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Kyle Lohse vs. Ted Lilly and the Cubs. Lilly, you will recall, pitched pretty well against the Reds last time out. Let’s hope the Reds can touch him up this afternoon.

If you’re interested, MLB.com has an outstanding page full of tributes honoring Jackie Robinson on the 60th anniversary of his debut with some other team. (Yeah, that’s where I stole the header above.)

Talk about Jackie, as well as today’s rubber match (gotta win as many series’ as we can) in today’s game thread.

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187 Responses

  1. Jimmy James

    Same lineup as yesterday?

    Ryan Freel CF
    Brandon Phillips 2B
    Adam Dunn LF
    Jeff Conine 1B
    Ken Griffey RF
    Edwin Encarnacion 3B
    Juan Castro SS
    David Ross C
    Kyle Lohse P

  2. daedalus

    It’s really a shame that the entire east coast has been washed out today.

  3. GregD

    Of the early slumps to be most concerned about, I’m concerned most about David Ross.

  4. Bill

    I’m concerned about Phillips, not because I think he’ll continue to be this bad, but b/c of Narron’s blindness to his limits offensively and his inability to see him as a bad hitter for the top of the lineup.

    That said…that aren’t a lot of alternatives…this is a team that’s going to struggle to score runs.

  5. Chad

    I’m concerned most with Phillips.

    I’m surprised least by Ross. Well, I didn’t think he’d be this bad, but he was due to come back to earth, certainly.

  6. Jimmy James

    I expect Phillips and Edwin to hit eventually.

    I may have to agree with Greg that I’m most concerned with Ross. We really need him to hit, in my opinion, if this team is going to score any runs.

    I’m most concerned with Ross because he’s the only one I don’t feel confident will rebound.

  7. Jimmy James

    Wow, daedalus, you’re right. I count 6 games postponed. Unbelievable.

  8. Chad

    Frank Thomas looks strange in a Toronto uniform.

  9. Chad


    Why didn’t someone warn me? I forgot that Royce Clayton played for Toronto. I accidentally watched him “hit.”

  10. Randy

    Cubs lineup, if anyone is interested:

    Soriano CF
    Theriot 3B
    Jones RF
    Lee 1B
    Barrett C
    Floyd LF
    Cedeno 2B
    Izturis SS
    Lilly P

  11. Michael

    I live about a mile from Wrigley – reasonably nice day. 50 degrees, sunny and not much wind!

    Hopefully the Reds offense can rebound without the strong wind blowing in today…

  12. Randy

    Don’t you love how all these other teams have watered down Junior’s tribute to Jackie Robinson? I’m glad it was one of our guys who came up with the idea.

  13. Jimmy James

    Why aren’t you at the game, Michael?

  14. Jimmy James

    I agree, Randy. It got a little absurd there, but I guess there are good intentions all around.

    I liked the idea of allowing one player on each team to wear 42, and then allowing the entire Dodgers team to wear it. I thought that would have been appropriate.

  15. Michael

    Jimmy James – I don’t have tickets for today…gonna watch it on TV…hopefully will grab some beers by Wrigley afterwards and celebrate a Reds’ series victory…

  16. Jimmy James

    Sounds good, Michael. Hope we’re all celebrating.

  17. Michael

    Does Dunn have any history of back problems?

  18. Jimmy James

    Not good.

    At least all is not wrong with the world…Phillips swung at the first pitch. (and second, and third…)

  19. Tom

    Never heard of Dunn ever having back issues until today.

  20. Randy

    Thom Brennaman didn’t know why Dunn wasn’t out there, as far as I heard.

  21. Jimmy James

    Never heard of Dunn having any injury problems of any type.

  22. CeeKeR

    Oye, if Dunn is out for any time at all our offense is seriously anemic.

  23. Jimmy James

    One pitch one out, as Soriano does his best Phillips impression by swinging at the first pitch. Or maybe Phillips is impersonating Soriano, as Soriano isn’t noted for his patience.

  24. Jimmy James

    We need a good start from Lohse today. We have NO offense.

  25. Michael

    The Reds might have to start stealing more, using hit and runs, sacrifice bunts, etc., with their offense…I know that would take getting some people on base, however…

  26. DevilsAdvocate

    Conine instead of Hatteberg because Lilly’s a lefthander. But then, Hamilton’s in there today, so…

  27. Michael

    lol Daedalus, it’s not often that I hear of people being jealous of our weather here in Chicago…

  28. The Mad Hatter

    I can’t see either one of these teams putting a lot of runs on the board today. Then again I would of said that yesterday too.

