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Game Thread: Astros at Reds — 2007.04.18

The Astronomicals come to town tonight to begin a short two-game set against our heroes. Aaron Harang returns to the mound, where he’ll face someone named Chris Sampson. I think he played college basketball for Virginia in the early eighties, but I’m not sure.

Rosencrans advises that Edwin Encarnacion isn’t playing again tonight. While I can’t argue with keeping Freel and Hamilton in the lineup, I fully expect Encarnacion to be dealt before the July trading deadline. Just a hunch.

Thoughts? Here’s an open game thread to discuss whatever’s on your mind.

149 thoughts on “Game Thread: Astros at Reds — 2007.04.18

  1. Sorry, I’m voting for George + Chris vs Thom + Anybody right now. When I want to relax with a ballgame at night, I don’t want to hear my homer announcer berate all my favorite players on my favorite team. Thom needs to let the color commentator analyze the plays. What Thom does works a little better on radio because the way the Reds do it, there’s often just one guy at the mic at a time.

  2. well I am surprised especially with Harang due up 4th in the bottom half. He has been very strong vs the bottom of the Stros line up too. But who is say. Perhaps he will allow Santos, Saaraloos, Coffee, Stanton and Weathers get the confidence up.

  3. Cormier was warming up. Hopefully just getting his work in, but it’s not the time for that.

  4. Randy, I was surprised for exactly the reason you stated. Also, I didn’t hear that anyone was warming up in the ‘pen, but I was also putting my kid to bed for the night.

  5. I think Arroyo’s not quite stretched out to 7 innings yet. Perhaps they shouldn’t be skipping the 5th starter so everyone can get an extra day of rest early in the season. But I guess when your 5th starter is so skipable, you don’t have much choice.

  6. Come on, Java Man. He needs a few solid outings here to get that ocnfidence back up.

  7. No win for Harang. Way to go, Coffey.

    I’m so sick of the bullpen blowing wins for this rotation (this year and last).

  8. Don’t hit Orlando Palmeiro and you don’t have that problem, Coffey!! Thanks for nothing. You will NEVER be a closer

  9. Coffey’s confidence HAS to be completely torn apart now. Two blown holds/saves in one week . . . yikes.

  10. Gosh, who would’ve thought that a mid 80s fastball right over the plate would be hittable . . .

  11. Cormier showing his true colors at last. The silver lining is that we probably only need to witness one more of these debacles before the Reds braintrust finally gets rid of him.

  12. Man I guess I was naive enough to think we weren’t going to have to worry this much about our bullpen this year, or did we just not utilize the right guys?

  13. Good God Oh yeah, Reds don’t have enough offense. Not glad to have been right on that one. Oh, and Ryan Freel, stop counting the damn stitches and throw the ball!

  14. Maybe we can deal Hamilton and Encarnacion for a couple of middle relievers to fix the bullpen.

  15. Well, that was a steaming pile of dog crap.

    Not to put too fine a point on it.

  16. I am fed up with Coffey. He has been HORRIBLE since the all-star break last year (and Cormier hasn’t been much better). Everyone complains about Weathers, but Weathers has been pretty damn good since the all-star break last year.

    p.s. I can’t imagine that anyone in the world would rather listen to George Grande over Thom Brennaman.

  17. Coffey:

    Pre All Star: 3.52 46IP 1.10H/IP 5HR .282BA
    Post All Star: 3.66 40G 1.06H/IP 2HR .264 BA

    I don’t know about runners inherited, but it seems his second half and first half were pretty similar to me.

  18. The only good thoughs I can figure is that Bray and Medjeski are recovering and will prove out to be a better balance to the trade last year. We have 2 roster spots ready for them now in Cromier and Coffee perhaps.

  19. p.s. I can’t imagine that anyone in the world would rather listen to George Grande over Thom Brennaman.

    Well, I do. And I’ve not been paid by George, nor am I related to him.

  20. Thom B isn’t paid to be “on our side” he’s paid to call the game as he sees it. George G. is a homer and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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