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Game Thread: Reds at Cubs — 2007.04.14

Well, yesterday was a lot of fun, wasn’t it? I missed a large part of the game because of work-related obligations, but I caught part of it (including my arch-nemesis, David Weathers, and his heart-stopping appearance), then watched the condensed game last night at MLB.com. Very exciting. I agree with someone in the game thread who suggested that yesterday was payback for one of those games the Reds blew in Arizona.

Bronson Arroyo takes to the hill today, and I feel pretty comfortable with that. Arroyo has pitched well this season, but his teammates have refused to support him. Let’s hope that’s different today.

Rich Hill is on the hill for the Fuzzy Cubbies.

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60 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Cubs — 2007.04.14

  1. now a bases clearing double. A little revenge for yesterday’s big inning. 7-0 cubs

  2. Of the 6 runs charged to Arroyo, 2 are earned. Isn’t this pretty much what happened in Arroyo’s first start?

  3. I hear godfather music in the background of the “Gangsta, or Gangster” discussion. Am I going insane?

  4. Everyone has left in discouragement, but for posterity the final score is 7-0 Chicago.

  5. DA – yes, they had the Godfather theme playing in the background…then brought it down while Marty called a play, and then back up to finish the trivia…

    Yeah, I could do without the trivia question…if they need something to prompt discussion and fill some time, how about getting wireless internet and answering emails at away games?

  6. Perhaps Arroyo justed isn’t ready to be stretched out to 7 innings yet? Or perhaps they need to not skip the 5th starter and let every pitch on an extra day’s rest in April?

  7. Perhaps if everyone would start hitting like they’re supposed to (or at least like they did last year…and I’m looking mostly at David Ross), then Arroyo could get his first win?

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