  29. DevilsAdvocate

    I wonder sometimes if Marty & Jeff have lost all perspective. “Juan Castro is the best utility player I’ve ever seen.” “No matter what he’s doing he never ever looks overmatched.”

  30. Tom

    Is it me, or is Philips the reincarnation of Pokey Reese? The both got the SS moving to 2B thing going on and there numbers look remarkably the same.

    Phillips 06 .276 .324 .427
    Reese 99 .285 .330 .417

    Phillips Career .243 .290 .375
    Reese Career .248 .307 .352

    Phillips seemed to have a breakout year last season, much like Reese did in 99. I just hope Phillips can prove my fears wrong that he will follow a very similar path to Reese’s with his bat.

  31. Tom

    Lohse is looking really sharp today. They had him clocked at 93 and 96 on two of his pitches to Izturis, and he’s now gotten two hitters to chase that hard breaking pitch, which looks like a split finger, in the dirt for Ks.

    He’s definitely got the stuff, they just got to get his five cent head over the hump.

  32. The Mad Hatter

    Ross is due for a good game even Chad Moeller can’t hit this bad

  33. Bill

    Except, I think Reese was much better defensively than Phillips.

  34. Michael

    Reese never hit in the Minors…’99 was a bit of an anomaly for him…he was better defensively too…too little data on Phillips so far to make that judgement, let’s at least give him until the All-Star break…

  35. Michael

    in the meantime, Ted Lilly is looking like Steve Carlton…

  36. Jimmy James

    I don’t know if Reese was “much better” defensively than Phillips…that remains to be seen. Phillips is pretty good. I would concede that Reese was better.

    If Phillips hits like Reese, let’s all run for the hills. His MLE’s suggest that he’s a MUCH better hitter than Pokey ever was.

  37. CeeKeR

    and Ross is looking like LaRue last year (no hits for 6 weeks)… Ouch.
    And with that, Freel just stares at a bunch of strikes and sits back down…

  38. Jimmy James

    David Ross: .091 BA.

    Jason LaRue: .167 BA.

    LaRue is much better than Ross so far. 🙂

  39. Randy

    Boy, you can really see why the baseball-types say that Kyle Lohse has great stuff. He really looks good at times.

  40. Michael

    Phillips walks, Phillips, walks!!!

  41. The Mad Hatter

    the sky is falling Phillips takes a walk and doesn’t swing the bat

  42. Chad

    Neat story from Rosencrans:

    Junior’s ben surrounded by reporters today, which is appropriate, since he’s responsible for much of the fanfare. He joked that he was hoping “the Cub faithful won’t recognize me.” My response was “good luck with that.” He’s got six of the No. 42 jerseys. None of htem have his name. In 97 when he wore 42, it had his name on the back. These don’t. He’s going to wear all six during the game, changing in the dugout like Superman or something. One will be auctioned off on MLB.com, another will be auctioned off at his charity golf tournament and one will be framed and he’ll hang it up next to his No. 42 jersey from 97. The first one he wears is going to Rachel Robinson, Jackie’s wife.

  43. The Mad Hatter

    Conine or Griffey need to show some veteran moxey here and get Phillips home

  44. Michael

    Cubs announcers are saying Phillips could move to short and Freel to 2nd with Alex Gonzalez out to allow Hamilton to play center…I kind of got the feeling last year that the Reds weren’t too keen on Phillips playing shortstop after stopping the experiment after only a game or so…

  45. Tom

    True that Phillips did hit better in the minors than Reese. Reese put up about a 660 OPS in about 1400 AA and AAA ABs. Phillips did better, about a 830 OPS in about 500 AA ABs, but then only a 740 OPS in about 1400 AAA ABs. That’s better and at least gives me some hope that Phillips might at least be able to reproduce his season last year, which was pretty mediocre with the bat. I just don’t see the optimism that he is going to improve much if any over last season, and it makes me want to cry seeing Narron putting him in the tip of the lineup. I’d like him much better as a SS.

  46. Jimmy James

    Nice baserunning by Phillips, nice hit by Conine.

  47. The Mad Hatter

    now there’s some veteran moxey for ya

  48. Randy

    Thom’s right; Lilly can’t hold anyone on base.

