. Reds:
    Freel [0-1, FO2], Gonzo[1-1, 3B, R], Phillips[1-1, 2B, rbi PO 8-4-5], Conine[0-1 5-3],Hamilton, Castro, Ross, Hopper. Loshe

  13. Cards:
    Miles, Duncan, Puljous, Rolen, Edmonds, Spezio, Kennedy, Bennett, Keslier.

  14. Poljous doubles to left. Loshe has some command issue in the last 6 pitches

  15. Schumaker in line up Duncan out

  16. Very Solid at bat from Rolen even though he struck out. Poljous stranded at second.

  17. Marty just brought up an interesting tidbit. Reds Starters 3.33 ERA 3rd in NL. Bullpen 4.79 ERA, dead last in NL.

  18. Hamilton is only in because Griffey was a late scratch.

    Any word from anyone listening/watching regarding why Griffey was scratched?

  19. Ross hit a Home Run!!!

  20. Fay and Rosecrans both saying there is no word on Griffey yet.

  21. fair up of Colon is what i heard from the radio braodcast

  22. Justin-Originally he wasn’t in the lineup. He replaced Griffey who was scratched (according to C. Trent)

  23. By the way, great plays by Castro-Conine and Hopper in the first inning. I doubt EE or Dunn would have made either play. I’m just saying.

  24. Re #17: It’s really even worse than that – bullpen ERAs are, by definition, often depressed b/c some of the runs they give up are charged to the starters. (Obviously, the opposite can’t happen).

  25. Anyone else think it’s odd that play-by-play announcers always say “swung on”?

    They all do it, and it sounds right to the ear, but it’s a very odd construction.

  26. Sounds like a circus tent over StL: Gonzalez w/ a bloop hit over Pujols (who gets all spun around); Gonzalez tries to stretch it, gets hung out to dry and heads back to first; then Keisler drops the throw over there.

  27. Gonzalez 1B and should be an error on pitcher Keisler [dropped ball].

  28. Re:22. Chris you are absolutely correct. There should be an adjusted ERA for starters.

  29. BP with a HR. #5 on the year.

  30. Phillips, Centerfield Homer!! 4-0 Reds

  31. BP goes boom. 4 – 0 good guys.

  32. Gee, this lineup sucks 😀

  33. re 23: Swung on is strange but is correct. The grammar as well is correct. Swung is the past tense of swing. PbP folks could do something like this ‘….He swings and misses or …. the pitch is hit, missed….’ But since he watched and then relayed the information. I personally dont like swung and way my self.

  34. Per Thom: Griffey was scratched due to “soreness in his chest.”

    Yeah, me neither.

  35. Soreness in chest is what got Griffey.

  36. Poor defence again

  37. need infield and out field practise every day

  38. Marty-Just crushed Narron about how Narron always talks about “playing the game the right way” yet the team continues to miss the cutoff man and they don’t take infield practice.

    Quoting Marty:

    “I don’t know why I get upset. If they don’t care, why should I.”

  39. Given years of listening to ballgames, “swung at” would probably sound clunky. But that’s definitely how you’d describe it in a conversation in the dugout: “What did you swing at?” “I swung at a fastball.”

    Grumpy Old Man is now ranting about missing the cutoff man. He is such a freakin’ crank. Point it out? Great. Rant about it for 10 minutes? No thanks. Frickin’ Pujols is up – let’s talk about that, okay?

  40. Hamilton to Ross bingo baby

  41. Hamilton w/ a perfect throw to the plate….AND ROSS HANDLES IT!!!!! Runner out.

  42. Holy Cow! Ross caught the ball and made the tag without dropping it!! I think that is the first time in a Reds uniform.

  43. Hamilton uses the gun! Marty is gonna take a swing at Narron with a fungo if defense does not improve.

  44. Agreed Chris.

  45. Ground rule Double not a bad way to start the inning.
    Carry on folks, I must go to work now. Hate that. Go Redlegs!!

  46. They’ve chased Keisler.

  47. Lohse is melting down.

    Somebody is finally getting up down there. What can you expect but for Narron to ride his starters into the ground?

  48. 4-3 now. Nobody out.

  49. this is looking like a problem.

  50. ugh. The Cardinals can’t make an out right now…

  51. well that could have been worse

  52. Double play, but tie game. I think you just have to hope Lohse worked his way out of it, and keep riding him. What’s the alternative?

