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Game Thread: Brewers at Reds — 2007.04.16

From Superman to The Joker; yesterday’s magnificent performance yields to Eric Milton’s return to the mound at Great American Ballpark. Hide the women and children.

Okay, all joking aside, I’m fairly interested to see what Milton does today. He gets a really bad rap in the Nation, and much of that rap is deserved, but Milton had some extended stretches last year of adequate pitching. With Matt Belisle and Kyle Lohse pitching well, all we need is for Milton to somehow figure out how to be league average. A league average fifth starter is like icing on the cake.

So, I haven’t given up hope on the old guy…yet.

That said, the Brew Crew has given us fits over the last couple of seasons, and they have a pretty good team this year. So I’d like to win this one. Adam Dunn is supposed to be back in the lineup, and we may need his offense.

Keep those fingers crossed, and discuss the game here.

269 thoughts on “Game Thread: Brewers at Reds — 2007.04.16

  1. Milton and decent. It could happen. I fear it is to late though. MB will get things back on track tomorrow.

  2. I suppose you can call it a decent outing. 99 pitches over five innings is unacceptable though.

  3. Lets not get on Milton for throwing 99 pitches. Coffey is the one that blew..

    7 runs in the 9th? It could happen…I wish.

  4. Hamilton smacks one out of the park…..Maybe there are some bright spots tonight.

  5. I agree that Coffey blew major chunks but you asking for trouble when your starter can only give you five innings.

    2 down, five to go!!

  6. Will anything equal that pounding that Claussen took from Milwaukee last year? Man! That was brutal!

  7. Thom has man love for Josh.

    I am still a little skeptical. His minor league stats are not strong.

    Lets put this one behind us and start Josh tomorrow in CF.

  8. Pathetic result, but a lot of positives tonight, actually:

    – Say what you want about a pitch count, but Milton did as good as you can expect from your #5. The bullpen was rested, and has no excuse for melting down.

    – EE came through with a big hit, breaking out of his slump.

    – Three hits for Dunn, including a good AB and a single up the middle in a throwaway AB in the 9th – good “greedy” hitting, ala Pete Rose or Tony Gwynn.

    – Nice outing by Countlangus. A good find by Krivsky.

    – It’s early, but I’m close to believing that Jeff Conine has something left in the tank. Another kudo to Krivsky.

    – Hamilton. Just Hamilton.

    All that said, this team needs to find some offense, and quick. This is no surprise – and Krivsky should’ve been prepared for the possibility that Ross wouldn’t hit.

  9. Chris: I like the positives, and I think you are correct on most of them. Dunn has been impressive to me for the most part this season, and I truly want to believe that EE, Ross, and Phillips are going to come around (biggest doubts about Ross, but with 3 catchers, one of them has to be able to hit right?)

    Get ’em tomorrow boys.

  10. Seasdon is still young yet. Got to get the kinks out of the bats still. We will wake up eventually. Milton, I guess it was more of an acceptable outing. Needs toget his act together better placed pitches would be nice start.

  11. I’m unable to tune into the games for a few days, and have to read about them the next morning…but looks like Bill F#&%ing Hall did it again.

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