  49. DevilsAdvocate

    All these Cubs pitchers must have big windups…Conine steals a base??!!?

  50. Jimmy James

    Edwin is as hot as I’ve ever seen. He’s usually even-keel.

  51. DevilsAdvocate

    Wow. Who’s available to play 3b? Cruz?

  52. Michael

    E.E. needs to get his head on straight…he showed up the umpire earlier on a called strike, now he almost got thrown out on a pitch that did not appear to hit him…

  53. DevilsAdvocate

    Yeah, Enrique Cruz is essentially the only guy available to play 2b, SS, or 3b…unless they want to have an adventure and put the LLM in there.

    Hooray for 3 catchers!

  54. Michael

    maybe the Cubs would let them put their 2 extra catchers at third base…

  55. DevilsAdvocate

    EE is getting it from all sides. A slow start hitting-wise, then he got aggravated by Narron’s discipline issue the other day, then he’s got a couple of questionable calls against him. No wonder he’s on edge…and remember, he’s a guy that hardly ever even says a single word out on the field. Chad called him “the silent assassin” the other day.

  56. Jimmy James

    I thought he DID get hit on that pitch, so he may have had a beef. Still…

  57. Jimmy James

    Another strong inning by Lohse.

  58. Tom

    I’m hoping the Red’s hesitancy with playing Phillips at SS late late season had more to do with his hand injury at the time.

  59. DevilsAdvocate

    Man, Lohse looks on today. Brantley commenting that he’s throwing very quickly, as opposed to his typical slow deliberative style.

  60. The Mad Hatter

    the bottom of the lineup needs to show some patience and maybe Lilly gets out of this game early

  61. Chad

    Silent Assassin, indeed.

    I feel for the guy. He’s in a slump to start the season, and the manager is trying to embarrass him in front of everyone…and he’s a young guy. All of this may have gotten into his head.

    I think Narron tried to do the right thing with EdE the other day, but since all reports are that Edwin is one of the hardest workers on the team, maybe he should have taken another route to address that problem. The guy isn’t exactly a grizzled veteran yet.

    Just a thought.

  62. Tom

    I would imagine if EE was tossed, Freel would go to third, Conine to LF, and Hatteberg in at 1B.

  63. Jimmy James

    I think I agree, Chad. Hope Edwin gets his head on straight soon.

    Way to swing at a 3-0 pitch, Ross! It’s not like you need to get on base or anything!

  64. Michael

    well, Narron’s official line was that they stopped the Phillips at shortstop experiment because they were still in the playoff race, but that didn’t quite add up to me…not sure what the entire story was…

  65. Jimmy James

    And then he strikes out!!!!!!

    I’m so sick of David Ross.

  66. The Mad Hatter

    Ross could go up there with a tennis racket and not hit the ball

  67. Randy


    Out of the batters this inning, which one do you think has the best chance at getting a hit?

    Well, none of them did, but my answer would be the AL pitcher Lohse.

  68. RagTag

    David Ross is turning into Dann Billardello.

  69. DevilsAdvocate

    That’s true, Tom, good point – Conine is sort of an emergency outfielder. So slightly less precarious than I thought.

  70. DevilsAdvocate

    Lohse is throwing so quickly that three pitch results show up on my gameday before the slightly delayed radio feed comes back from the break.

  71. Jimmy James

    Yeah, he’s pitching quickly. Fielders always say they love a pitcher who does that.

  72. Jimmy James

    Another quick inning. Keep it up, Lohse!

    How many pitches has he thrown?

  73. DevilsAdvocate

    73 pitches for Lohse through 5 innings. 49 strikes, or nearly 70 %.

  74. The Mad Hatter

    72 for Lohse and 91 for Lilly should be Lilly’s last inning

  75. RagTag

    Freel, also, is entirely too impatient.

  76. CeeKeR

    Boy, both pitchers have been good today…though I think that’s more because both offenses are so pitiful…

  77. Jimmy James

    Now Phillips is acting like he’s hurt. What’s up with that?

  78. Michael

    One run could very well be enough…no one in the Cubs’ lineup really scares me…

  79. CeeKeR

    This ump has a strike that extends from Canada to Missouri, Kansas to New Jersey… It’s not a bad thing when the Cubs are batting…but man. Both teams have had some complaints.

  80. DevilsAdvocate

    Oh, beautiful pitch. Brantley is beside himself in admiration. No letdown, Lohse! Still one more out to get.

