Richmond 3, Louisville 1

82 32 year-old Mark Bellhorn (A’s 2nd – 1995) went 2 for 2 with 2 BB, 2B, and a R. Bellhorn is now hitting .303/.452/.545 in 41 PAs.

24 year-old starting pitcher Bobby Livingston (Mariners #4 – 2001) pitched 6 innings giving up 6 hits, 0 BB, and 2 ER while striking out 4. He now has a 3.00 ERA in 3 starts, covering 18 IP with 13Ks, 3 BB, and 20 H.


Tennessee 6, Chattanooga 3

24 year-old Calvin Medlock (Reds #39 – 2002) pitched 2.1 innings, giving up just a H, a BB, with 4 Ks. On the year, he now has a 2.08 ERA with 12 Ks in an 8.2 IP. Last year at Chattanooga he had a 2.97 ERA with 70 Ks in 63.2 IP. What else does he have to prove?

21 year-old Derrik Lutz (Reds #10 – 2006) tossed 1.1 IP giving up 2 H, a UER, with 2 Ks. In 6.2 IP this year, he has a 1.29 ERA with 3 Ks. Last year at Dayton, he had a 2.39 ERA with 22Ks, in 26.1 IP

Sarasota 5, Dunedin 3

23 year-old Adam Rosales (Reds #12 – 2005) went 3 for 5 with 2 2B, 2 R and an RBI. On the season, Rosales is only hitting .216, but his OBA is .408, which is why he is STILL a DOTF favorite.

20 year-old Ruben Medina pitched 2 more scoreless innings for the win. He now has not allowed a run in his 4 IP this year.

Dayton 3, Quad Cities 0

21 year-old shortstop Chris Valaika (Reds #3 – 2006) went 2 for 3 with a BB and 2 RBI. Valaika is now hitting .375/.417/.500 in 38 PAs this year. Last year at Billings, he hit .324/.387/.520 in 299 PAs.

21 year-old Daryl Thompson (Expos #8 – 2003), starting pitcher, went 6 IP giving up 5 H, 0 ER, 1 BB, with a K. He now has an 0.82 ERA with 8 Ks in 11 IP.

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13 Responses

  1. Jay

    FYI … Tennessee is spelled with two ‘s’, not one.

    And regardless if there’s a prospect to replace him or not, TRADE MILTON!!!

  2. GregD

    I was surprised to see both Calvin Medlock and Carlos Guevara held back in AA for an extra year. And then Derrik Lutz goes almost immediately from college last year to AA this year (which I’m not saying Lutz’s promotion is a bad thing. Just can’t figure out the rhyme or reason.)

    Why did Rosales get moved from SS to 1b/dh? I realize the Reds have a lot of SS prospects, but do they have many 2b prospects?

  3. Sultan of Swaff

    I’m not sold on Livingston yet. 20 hits in 18 innings?? Let’s get real, here. It’s quite probable he’ll get knocked around just as much as Milton. Yeah, put Milton in middle relief, but don’t expect Bobby to be anything more than a little below league average.

  4. Matt

    I have heard that Rosales has some sort of arm injury…thus the DH.

    Bobby Livingston has a 1.27 WHIP as a 24 year old at AAA…uh…that’s a pretty damn good start. He has about 1000% chance of being better than Milton over the next 5 years.

  5. Daedalus

    Krivsky should try to trade Milton to the Yankees – half of their rotation is injured right now, and they have the money.

  6. al

    when are their pitchers due back? i can’t see them taking much of milton’s salary if they need him for a month. they can get below average production from someone in house for way cheaper.

    i think milton’s salary is a lost cause. if we get so tired of him, we can dfa and trade him, and probably get a player back, but none of the salary. or we can just keep sending him out there, he didn’t really do too bad this last time out.

  7. doug

    Rosales moving from SS was just a matter of time. His range is fairly poor, but he does have a strong arm… or at least did before he hurt it. I was wondering before the season started if he would go to 2B, 3B or even a corner OF spot. He could really improve his stock if he just went on a tear and got a promotion. His discipline is good, he just needs to hit.

  8. Glenn

    I’m all for trading Milton. There’s just one problem. Can you think of anyone who wants him? Everybody keeps pointing out that the Yankees are hurting for pitching, but are they hurting for bad pitching? That’s all Milton has to offer.

  9. Bill

    Lutz was on Sarasota’s pre-season roster, but was moved up b/c of an injury (can’t remember to whom), but he’s done well up there.

  10. Bill

    Oh,and prepare for Dayton lose tonight, we’ve got tickets. They’re the last unbeaten team in pro baseball…

  11. Sultan of Swaff

    I disagree, Matt. A soft tossing lefty like Livingston doesn’t have much ceiling left. A 1.27 WHIP will only go up in the bigs. Pass.

  12. Eric Moyer

    I was at last night’s Dayton game. Thompson looked good. He changes speeds very well and got a lot of groundballs. He only hit 90 twice all night so he probably needs to add some velocity.

    And I had no idea Drew Stubbs was white. For some reason, I’d just assumed he was black. Maybe it was the last name(like Franklin Stubbs) and his profile (speedy, defensive genius with lots of power and Ks) but I just assumed. Funny how that happens.

  13. Matt


    Interesting. His Minor League numbers do look a lot like Miltons…oops. So are there many minor league pitchers with H9’s around 9.00 that make it in the majors?