Starters: Lohse (2.53 ERA) vs. Lieber (11.57)

I might’ve predicted that this game would pit the NL’s HR leader vs. the #2. I would not have predicted that those labels applied to Jimmy Rollins and Josh Hamilton.

Given the Reds bullpen, I’m hoping for a big rainstorm after 6 innings.

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  1. Another quality start for the Reds, almost blown, but take the win boys

  2. Nice game winning single by Brandon Phillips!

  3. Anyone listening to the game on the radio? Brantley was doing the play by play just now…and I can’t remember the last time I heard a Reds win without hearing “…and this one belongs to the Reds.”

    Even ole Nuxie used to try to say it in these extra inning games when he was at the mike.

  4. and the real shocker, quality relief pitching.

  5. Indeed. Offense still stinks, but maybe this is a get-healthy game.

  6. We aren’t the only team with a closer issue, Rivera is blowing up in Boston

  7. Another bit of turn about. I wish it were against the Astro’s, tho. I’ll take the win, but the blowups against division rivals still hurts.

  8. This makes up for the last two nights (at least a little bit). Meanwhile, the Red Sox have just scored four runs in the bottom of the 8th and are battering Rivera. Even the great ones have bad nights. Great win tonight.

    Javier couldn’t be pinch run for because if they didn’t score that inning they didn’t have anybody to catch. I certainly did not wait to see Freel or Hatteberg behind the plate. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in having three catchers.

  9. With the starting pitching this team has been getting, this team should be making the rest of the division eat their dust.

  10. Bailey pitched five mediocre innings giving up one run. Majewski then blew it up for Louisville in the 6th, Votto is still struggling.


  11. It is so nice to see the Reds win tonight. Man Lieber was tough. Hatteberg hit a game winning HR at the end of the book money ball too.

  12. Lohse was taken out because he threw 111 pitches not because Narron is stupid. Man, some of you guys have all the answers. EE has been as bad (OK almost as bad) as Ross and Dunn, yet nobody ever gets on his ass. I don’t get it. I love EE, but he hasn’t been very good so far either.

  13. Starting pitching seems similar to the start of last year. Arroyo and Harang were lights out. Milton was surprisingly good. And the Lizard was contributing good starts. Exception is last year’s team had a lot of offense. Bullpen still blew games, though.

  14. Um..Ross .111-4 hits, EE .154-8 hits, Dunn .302-19 hits. Not quite the same struggle.

  15. I don’t think you can say Dunn is struggling if he’s hitting over .300. That’s not struggling in anyone’s book (except maybe Ted Williams’).

  16. Dunn’s been bad? Nobody’s been on EE’s ass? Have you been following this team at all?

  17. I meant to say as Dunn in the last week. Typing error! Chris, you may have gotten on EE, but some (Devils Advocate) thinks he walks on water.

  18. I thought you were talking about Narron, Marty, Thom, etc., etc. I don’t consider our opinions to be worth discussing. 🙂

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