  81. Michael

    Lilly is over 100 pitches…there’s action in the Cubs’ bullpen…

  82. The Mad Hatter

    Well I guess that’s how you pitch yourself out of trouble great job by Lohse

  83. Jimmy James

    Wow. I’m really starting to like this Lohse kid.

    Too bad he’ll be pitching elsewhere next year.

  84. CeeKeR

    Wow, 1st and 3rd with no outs and the CUBS can’t score 😆 I’ve seen enough of that from the Reds, refreshing for it to happen to the other guys!

  85. DevilsAdvocate

    These chilly-weather games have seemed to feature, um, generous strikezones. Umps get cold too.

  86. Jimmy James

    Good call, ceeker. That looked like a classic Reds inning, only it was the Cubs bumbling about.

  87. Jimmy James

    “Bases Loaded” Wuertz comes in. We owe him a couple!

  88. DevilsAdvocate

    If Lohse does this all year then signs with the Yankees or whoever for 6/$90, that will be fine by me…as long as he pitches like this the rest of the year.

  89. Jimmy James

    Well, Edwin hit that one hard…but right at Theriot. Maybe he’ll get on track soon.

  90. Michael

    Brady Quinn just messed up Take Me Out to the Ballgame…said cracker SNACKS…that might lower his draft position…

  91. RagTag

    I’ve always said that Quinn was overrated. Now I’m sure of it.

    Funny story, Michael.

  92. CeeKeR

    Forget who it was, but yesterday’s singer had a “cheat sheet” with the words and still messed it up. He was a football player, but I forget who it was.

  93. Chad

    Wow, is Lohse locked in, or what?

    Just dominant.

  94. Jimmy James

    He was a Bears wide receiver, but I don’t remember his name, ceeker. Don’t care about football much.

  95. CeeKeR

    I’m enjoying Lohse… But I’m not enjoying our offense… Castro and Ross – what are the odds that either of them hits the ball even to the outfield?

  96. RagTag

    What is Lohse’s ERA now? And how many pitches has he thrown?

  97. Randy

    Castro, Ross, and the pitcher’s spot again. UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. CeeKeR

    Ugh, it is scary to think that I am actually missing Gonzalez’s BAT in the lineup…

  99. Jimmy James

    Have I mentioned that I am completely sick of David Ross?

  100. CeeKeR

    Lohse attempts to hit a homerun to give himself some run support (probably not a bad idea…)

  101. Michael

    Loshe at least made contact…he hit a nice foul ball too!

  102. RagTag

    At least Lohse made contact (it went two feet). That’s better than Ross and Castro could manage.

  103. Jimmy James

    When the bottom of the order is up, we have no chance at all to score, do we?

  104. Michael

    Ross is a .227 hitter in almost 700 at bats…no one should be shocked by this…

  105. The Mad Hatter

    This offense truly is anemic. Without Dunn in there it just looks like 1 maybe 2 runs tops with the rest of the lineup

  106. CeeKeR

    .227 for Ross is almost 3x what he’s hitting currently… It’s hard to be as bad as Ross is right now. You could swing a bat blindfolded and make as much contact.

  107. Jimmy James

    The Cubs have no chance for a hit…the way Lohse is pitching.

    12 K’s for the little guy.

  108. Michael

    at least they cut Mark Bellhorn…

  109. RagTag

    This is the best I’ve ever seen Lohse pitch. Just incredible.

  110. DevilsAdvocate

    I hope Weathers isn’t going to come in to try and save this thing. I’m not sure I can take that.

  111. The Mad Hatter

    and Lohse finally figures out Theriot. Now the 9th and the 3 4 and 5 hitters. That’s my worry

  112. Michael

    true, Ross can’t get worse…keep in mind though that his .227 includes the .255 he hit last season in his “breakout year”…pitiful…

  113. DevilsAdvocate

    Cubs have outhit the Reds, 4 to 2. That’s right, Griffey and Conine have the only 2 Reds’ hits today. Phillips’ speed is the one and only reason that they’re in a position to win, instead of getting shut out again.

  114. RagTag

    Thom: “Of course, Freel is hacking 2 and 0.”

    Of course.

  115. Jimmy James

    Yeah, loved that sarcasm by Thom. This lack of patience by key hitters is getting real old, real quick.

  116. Michael

    why not give Javier Valentín some more starts?

