Starters: Lohse (2.53 ERA) vs. Lieber (11.57)

I might’ve predicted that this game would pit the NL’s HR leader vs. the #2. I would not have predicted that those labels applied to Jimmy Rollins and Josh Hamilton.

Given the Reds bullpen, I’m hoping for a big rainstorm after 6 innings.

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  1. Chris

    Lohse looking awesome early.

    MLB.TV looking crappy.

  2. Chad

    Thanks for posting the game thread. I’m on the road, and couldn’t get to it in time.

    Lohse still looking good?

  3. CeeKeR

    Bases loaded after a perfectly placed ball to center… Still only 1 out.

  4. CeeKeR

    Phillips makes a great playing, tagging out Rowand and throwing on to first to nail Nunez. Double play, inning over.
    …Phillies are now 2-21 with bases loaded on the year.

  5. CeeKeR

    Dunn struck out swinging. (some things never change)
    Phillips grounds out (but not on the first pitch he sees)
    Hamilton (the cleanup hitter) takes 4 pitches and walks.
    EE hacks on the first pitch, fly out to left. End of inning.

    …rooms kinda empty tonight – I think I’ll head out too. Guess all the blown games the past couple of days have taken the wind out of all our sails.

  6. LouisvilleJohn

    Anyone see that horrible play by Phillips to allow a run to score?

  7. Chris

    Now Phils are trying to give it back.

  8. Chris

    I’ve had it w/ Thom. I’ve never heard a more arrogant broadcaster – no guy that ever played baseball above Knothole is as dismissive and hyper-critical as this guy. God forbid a player ever make a mistake, because that little bushy-haired, foghorn-voiced so-and-so (can I use this term on RLN?

  9. Dave Massey

    wow, 9 comments after 6 innings? I guess one hit and two errors will do that.

    Just watched EdE ground out with the bases loaded. Bummer.

  10. RagTag

    Yeah, dead game thread tonight. Two straight bullpen collapses have demoralized us.

    Is the feed blacked out for anyone else?

  11. Dave Massey

    Not for me, RagTag.

    What a shame if the Reds offense blows this incredible start by Lohse.

  12. RagTag

    Can’t figure out why would be blacked out for me. I can get other games, just not the Reds.

  13. Chris

    This “no offense” act is getting pretty tired.

    “Pitching and defense” isn’t working out.

  14. Chris

    Eric Davis in the booth promoting his DVD. #44 doesn’t lack for confidence, does he?

  15. Chris

    Ross is 4 for 35 on the year, but he gets about 1/1000th the grief Adam Dunn gets. I just don’t understand that.

    I think Ross is going to hit, eventually, though.

  16. RagTag

    Ross will hit better than he has been, but I’m not entirely convinced he’s going to hit very well. Last year is starting to look like a small sample size anomaly, and the Reds got taken in.

  17. Dave Massey

    Why did Narron yank Lohse? Third day in a row he’s pulled a starter during an incredible outing. I know Aaron and Bronson both said they were tired, but Lohse was working on 7 innings of 5 hit, one run ball. And Stanton got spanked last night.


  18. Dave Massey

    Christ on a bicycle . . .
    How many hitters have Reds relievers plunked in the last three games?

  19. Y-City Jim

    Chris Chambliss please call David Ross and Edwin Encarnacion. They miss you.

  20. RagTag

    Wow. What an outstanding start by Lohse. Is he really putting it together, or is this another small sample size anomaly?

    If he’s putting it together, he’s young enough to have a good little run over the next 3-4 years. Wonder if Krivsky is already negotiating with him?

    (I hope not, for what it’s worth. He scares me.)

  21. Y-City Jim

    Christ on a bicycle? Never heard that one before.


  22. Dave Massey

    Why not use Javy to pinch hit against the righty? Narron is starting to get on my nerves.

  23. Chris

    Does putting Myers in the bullpen make any sense? Thom and Chris are talking about how good he’ll be as a backup closer… Welsh now mentioning they’re throwing away a 195+ IP pitcher.

  24. Chris

    I think a hurricane is hitting my place right now in S.D.

  25. Chris

    Dave, TV guys point out that Javy can’t pinch hit b/c Moeller is gone. Sheesh.

  26. RagTag

    I’ve never seen BP take a called strike three.

  27. Dave Massey

    This emergency catcher crap is just silly. Javy is an incredible lefty bat off the bench, and Narron’s not gonna put him in because Ross might break his leg in the top of the ninth? Just stupid.

  28. Dave Massey

    Break out the smokes and have a shot of Jack ready — Coffey just entered the game in the top of the ninth.

  29. Dave Massey

    And I’m offering 3-1 odds that he plunks at least one batter. Any takers?

  30. Y-City Jim

    Doesn’t a great SS get that ball?

  31. Chris

    Thom’s still talking about the Myers situation – and I can’t blame him. It’s like the Reds putting Harang into the pen. Or Homer.

  32. Y-City Jim

    Can the 9th be a chapter to the Josh Hamilton story?

  33. RagTag

    Yeah, that’s an absurd decision re: Myers. Charlie Manuel deserves to be fired.

    On another note: Coffey is unstoppable! His ERA is back below eight!!!

  34. Mike

    Can Hamilton full our butts out of the fire tonight?

  35. Chris

    EE needs a HR here to play again this weekend.

  36. Dave Massey

    Surprise surprise, EdE grounds out to third.

  37. Y-City Jim

    It comes down to Scott Hatteberg who started the error fest.

  38. Chris

    Now batting…Hatteberg, then a bunch of stiffs.

  39. RagTag

    Poor ole EE is in serious trouble. He won’t be a Red in three months.

  40. RagTag

    Lohse can’t give up fewer than ZERO earned runs. What does he have to do to get a win?

