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Game Thread: Reds at Cubs — 2007.04.15

Jackie Robinson header

Kyle Lohse vs. Ted Lilly and the Cubs. Lilly, you will recall, pitched pretty well against the Reds last time out. Let’s hope the Reds can touch him up this afternoon.

If you’re interested, MLB.com has an outstanding page full of tributes honoring Jackie Robinson on the 60th anniversary of his debut with some other team. (Yeah, that’s where I stole the header above.)

Talk about Jackie, as well as today’s rubber match (gotta win as many series’ as we can) in today’s game thread.

187 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Cubs — 2007.04.15

  1. Stanton has had a good year, but I agree with John R…that was a little exaggeration.

  2. OK. Weathers only has to get 2 outs for this save. He is capable of doing that without giving me a heart attack. Right?

  3. F***. I hate David Weathers. Four pitch walk immediately, and the winning run is at the plate.

    And ball one to the next hitter.

  4. Where’s Coffey! Or Santos! Weathers is about the last righty I want in there in a 1-0 ballgame.

  5. If Graves blows this one, Lohse should take him out back and kill him after the game. Put us all out of our misery.

  6. Yes! It would have been absolutely demoralizing if Weathers blew that great performance by Lohse.

  7. The Reds get 2 hits in the game and win. I’m afraid we can’t count on that too many times this year. This team really has not shown that it has any semblance of an offense as of yet.

  8. Wow. Great pitching by both teams… I’m still deathly afraid of our offense…if the other team gets 2 runs I feel we don’t have a chance. Hope Dunn is alright, we can’t be without his bat. All in all, good job Reds – keep it up…it’s all about winning series!

  9. Reds have now won three out of four series played this year. Gotta keep winning those series, and pretty soon you have a good record built up.

  10. well it’s on to Milwaukee – Milton pitches tomorrow…something tells me that 1 run may not be enough…

  11. Bring on the Brew Crew!

    (But doesn’t it seem like the Brewers always beat up on the Reds? Hope Bill Hall catches the flu today or something.)

  12. Oh no, I forgot about Milton returning to the mound tomorrow. Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

  13. 3 baserunners and they get the win I think that these 2 games they won in Chicago balance out the 2 lost in Arizona. Now the luck meter stands at even

  14. Just wanted to remind you all that I was the guy that said Lohse was a good pickup last year and a lot of you killed me for it. So far so good. EE will hit and Ross will hit (.250). Patience..

  15. according to baseball-reference.com here is who Stanton is most comparable to. Agree the statement was a little outlandish

    1. Dan Plesac (942)
    2. Bob McClure (920)
    3. Paul Assenmacher (913)
    4. Dave LaRoche (912)
    5. Mike Timlin (910)
    6. Willie Hernandez (906)
    7. Paul Lindblad (902)
    8. Norm Charlton (899)
    9. Dennis Cook (898)
    10. Mike Jackson (896)

  16. we need to try freel at catcher he can play everywhere else and sit ross down that way we can keep hamilton in there every day

  17. Hatter, I tend to agree on the balancing out of the luck.

    I’d sure feel better if we weren’t starting off the Milwaukee series with Moonshot Milton.

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