  53. Man, you guys complain about Narron going to the bullpen and then you complain about him not going to the bullpen.

    Marty has every right to rail on the missed cut-offs, it’s ridiculous. Marty rants becaue he cares. He’s not just collecting a paycheck. He really wants the team to win.

  54. Brennamen are bitching about there not being a LHP warming up. Do they want Cormier?

  55. “what’s the alternative?”

    Not Gas Can Coffey I hope… 😕

  56. given how the inning started, I’ll take how it ended.

  57. stanton’s a lefty, isn’t he?

  58. how does that happen? so good for so long, then 5 straight hits, then 2 of their 3 best hitters go down easy. weird game.

    but wehave josh hamilton and they don’t.

  59. coutlangus has been pretty good.

  60. Why all the hate for the Brenneman’s? They are two of the best in the business.

  61. Thom can’t remember Phillips taking a 3-1 pitch.

  62. wow. two terrible reds innings in a row. what was that about 18 total pitches?

  63. Tell me what this says about BP in various counts. To me, it says he’s walked twice in 3-1 counts, and hasn’t put a ball in play. “After 3-1,” he’s 0 for 1 with 3 walks.

    By my count, that means BP faced a 3-1 count 4 times. Twice he took ball 4. Twice he swung, and either missed or fouled it off. Of those 2 times, he eventually walked once, and made an out once.

    But I could be reading that wrong.

  64. sorry. I checked gametracker. It was 20.

  65. He needs to fix his hat in that picture. 🙂

  66. Now they can’t keep track of how many balls & strikes there are.

  67. Counting is tough for La Russa after a few drinks… 😳

  68. Ryan Franklin on to face the meat of the order: Castro, Ross, Hopper.

    Thom calling Castro’s 2 for 23 a “slow start.” I’m calling it “his career.”

  69. Valentin and Dunn looking to pinch hit.

    LaRussa stalling to get his lefty reliever ready.

  70. 4 pitches. 2 outs.

  71. Marty taking every opportunity to jab Dunn: Having Franklin face him is a “lack of respect.”

  72. Todd Coffey in to face Albert? 😥

  73. Our great defenders aren’t able to make the plays.

  74. just what i was thinking. seems like we have some seriously overrated defenders. I feel like whenever our pitchers start putting balls on the ground, we hear a lot of excuses why outs aren’t being made.

  75. that sounded like a good DP, in fairness.

  76. I give up.

  77. rally caps everyone.

  78. let’s get some runs.

  79. that was a heck of an at bat for farney

  80. Now he’s running the bases like an imbecile – stealing when they’re down 2.

    Announcers praise it b/c it worked out.

  81. dirty shirt.

  82. Funny they gave those away. The Padres handed out Eric Owens Dirty Shirts — which tells you just how long that promotion’s been around.

  83. The dirty shirt giveaway is at least 7 years old.

  84. Marty is saying the official scorer has discretion to choose the “winning pitcher,” and that they’ll probably go with Brad Thompson.

    Isn’t it the guy who was pitching when the Cards took the lead (the 6th
    ) – aka Russ Springer?

  85. Thom: “Gary Bennett has turned into a more than adequate hitter in St Louis.”

    2006 stats: .223 .274 .331 .605

  86. Weathers no better than anyone else in that bullpen.

  87. Thom trying to get Marty to praise Dunn’s defense. Thom says “a heck of a job.”

    Marty will only say, “better than we’ve seen before,” before immediately dissing Dunn’s defense. That “Adam from Milwaukee” thing must still stick in his craw.

  88. Marty didn’t find that amusing?

  89. ..and then the rains came…

  90. Marty was mad about “Adam from Milwaukee”?

  91. Chris, you’re correct – Springer is at the moment in line for the win, no scorer’s discretion allowed.

    I looked this up in the rulebook earlier in the year. The only time the official scorer has discretion in awarding the winning decision is if the team took the lead with the starting pitcher still in the game, but that pitcher failed to go the required 5 innings. In that event the scorer can give it to the pitcher judged to have been the most effective or most critical to the win.

  92. That was a long wait for a groundout and a strikeout to end the game. 7-5 final score, in favor of STL. Things sure looked good after that Tuesday win, but the Reds lose the series.

  93. Ugh, long wait for nothing (not that I was really all that optimistic anyhow…)

  94. Advocate-You are correct on the win. Surprised Marty botched that one.

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