  41. Dave Massey

    Hatty homers to tie the game!!!!

  42. RagTag

    At least Lohse is off the hook, now.

    Now, let’s make Coffey the winner!

  43. Mike

    Lohse has the best ERA among all our starters

  44. Chris

    We need about 2 innings of shutout relief, though. No runs to be scored with Gonzalez, Ross, and the likes of Castro and Hopper on the bench.

    Jr – out sick
    Conine – MIA
    LLM – on ice

  45. RagTag

    Thanks for dumping a bucket of cold water on us, Chris.

  46. Chris

    Not to be “that guy,” but the Reds better effing win this, because they just cost me a roto save with Gordon. I’m fine with giving one up for the team – just don’t blow it in 5 min.

  47. Dave Massey

    . . . and another reds reliever hits a batter.

  48. Michael

    “the Reds better effing win this, because they just cost me a roto save with Gordon”

    lol, Chris – I seriously hope that you are kidding around…

  49. Chris

    Gonzalez IS as good as advertised at starting the double play. He really gets rid of the ball quickly.

  50. Mike

    . and another reds reliever hits a batter.

    Might keep them off the plate

  51. RagTag

    Funny….WLW promo for Tracy JOnes’ postgame show apologizes to the listener. I hate that guy.

  52. Chris

    LLM on base.


  53. Chris

    Why is nobody allowed to point out that Hatt was a catcher for many years? (They’re saying that Freel is the emergency catcher).

  54. Y-City Jim

    Anyone getting the Eric Davis DVD on hitting?

  55. Y-City Jim

    Does Davis quote Billy Demars tips on the DVD?


  56. Chris

    Freel with a hit to left. Now Adam’s up and time to talk about him.

    Welsh pointing out that Dunn lost his mojo after missing a game w/ back spasms.

  57. Y-City Jim

    With Hatt catching there better not be any base runners.

    I guess they aren’t giving Dunn a chance to win it.

  58. Chris

    Gordon nibbling. I think he’s tired.

  59. Y-City Jim

    Hatteberg made up for his error. Can Phillips?

  60. Chris

    Odds that he’s swinging on the first pitch?

  61. RagTag

    Dunn is selfish.

    And BP was swinging. And Marty is complaining. So am I.

  62. RagTag

    Marty is pissed off about all the hacking.

  63. Chris

    So Dunn is selfish for taking, and BP is selfish for swinging. Got it. 😛

  64. renbutler

    Did they almost force out Javy at the plate? 😯

  65. Y-City Jim

    Both Reds atone for their fielding errors!!!!!

  66. Chris

    No, that was Freel running into the catcher for absolutely no reason.

  67. Y-City Jim

    Javy made it a little too interesting at the plate.

  68. RagTag

    Is there still time for the bullpen to blow tonight’s game?

  69. Chris

    Oops. LLM must’ve lost some weight – I confused him with Freel?? 😳

  70. Mike

    Another quality start for the Reds, almost blown, but take the win boys

  71. Dave Massey

    Nice game winning single by Brandon Phillips!

  72. RagTag

    Anyone listening to the game on the radio? Brantley was doing the play by play just now…and I can’t remember the last time I heard a Reds win without hearing “…and this one belongs to the Reds.”

    Even ole Nuxie used to try to say it in these extra inning games when he was at the mike.

  73. Y-City Jim

    and the real shocker, quality relief pitching.

  74. Chris

    Indeed. Offense still stinks, but maybe this is a get-healthy game.

  75. Mike

    We aren’t the only team with a closer issue, Rivera is blowing up in Boston

  76. Abner

    Another bit of turn about. I wish it were against the Astro’s, tho. I’ll take the win, but the blowups against division rivals still hurts.

  77. RedsFanInMd

    This makes up for the last two nights (at least a little bit). Meanwhile, the Red Sox have just scored four runs in the bottom of the 8th and are battering Rivera. Even the great ones have bad nights. Great win tonight.

    Javier couldn’t be pinch run for because if they didn’t score that inning they didn’t have anybody to catch. I certainly did not wait to see Freel or Hatteberg behind the plate. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in having three catchers.

  78. Y-City Jim

    With the starting pitching this team has been getting, this team should be making the rest of the division eat their dust.

  79. Y-City Jim

    Bailey pitched five mediocre innings giving up one run. Majewski then blew it up for Louisville in the 6th, Votto is still struggling.


  80. LouisvilleJohn

    It is so nice to see the Reds win tonight. Man Lieber was tough. Hatteberg hit a game winning HR at the end of the book money ball too.

  81. RedsFanInMd

    Lohse was taken out because he threw 111 pitches not because Narron is stupid. Man, some of you guys have all the answers. EE has been as bad (OK almost as bad) as Ross and Dunn, yet nobody ever gets on his ass. I don’t get it. I love EE, but he hasn’t been very good so far either.

  82. GregD

    Starting pitching seems similar to the start of last year. Arroyo and Harang were lights out. Milton was surprisingly good. And the Lizard was contributing good starts. Exception is last year’s team had a lot of offense. Bullpen still blew games, though.

  83. willie

    Um..Ross .111-4 hits, EE .154-8 hits, Dunn .302-19 hits. Not quite the same struggle.

  84. CeeKeR

    I don’t think you can say Dunn is struggling if he’s hitting over .300. That’s not struggling in anyone’s book (except maybe Ted Williams’).

  85. Chris

    Dunn’s been bad? Nobody’s been on EE’s ass? Have you been following this team at all?

  86. RedsFanInMd

    I meant to say as Dunn in the last week. Typing error! Chris, you may have gotten on EE, but some (Devils Advocate) thinks he walks on water.

  87. Chris

    I thought you were talking about Narron, Marty, Thom, etc., etc. I don’t consider our opinions to be worth discussing. 🙂