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Game Thread: Phillies at Reds — 2007.04.21

There’s no way to help fans forget two straight bullpen disasters like a dramatic extra inning win. I’m on the road (we’ve taken the kids on a short trip), so I listened on XM and I thought the game was lost when Scott Hatteberg came to the plate with two out in the bottom of the ninth. Fortunately, I was wrong.

Kyle Lohse was incredible again, and I’m so glad that he didn’t get the loss (as he would have without Hatteberg’s heroics). What an outstanding April Lohse has had. He’s been a stud.

Unfortunately, our less-spectacular former Twin starts today. Eric Milton can actually get his ERA below 5 today (it currently stands at 5.06), and something in the 4s isn’t a bad ERA for a fifth starter, frankly.

The Phils will counter with Cole Hamels, a good young pitcher who pitched brilliantly against the Reds last year in his major league debut. Here’s the game thread from that matchup; you’ll notice the wailing and gnashing of teeth about our bullpen. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I feel a win coming on tonight, though. Discuss it here!

121 thoughts on “Game Thread: Phillies at Reds — 2007.04.21

  1. Ross is hitting at Narron-like levels. (Caution: Narron’s batting lines not safe for children)

    I saw this a lot with Bruce Bochy – terrible-hitting catchers who become managers tend to give a lot of rope to their own terrible-hitting catchers.

  2. Freel with a dink single.
    1. No clue why they had EE going to 3rd on that one (down 3, and w/ 2 outs).
    2. Throw beat him.
    3. Good slide/bad tag = safe at 3rd.

    ….did Freel advance?

  3. Thom with the running count.

    He’s really got to stop doing that. It’s obnoxious.

  4. Gonzlez really is bailing everyone out – ball glances off a diving EE’s glove, Gonzalez barehands it and throws him out.

  5. Nice play by BP.

    The “pitching and defense” is certainly much improved. The hitting is just sewer level.

  6. 19,500 walk-ups over the past 2 days. Reds fans really don’t like buying in advance, do they?

  7. St. Louis is in some trouble. Marty says that they have Randy Kiesler in their starting rotation. ❗

  8. I don’t think the Reds fans like buying on-line and getting socked with a zillion service charges. I know I don’t. I alway buy the day of the game.

  9. Freel: 4 for his last 17
    Dunn: 3 for his last 19 with 12 Ks
    Gonzales: 4 for his last 27
    Encarnacion: 4 for his last 39 with 9 K
    Ross: 3 for his last 28 with 13 Ks

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