  117. CeeKeR

    Star of the game (on offense): B. Phillips, 0-2.

    That pretty much sums it up.

  118. RagTag

    We can’t even get a hit off Dempster!!!!

  119. Jimmy James

    Well, Stanton is coming in, but it’s only a matter of time before Stormy Weather moves into the Chicago area.

  120. DevilsAdvocate

    Dempster’s had a Great Awakening since settling into the Cubs’ closer role a few years ago. All I can remember is how genuinely horrific he was (as a atarter) with the Reds immediately beforehand.

  121. John R.

    Since when is Mike Stanton “one of the most dependable pitchers in bullpen history”?

  122. Michael

    they’re saying that Weathers will come in to face Lee…

  123. DevilsAdvocate

    3-4-5 batters, Jones, Lee, and Barrett. quickpulse now.

  124. RagTag

    Stanton has had a good year, but I agree with John R…that was a little exaggeration.

  125. Chad

    Here comes Danny Graves into the game.

  126. John R.

    OK. Weathers only has to get 2 outs for this save. He is capable of doing that without giving me a heart attack. Right?

  127. Michael

    is Danny Graves up to 300 pounds yet?

  128. John R.

    Weathers walks Lee on 4 straight. Here we go.

  129. Randy

    F***. I hate David Weathers. Four pitch walk immediately, and the winning run is at the plate.

    And ball one to the next hitter.

  130. DevilsAdvocate

    Where’s Coffey! Or Santos! Weathers is about the last righty I want in there in a 1-0 ballgame.

  131. RagTag

    Weathers scares the heck out of me every single time.

  132. John R.

    Wow. That pitch was called for Lohse.

  133. Jimmy James

    If Graves blows this one, Lohse should take him out back and kill him after the game. Put us all out of our misery.

  134. DevilsAdvocate

    Weathers is the Heart Attack Man.

  135. Chad

    Bring in Frenchy to face the lefty!

    Okay, maybe not…

  136. John R.

    Yes! It would have been absolutely demoralizing if Weathers blew that great performance by Lohse.

  137. John R.

    The Reds get 2 hits in the game and win. I’m afraid we can’t count on that too many times this year. This team really has not shown that it has any semblance of an offense as of yet.

  138. Jimmy James

    What a crazy ballgame. I’m glad to get the victory!

  139. CeeKeR

    Wow. Great pitching by both teams… I’m still deathly afraid of our offense…if the other team gets 2 runs I feel we don’t have a chance. Hope Dunn is alright, we can’t be without his bat. All in all, good job Reds – keep it up…it’s all about winning series!

  140. RagTag

    Reds have now won three out of four series played this year. Gotta keep winning those series, and pretty soon you have a good record built up.

  141. Michael

    well it’s on to Milwaukee – Milton pitches tomorrow…something tells me that 1 run may not be enough…

  142. Randy

    Bring on the Brew Crew!

    (But doesn’t it seem like the Brewers always beat up on the Reds? Hope Bill Hall catches the flu today or something.)

  143. RagTag

    Oh no, I forgot about Milton returning to the mound tomorrow. Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

  144. The Mad Hatter

    3 baserunners and they get the win I think that these 2 games they won in Chicago balance out the 2 lost in Arizona. Now the luck meter stands at even

  145. RedsFanInMd

    Just wanted to remind you all that I was the guy that said Lohse was a good pickup last year and a lot of you killed me for it. So far so good. EE will hit and Ross will hit (.250). Patience..

  146. RedsFanInMd

    according to baseball-reference.com here is who Stanton is most comparable to. Agree the statement was a little outlandish

    1. Dan Plesac (942)
    2. Bob McClure (920)
    3. Paul Assenmacher (913)
    4. Dave LaRoche (912)
    5. Mike Timlin (910)
    6. Willie Hernandez (906)
    7. Paul Lindblad (902)
    8. Norm Charlton (899)
    9. Dennis Cook (898)
    10. Mike Jackson (896)

  147. Roddy28

    we need to try freel at catcher he can play everywhere else and sit ross down that way we can keep hamilton in there every day

  148. Y-City Jim

    Hatter, I tend to agree on the balancing out of the luck.

    I’d sure feel better if we weren’t starting off the Milwaukee series with Moonshot Milton.

  149. RagTag

    Watching Rachel Robinson at the Dodgers/Padres game right now. What a moment.